Stone alignments, Min-min lights and other mysteries of Australia

Stone alignments, Min-min lights and other mysteries of Australia, By SunBôw

Thanks for all your prayers and ceremonies, we had rain tonight in South Australia. Today we visited the museum in Adelaide which hosts the world’s largest collection of Aborigines art and artifacts (see photos). Tonight, as everybody was asleep, I observed again like last night the mysterious Min-min lights. Although they are part of Australian lore, they still puzzle me as to what they are. They are much brighter than any orb I’ve ever observed and if they are space crafts, they are of very small size, as they appear in the bush and move within the brush. Tonight they randomly appeared either red, yellow or white, flashing irregularly above and in the brush. I’m still unsure of what they are, but they obviously are conscious, as they communicate and answer to our thoughts. Hopefully further experiences might bring answers and a better understanding.

In my last post yesterday, I mentioned the ancient stone circles and their alignments in Australia, pointing to the pyramids in Gympie and in Cairns, but forgot to say that one of the ley line starting from the triangle of stone arrangements in Victoria and pointing toward Uluru passes through the area of Pyramid Hill and Mt Hope where we did ceremony. These unsuspected ley lines deserve much more studies and attention.

The South Australian Museum in Adelaide exhibits a rich collection of amazing artworks and cultural treasures from the Original Peoples of Australia, and from the Pacific Islanders, as well as a vast diversity of naturalized wildlife, fossils and minerals. There we learned many things about the Aborigines ways and lifestyles, animals and history. We found out that the petroglyph I discovered at the Blue Pool of a woman giving birth is a common Aborigines design and that the flat stone with a handle we found also there is called a Yodda and they are found around the country, but their use is unknown. My camera memory card was full by the time we reached the fossil section so I couldn’t take photos of the mega-fauna, including the Marsupial Lion, a species of Thylacine thought to be extinct for 10,000 years but still observed to this day in the bush of various parts of Australia. There was too much information to record and report everything here, but here are some of the best pictures among the hundreds of photos I took.

We are now north of Adelaide, at the edge of the outback in a random small town which looked like a ghost town when we first drove into it. We found some kind of an old guest house which apparently has not seen any customer in ages. We will rest and refresh here for a couple nights, before our last stretch to Uluru through the deep outback and desert properly said. I’ll keep sending updates as time and circumstances will allow.

The few following photos depict some of the things seen along the road. Only in Australia. Thanks to all our readers, friends, supporters and donors. Best blessings…

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      1. Thank you for all your work Sun Bow .. the amazing pictures .. the Beauty in the aboriginal art.. so earthy and one with nature.. sad for the lost of so much Animail life.. evil forces will never win.. stay in the positive energy .. believe only the good will prevail.. love what you have shared..🦋❤️👣👁👀 🦇🐍🐊🦘🐨🐾🌿🌈🌧🙏🌧🥰

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