Return on the Min-min lights and the Junjeri, with footage

Return on the Min-min lights and the Junjeri, with footage, by SunBôw

A couple weeks ago, I briefly described our encounter with the Dooligah, Junjeri and the mysterious Min-min lights. After reviewing it, I decided to release some of the footage. This short excerpt does not pretend to prove anything, but definitely shows a bright red light moving in the bush, which after closer examination, turns out to be two lights, like eyes. This has us believe that in this particular case, the mysterious lights were most likely the shining eyes of the small Hairy Humanoids known as Junjeri, or the Nit-nit, since we saw, heard and felt their presences that night, and in other occasions on our journey.

In fact, the Dooligah and Junjeri were guiding and assisting us in spirit in all our mission, they manifested to us in Victoria and south of Adelaide, but not openly in the outback, at least not with physical form or signs, as they don’t seem to live in the open barren desert.

The large footprints we found with an opposed toe as a thumb were all in Victoria, where we are returning in a couple days, after revisiting tomorrow the site of our encounter with their clans described in a previous POST and in the video included below.

Unedited raw footage, capture of the Min-min lights

Some still frames from the footage showing clearly two lights like eyes.

The footage was taken at night with a low grade camera and without a tripod while walking in the bush. The image is quite shaky, especially towards the end, or when zoomed in. We apologize for the poor quality, but are glad to share this clip of the min-min lights, that get their name from a location in Queensland where they are famously observed, but the mysterious lights are also reported in many parts of the Australian bush. This clip edited, stabilized and slowed down could be used for our documentary project, but we hope to capture more and better footage with the better camera that we are expecting shortly. Wish us good luck in our next expeditions on the grounds.

Best blessings to all our relations in Cosmic Family…

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