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Experiencer story by Dave

Experiencer story by Dave

Hello, have enjoyed your site for some time. My experience happened many years ago, I was quite young then. Me and my bro used to take a short cut through the tree line to school during the winter months. We would get near the end of the trail when the hair on the back of our necks would stand on end and FEAR would take over us. We would run all the time to get out of the woods. This happened every time we took this short cut.

It was dark out when we got out of school as we were out of school at 5pm, due to the fact the junior high had a fire and we were sharing with the senior high school. It wasn’t until spring break did we discover what was happening to us. Close to the tree line and path was the start up of a new subdivision. Me and my brother were riding my go-cart up and down the three hills close to the tree line. It was about to get dark when my brother ask if I want to do the hills one more time before it got dark. I said yes. We both turned our head to face the top of the 3 hill when all of a sudden this massive creature took 3 steps to cross a 32′ road way. We experienced the hair thing and the fear thing and my brother pushed the go-cart at top speed home. We didn’t tell anyone about it, until I seen the Patterson footage, that’s when I realized what it was.

I have talked about it for many years and have had many negative replies and a few good replies. There still is many that don’t believe these creatures exist and are real stupid to believe that many who have seen them and believe they are monsters and are evil; but, they are not. They the Sasquatch are very intelligent just like some humans. They are also more advanced then humans, I have learned this over the years.

I have gathered much info regarding these grand creatures over the last 35 or so years. From feeding and gifting them I have learned a lot. They are telepathic so fear hurts them and that is one clue in the means to communicate to them. Sure there may be angry ones out there; but, being kind and patience is the means to communicate with them. I personally don’t care if the disbeliever call me crazy; but, I am a better person then them and am more intelligent too.


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