Amidst the pandemic pandemonium, Yowie wonders

Amidst the pandemic pandemonium, Yowie wonders, by SunBôw

While everyone’s attention is turned towards the current global pandemic crisis, as if everything else ceased to exist, beauty, sacredness and wonderful magic continue to manifest. As this time is not too well suited for traveling, it might be to catch up with updates. The last few weeks have been pretty intense for most people in the world, as on this journey. Events have been speeding up, communications have gone wild, while we now find ourselves at a standstill and crossroad. Nevertheless, life moves on, so here is an account of my experience in Queensland, which I prefer to call Yowie land.

(Note: for followers on FaceBook, some of these first paragraphs might sound familiar with repetitions.)

I left to northern Queensland a month ago, after a week stay on the Sunshine Coast and its hinterland. I stayed at Jamie’s in Bushland Beach near Townsville, who had invited me over. He took me to visit some wonderful places, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, swimming holes and rain forest in Paluma and Hervey Ranges. On one of those treks, we were followed by wood knocks and hoots and Michele spotted in the distance across the valley what looked like a Yowie looking at us which I also saw, but photos came out too blurry. Thanks to those friends and their children in Townsville for showing me amazing sites around their region for a week, for their hospitality and the interesting conversations.

hervey range QLD

Then I went south to Airlie Beach to book a crocodile tour on the Proserpine River, which hosts a population of 150 salties, but it was canceled twice due to floods from the monsoon blocking the access roads. I had felt the crocodile spirit, which feels close to the dragon energy, calling me in those regions to meet. When I saw a fairly small one barely emerge three times in the bay where they are not supposed to be, I felt they had heard me. I boarded the train leaving crocodile country, disappointed for not having observed one clearly, when the crocodile spirit replied: one of gigantic proportions showed up by a water way through the train window. It must have been one of the biggest in Oz. The estuarine crocodile or “saltie” is the largest reptile living on Earth. Maybe he was preparing me for something big and frightening. Meanwhile the driver was explaining we had to go slower as the tracks had been flooded that week. Details of these stories and photos are on FB posts.

On my way out of Airlie Beach, a flock of sulfur-crested, the kings of White Cockatoos, came to greet me unusually close. Their healer medicine reminded me that I’m on a spiritual and healing pilgrimage. Some bush turkeys including babies also hung around.

Then I returned to the Sovereignty Camp in Deebing Creek Mission, west of Brisbane, where the Original custodians stand to protect this ancestral sacred site of important cultural, historical, spiritual and environmental significance, from the destruction by ”developers”. The urbanization mega-project includes a mall and a railroad for speed trains, subsidized military housing and expansion of the adjacent air force base, a major radar station involved in weather manipulation. Military planes have been flying low and slow all week, circling over the protectors, cutting off phone reception. But these grounds have been sacred for thousands of years and have been home of the descendants from some sixty tribes; they still cover the bones of many ancestors in several burial sites and historic cemeteries.

It would be hard to summarize the history of Deebing Creek in a few paragraphs. Tens of thousands of years of occupation by several tribes. The place entered written history in the 1820’s, when the troops of Patrick Logan came with cannons to raid the tribes who were hosting escaped convicts, as it was often the case in the early penitential colony of Terra Australia. He recorded that boulders thrown at the troops from the bush forced them to retreat and flee. The locals say it was the Yowies protecting them.

The mob here is well familiar with the Yowie and the Elders all have some experiences and stories, some have a great knowledge and connection with them. They know they are interdimensional spiritual beings that can dematerialize, shape shift, be invisible and communicate through dreams and telepathy. They were not surprised when I told them of my encounter the first day in the bush behind the creek, when I found some footprints, interesting tree structures, and saw and heard them. There are also in this bush tracks of dingoes, koalas, possums and a big goanna, which can reach the size of crocs in places, making him the second largest reptile on the planet.


Auntie Karen Fusi invited me to yarn about Yowie around the fire on my second night there. She then took some of us for a walk to the tree structures and asked me to transmit what the Yowies had to tell us about the protection of these sacred grounds.

They, of course, told me that it was sacred grounds for them too and it was paramount to protect this site and its wildlife from destruction. So it was not with much surprise that I found myself the next day filming on this very same place the first of a series of actions with Auntie Karen Goori and a handful or protectors to disrupt the heavy machinery tearing down the bush, as reported in my last post.

I was honored to be invited by the Aunties to do a presentation about Sasquatch/Yowie the next week, but I learned much more than I taught in this community, and heard many amazing stories that I wish I could all remember, about Yowie and other interesting topics. I did a simple sage smudge with a Sasquatch song on the drum adapted to Yowie country and answered a few questions. It was not filmed.

Many things happened during the week, apart from the presence on the front line of a handful of protectors disrupting momentarily for several days in a row the ongoing destruction with heavy machinery of heritage sacred grounds of historical, cultural, spiritual and environmental significance, including ancestral burials, cemeteries and three known massacre sites with mass graves. The power of a few Original custodians and supporters has shown to be able to slow down the increasing pressure of the encroachments, but this long lasting, escalating struggle opposing Sovereign First Nations on their homelands to industrial and corporate takeover seems to be accelerating and unstoppable, as of now. There seems to be no break and no lockdown for the industrial mega-projects and the military activity.

I was taken to a few sites around. Uncle Troy took me to the giant Bunya tree. The Bunya pine is considered sacred by many tribes in Australia, who would carry the seeds and plant it in sacred sites, often near Borree rings or other ceremonial sites, to carry the memories of the ancestral dream time. They can grow very old and tall and this one, by its size, could very well be older than Captain Cook. The Deebing Creek Mission where children from over sixty tribes were brought, was built in the 1860’s near the old Bunya pine. This didn’t protect them from another massacre, when gunmen shot down about fifty children from the Mission and buried them in a mass grave.

The Bunya gives a rich nut that is a delicacy. Other old fruit trees grow around too, as well as a birthing tree and other sacred trees. The old metal school also still stands. It is worth noting that there are prickly pear cactus growing all over the bush in Deebing Creek Mission, some of very old age; they are not native to Australia and were grown.

With due permission, I returned with my bundle to the site of the ancient Borree ring by the giant Bunya Tree, to do ceremony and ask Spirit for the ancient wisdom to return. Yowie First Nation was there with her daughter and took photos (this next album below). It felt like the spirits were present, manifested, observing us.

On our return at camp, the mob did a smoke ceremony, with clap sticks, didgeridoo, prayers and songs. They asked me to take photos and videos.

Among the great Yowie stories I heard in this community that I can’t all record here, Yowie First Nation had some of the most amazing ones to share, having developed a very close connection with the Yowies. She observes three different types of Hairy Humanoids in Australia, the small Junjeri, the tall Dooligah who are more primate looking, and the Yowies who have more human traits and physiognomy. Although there is a wide variety of names from different tribes to call them, the term Yowie is the most generally used and known to designate various types of Hairy Humanoids. There are also other mythical creatures in the legends, like the Bunyip, a hairy shape-shifting water being.

Kris’ family name, Bunda, is found in the very ancient name of a local river, proving she has long time ancestry in the region. Her father was born very hairy all over his body. He used to go in the bush, take two rocks and clap them together, and people could not figure out why. Among the Originals of Australia, there are often some extremely hairy individuals as attested by ancient reports and photos.


It seems most likely, as I advance in my research on the grounds with the tribes who know the Yowies, that a Yowie genetic transmission into a human embryo is possible without any physical interaction. This reminds of the case I documented earlier of a woman from Eumundi who was selected by the Junjeri since before birth and was born with long hair around her wrist as a sign of her connection.

Yowie First Nation also showed me a considerable sample of hair she found entangled with leaves and twigs, while hiking in the bush with her daughter, which resembles strongly to the long, coarse black hair of the first sample I received from Sasquatch, but a bigger piece. It is not cut, not animal furs and it has slight nuances in the colors. Of all the samples I have observed, this is the most remarkable by its size, texture and compelling authenticity, as much revealing as intriguing, a gift of Yowie medicine. Here is the photo she took where she found it, with her permission.


There would be more to say about my last twelve days at and around Deebing Creek, but that would make a post too long. Many thanks to all at camp who support each other as a community and to those who take part in actions or cultural events, show support in any way or simply visit. Special thanks to Yowie First Nation for her hospitality, to Uncle Troy, DK, Luy, Jaylen, Nicola and to the Aunties Karen Fusi, Karen Goori, Jenny, Sonia, and the ones I forget to name in the mob. I add a few photos to complete the account, as images are worth many words.


Staying still for now, as a travel ban is being applied and borders are closed in Australia, even between states. Amidst the pandemic pandemonium, getting closer to Nature and using our medicines sure can help us. The ancient wisdom lives on, in spite of endless attempts to erase it; the human dramas do not affect the wildlife in the bush, while the Yowies watch and wonder what we do, sharing magic and wonders.

For now, focus on Peace, healing, serenity and perennial wisdom, value your community and honor your allies in these challenging troubled times, which too shall pass. The Original First Nations have survived many genocides, including bacteriological warfare, yet they still stand strong for the lands. The Yowies have been here for much longer than we can imagine and they also intend on staying here.

This man made pandemic meant to bring the New World Order global tyranny through martial law and mandatory vaccinations for an economic reset with electronic currency and biometric identification devices is not auguring well. But it has been prophesied by many ancient spiritual cultures and we have been warned for decades by whistle blowers and researchers labeled ”conspiracy theorists” that all of this global martial law would happen, how, and what to expect from that agenda. Now is not a time to lay low, follow and obey the orders of the lower lords destroying lands and life and our very rights to live. Don’t fall for the submission to mind control and fear propaganda. It is rather a time to gather ourselves, our hearts and minds, let go of the shore, keep our head above the waves, stay on the right course, trust the river will find its destiny, put our faith at the right place, stand strong as Rainbow warriors, defending our God given sovereignty and standing up to assume our role as the caretakers and protectors of all life that we were meant to be, for the sake of our ancestors and the future generations.

May the strength of Unity never be forgotten. May Peace prevail. Best blessings to all our relations…

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