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Finally I got to see the “Hairy One” in flesh and blood, by Wally

I was just sent this account from someone in Queensland. Sharing it here…

Finally I got to see the “Hairy One” in flesh and blood, by Wally

Hi All,

Well this morning was what I’ve been trying to find out for a longtime, whilst living here.
We have always believed they are around, with the numerous stick signs, structure, tracks, vocal /knocking communications and listening to them tracking through the bush, on the edge of our section.

This year the activity has really got out of control and has escalated tenfold.
I have an assumption, that a family has now moved in and are living close!

The last 3-4 days I have been so focused with the bush, down the backyard.
Always on the look out.

About 4 days ago I found so many tracks, signs etc. To me it feels and looks like they have been living there. The little walk was only a 3-400m loop which took 4 hrs, playing hide and seek with the ‘Hairy One’ was very interesting to say the least. Going from one tree to the next, hiding, sneaking a view around one side down low, then standing up and sneaking a view around the other side.
I never had binoculars on my walk and could not make out clearly what was following me, hiding behind low scrub, lantana and trees. I could hear em tho.

So I went and brought a nice little pair of Nikon 25×10 binoculars. Wow what a difference.
The last 3 days being at home working on my bathroom renovation, whilst having regular breaks on the back deck and scanning deeper into the bush.

The thing that gets me since I went for my reconnaissance walk, is that they are walking around during the day, all day.
As well at night.

This morning I drove down the road and back, whilst opening the back door. I looked down into the bush for a quick glance and I must of startled something, as a small branch moved vigorously by itself. Roughly 80-90m from the house, in a little gut that extends from the valley floor.

There was no wind with slight rain and mist.

I continued inside and grabbed my binoculars, keeping below the window, I slowly peaked over the window sill and look down to where the branch had moved. Sure enough after focusing, a 4-5 ft tall hairy figure was standing motionless out in the open. I watched it for a couple of minutes then the bottom of the window started to fog up.

I slowly moved up a little, then it seen me and bolted very quick back into the bush, effortlessly.

A small head, no neck, wide shoulders and covered in thick Red tinged/ Brown hair.
Their eye sight must be unbelievable, managing to see my head through a window 80m-90m away, maybe it was the binocular lens!

I was trying my utmost to be stealth, but now realising, that they have been watching us for years. This sighting being the first time that I’ve seen them, just goes to show that they are the ultimate bushmen.

I’m really happy and honoured to witness one in flesh and blood.
It was only a matter of time.

My persistence over the last 3-4 days made me pretty focused, at being aware of whats in the bush.

Wally, 2016

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