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Experiencers stories in Ohio, by Yvette Bohn from Arizona

By Yvette Bohn:

My family thinks I’m nuts. But I believe I have a clan here where I live. I get signs that they are around here… Well here you go. 2015: I went to Ohio to meet my sister for the very 1st time. I was adopted and found my family, biological that is. Anyways got invited to go out there for about 2 weeks to meet her and her family and all the rest of the biological family. It was in the late summer JULY-Aug. So I go out on greyhound 2343 miles 1 way to lower Ohio. When on the bus I notice some structures and think to myself: what could make them? So I get to my sister’s house and she tells me that she likes watching “Finding Bigfoot”. I kinda laughed cuz I thought she was joking about it, but she was dead serious. So I thought well Ohio is a hot spot for them, maybe they’re in the area by her house. So I go hiking in the woods for about an hour or so and seen footprints and some structures, not anything huge, small things. So I tell my sister about what I saw and she was like: be careful. She told me of nights she sat out on the porch and heard noises in the woods across from her house. She is a total believer but you couldn’t get her to go out in the woods at all.

Well… since I seen the prints and structures I was hooked. I felt like I was being watched the rest of the time I was there. Anytime I went for a walk or hike, I felt someone was there but I would be damned if I could see anyone or thing. I would say “Hello” before entering the woods and “Goodbye” when leaving. I was always watching from the porch looking to see if I would get a sighting.

I became Obsessed… OMG… Non stop, that’s all I thought of. Well the end of my trip was coming close and I was getting kinda bummed cuz I didn’t want to come home without a sighting or a good story to tell.

So here I am, 3 days left till I go home and I got for another hike. I thought: well I’m gonna not go too deep into the woods cuz the neighbors said there were lions or some kinda cat in the caves by there. So I decided to just walk at the woods line and take pics of the woods, lots of pics. I’m walking down the road and it’s along the line, there are some wild honeysuckle bushes to my left, so I stop to take a pic cuz they were so beautifully in bloom. Well, I stop and snap a few pics, suddenly I get this pungent putrid smell, it made me gag. Literally, I felt like I was gonna faint, I couldn’t breath, then I felt a deep guttural growl. I thought for a second: “could that be? No I’m not… that’s nothing”. Then I felt a brief wave of fear. Then smelled jasmine out of nowhere. There was no jasmine.

I felt both excited and scared but I didn’t want them to see me in fear, so I played it off like I didn’t smell nothing and acted like nothing happened. I just kept walking down the road. Well the next day, I had to get ready to leave packed my luggage and got all prepared to leave. That was my 1st experience. The growl.

2017: My Sister wanted me to go back out, so I did, excited and all. I went and spent 2 months this time. Everyday walked and hiked and noticed more stuff, like more structures and things. Hearing noises in the woods like knocks and short “WOO”, nothing real major and lots of bird noises. So I thought maybe they were not there, but I felt they were watching. I hurt my foot this time so I couldn’t go hiking that much, made me sad tho. But I did do it before I left. I went in and left some apples and garlic for them on a tree stump and walked away from it. I told them it was for them. I came back about 15 -30 minutes later and the apples were gone, but the garlic was there. I was so ecstatic from that. I next put more apples on a brick wall and some new garlic again; the apples were gone and the garlic was there. But they bit into the garlic or broke it apart it was in pieces. It was so cool. That was the 2nd experience.

Here is the 3rd. 2018: for 2 and 1/2 months, same place Ohio. Did pretty much the same stuff as other times, but went with my nephew and his friend hiking, found some food scraps neatly in a pile on a path. Found new structures and footprints that were 3 toes. When I was with them I was feeling a bit uneasy cuz they carried weapons and I didn’t. I mean that it was more of a fear like feeling from the squatches. I told them I wouldn’t hurt them. I also told them I was friendly. But because the boys had weapons I think they gave me their vibes. I guess.

I got through the whole 2 months and the time was getting short again didn’t have too much excitement so far, so I thought I would talk to them with my mind and see what happens. So I told them my name and asked what there is, and no response or anything. Well, I get woken up by the dogs barking really loud on the last 3 days at 4:25 am and I go out on the porch to see what was going on and to quiet them up. I open the door and look at the dogs they all shut up silent and looking back at me. I thought: ok now, I’m up to stay. I go back in grab my cigs and a cup of coffee and come back out on porch and sit on the swing. Drinking coffee and hearing traffic it was quiet except for the cars. I seen a few deer and time was going kinda fast. I’m just sitting there and had a thought I will talk to them again and see what happens, so I talked in my head and told them: “I’m leaving in 3 days, I’d really like to know if you are around in this area? Can you please do something so I can have a story to tell?” About 3 minutes later, everything got quiet, totally silent, including the cars and all of a sudden, there was this loud Howl and it was loud and very long. I was scared shitless sorry, but I was frozen in my seat and couldn’t move. For about 20 minutes. My heart beat so fast and I was so scared I was like paralyzed.

2019: ok, this trip was to help out with my nephew who was 7 months. I was watching him while my niece worked and most of my time was staying in the house. But when I was able to go for a walk, I would. The bad part about this trip was I had a boot on my foot cuz I broke several bones in it. It was a full boot up to the knee. I was there from April 17th thru July 1st. A long time to be where it did nothing but rain the whole 2 1/2 months of the time I was there. It was hard on me my foot was aching and all my bones were soar. I cried a lot at night cuz the humidity was bad on me. I’m from Arizona and we don’t have much here. Anyways I prayed one night in pain to be healed I asked God to send some angels to ease my pain. Nothing happen that night or the next or the next.

But I went to sleep and on this one night, I went to roll over cuz I slept better on my stomach and couldn’t roll. I tried to move but couldn’t. I was laying flat on my back which I never do. I can’t sleep flat. I have a curved spine, it’s messed up. Well, I wiggled and tried to get up but it felt like something was pressing against my chest and holding my legs down. It was a presence. I felt like numb, but was clear at what I seen. I lifted my head up and said: “please don’t hurt me, please don’t kill me”. I did this with my mind and got a mental response: “No Kill. No Kill. Love”. I looked down at my legs and there were 2 big black masses, one on each side of the bed and their arms were long and hands were huge. On my chest and my feet. I felt warm energy go through my legs to my feet.

I woke the next morning and the boot I wore was not where I put it the night before, and I forgot about what happened that night till the next day or evening. I went to take a shower and had the boot on all day, and after my shower I went to get out of the shower and stepped down on the floor and was able to do it without pain. I even jumped up and down a few times and nothing at all. I was full of joy. I used to have migraines real bad haven’t had any for a whole year. I think they healed me.

Those we’re all my Ohio experiences. Not Arizona. I have more to come.



7 thoughts on “Experiencers stories in Ohio, by Yvette Bohn from Arizona”

    1. I believe in Ohio, it’s called The Ohio Grassman, isn’it? If you get hit by an actual growl or the putrid smell, you’re too close to their homes & families. However, they like you because you’re showing them respect by asking their permission and exchanging gifts – you treat them like the people they are, and not animals. They do have language, but it’s easier for them to communicate with us telepathically, and they will heal us if we ask, and sometimes, like in your case, if they can just tell that you need it. I also got a healing from them on Mt Shasta – in some ways, they are more advanced than us – for example, they are interdimensional, and have tremendous psychic power. There are five main sasquatch nations, and the more advanced ones communicate with the ET’s, and even have their own ships. Now I have to ask, was it actually a growl, or did it sound like a horse wuffing/exhaling/snorting, and how close were you to it? If people are frightened, this sound can be misinterpreted as a growl when it’s really just a hello. It really depends on whether they wanted you away from their homebase or not. When I experienced it, the male sasquatch was within his arms reach of me, and I felt it as much as heard it. If he wanted to hurt me or take me, I would have been gone. I knew that he dd it to make me aware of his presence, not to scare me, although fear was my initial reaction. I quickly calmed myself and started speaking with him telepathically right away. I was rewarded with a healing by entire family as they gathered around my vehicle that night, followed by a close-up UFO encounter later the same night. They don’t want contact with us as a race yet because we are still too violent, so just continue to be respectful of them and their wishes and you’ll be fine.

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      1. Thanks for sharing your experience and insights with us Tami. Please feel free to submit your text for posting by clicking on the “Submit story” or “Contact us” button in the blue menu under the header. Blessings…


  1. I loved reading about your experiences and am so happy that they healed you. 🙂 I think the Sasquatch people are kind, wonderful beings with good intentions towards us. Of course there are some bad apples but we have them in our human race too. That’s life. I am very much looking forward to reading more of your experiences. Sending love and blessings to you and yours.

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  2. Yvette Bohn, I LOVED hearing about your experiences. I planted garlic in a pot and will keep an eye out on it when it matures. I too had a couple of experiences with beings doing something to me. Before my gallbladder operation (procrastination) I had experienced something turning me over in bed during the night. Then he put his huge hands on my gallbladder area. Another time I was with a friend in a motel room after the seminar we attended. It was almost morning and I was hot and I got this feeling to kick off my sheet. When I did; I felt two beings standing at the end of my bed and they lifted up my bad right leg I injured the end of Jan 2017 (slipped and did the splits-too old for splits) PS I am also adopted. My adoptive parents when they met lived on E 90th Cleveland, OH in 1936. They knew and stayed in communication with a family with the last name of Winburg I think it was. Enjoyed ready your story.

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