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Experiencer story on Mt Shasta, by Tami Chapman

by Tami Chapman

When I initially wrote the piece and did the radio interview, I was unaware that the Sasquatch encounter and close encounter of the 5th kind which I had on the same night were directly connected. I didn’t want anyone to think I was crazy or making it up – I mean, who’s going to believe that I stood next to a Sasquatch, spoke to them all night telepathically, then was visited by them, followed by a close-up UFO encounter, all on the same night? So, in the one piece I’ve written and the one radio interview I’ve done so far, I downplayed the Sasquatch part – there’s more to tell. I have Covid right now, but I plan to write another, more accurate piece, and do more interviews. I use my telepathy more & more, and I’ve always known & understood what most others can’t, or won’t. It’s time for me to start sharing the knowledge I have with others.

Thanks, Tami


Sept. 2017 Mt Shasta Trip with Ted Mahr of Out of This World Radio (Sasquatch & UFO) I’m feeling the urge to share some of my life experiences with you all. So, to give a time-context, the following adventures happened mostly in my late teens & 20’s, very little in my 30’s (I had a young child), and some in my 40’s…and I hope I’m not done yet. I wrote this to remind myself of some of the things I have already accomplished in life, everything I can still do when I make it past this rocky period, and to remember some of the ways in which I’m unique and/or have overcome challenges.

I also wanted to share with everyone who I really am. There are still quite a few things left on my bucket list, and I hope I will be able to do them all. In fact, I believe the best years of my life are yet to come. Some things I still hope to try some day are: skydiving, scuba diving, a lot more traveling, spending more time at Mt. Shasta, possibly opening a spiritual/healing practice/center, and just LIVING – new experiences, new places, new people. I love to learn, I love to share my experiences, and I love to help people heal.

I don’t really include my life’s spiritual odyssey (too long…lol), however, there are three experiences I had during a Mt. Shasta trip that I’d like to add to my list: a Sasquatch saying hello to me when I went out to my car one night and then coming back around after we all went to bed to do a healing on me, and later the same night, having a UFO experience – I was wide awake staring at the roof of the vehicle when all of sudden it faded away. I don’t know if it actually disappeared or if I was just seeing through it.

I was afraid if I tried to touch it, the experience would end, so instead I slowly turned my head to the side to see where it began, and it was a gradual fade-out from solid to transparent or not there. I was just getting over the shock, in wonderment at what was happening and relaxing into enjoying looking straight up at the stars & the whole experience, when a ship suddenly appeared in three identical elongated octagonal (rectangular with 3 of the sides on each end) segments, closest one first, that somehow fit perfectly, seamlessly together. I have never seen that particular shape of ship anywhere in my research. It was close, about equal to the tree-tops, maybe even a little lower, and I felt similar to what people having near-death experiences describe as unconditional love and belonging…the feeling is indescribable, but I felt loved, wanted, honored, appreciated, etc., and not just accepted but missed – it was one of the few times in my life that I knew I was totally understood and supported.

Then I was shown a vision that I can’t remember most of, but it had to do with a lot of ships appearing in the air at once. Then as if to both bring me back to reality and emphasize the experience as a real, wide-awake one, I was then looking up at the roof again, and the whole fading away/disappearing thing happened, exactly the same way again, looking up at the stars, and then the ship appearing in three segments, closest one first, exactly like the first time.

It’s funny – the reason  I went on the trip was at first all about having a Telos experience, then when I realized that I probably wasn’t ready for that, it became about healing. I remember thinking when I read Ted’s description of the trip that I really didn’t care if I had a Sasquatch or UFO experience… not that it wouldn’t be cool if it happened, but that’s not what I was going for… and then that ended-up being exactly what I experienced – I couldn’t have been more surprised.

The other thing that happened was the massive healing I received, which actually started on the drive down before I even reached Mt Shasta  – the closer I got, the better I felt. If you all had seen me the days before, unable to walk more than a few steps, in a wheelchair, so sick I could barely function. Anyway, after I finally got there, even though I still had a lot of pain in my knees, which was good in a way, because I had no idea how bad they were until I was on those trails, and I really suffered at night with the sleeping arrangements (I’m prepared for camping next time), other than that, my pain went away when I was there and I was able to be a part of almost everything..

The only thing I regret is that I didn’t stay that last night. I thought I needed to get home and rest so I could make my godmother’s 80th birthday party in South Dakota that Sat., and then I wasn’t in good enough shape to make it anyway (pushing myself physically caught up with me)… so I wish I had just relaxed and stayed. I know that after the group exercises we did that night together, I might have had a Telosian and/or Adama experience, or something totally unexpected like another Sasquatch and/or UFO experience.So, I’m really looking forward to next time and seeing what happens next.

Sat nam. Namaste.

Source: Tami Chapman

Radio interview



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