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Experience story, by Stephen, from Psychic Sasquatch, UK

By Stephen, from Psychic Sasquatch, UK

I Got involved with our forest friends completely by accident really, but I am so glad and very happy it all happened the way it did.

In 2008, I lost 2 good close friends one of which was my best friend. With losing them, I could not stop trying to get spirits attention. I started doing everything in my power to learn how to do this. So a few years in, I was finishing a meditation session and stood, there was 2 SASQUATCH in the corner of my room! I was blown away. The day before this, I had watched a video on YouTube:
(SPEAKING OF SASQUATCH – Sasquatch Ontario)

Well whilst watching this it sucked me in and I just could not stop getting this feeling of pure love & truth. I knew what was being said about Sasquatch was 1000% truth. I have never had a feeling like this whilst watching something, well I have always had a open mind a good loving heart,

The Sasquatch would come to me every single day after this and still today, they would start to teach me things and it took a lot, but I’m learning, and they do telepath to me and heart talk. It’s a complex thing the Sasquatch do, and let me tell you I have experienced everything you have heard Jack & Kelly talk about.

They are very intelligent, powerful people who can travel interdimensional, I’m learning everyday with new things from them. Through having Sasquatch contact, I also have had other beings here with me, young and old Sasquatch, all different colors, black, brown, ginger, many, but my best was a white Sasquatch , even small ones. The Ancient Ones are more human looking, also dog face ones, they’re all beautiful people

They’re teaching me so much and they’re helping me change so much. With what’s coming with the new earth, I think we all should better our self and all go within.

Sasquatch family

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