Queensland hiker captures footage of a YOWIE at ancient massacre site

Queensland hiker captures footage of a YOWIE at ancient massacre site

(This article in the Daily Mail is a couple years old, but still interesting)

  • Queensland hiker captures a photo of what some claim is the elusive Yowie
  • Christian Anderson took the photo at Coomba Falls, northwest of Brisbane  
  • Coomba Falls was home to a massacre of 300 Aborigines in the 19th century
  • Legend has it the water hole is bottomless – home to the remains of those killed

A hiker has taken a suspicious photo at an ancient massacre site, with some swearing he’s captured an image of the elusive Yowie. Kingaroy photographer Christian Anderson captured the photo at Maidenwell’s Coomba Falls, about 200km northwest of Brisbane this week. Mr Anderson said he showed the image to Maidenwell locals who believed he netted an image of the age-old folklore creature.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia on Tuesday, Mr Anderson said he always got a ‘spooky’ feeling when he visited Coomba Falls. ‘This place is a spiritual place and whenever I take a photo there I always capture something,’ he said.

Coomba Falls was home to a massacre of 300 Aboriginal people in the 19th century. European settlers reportedly killed hundreds of Indigenous people, including women and children. Some reports say the bodies of those killed were thrown into the water hole, and were never uncovered. Legend has it Coomba Falls is a bottomless hole. As a result of the massacre, local aboriginal people avoid the water hole, as Coomba Falls has become known as a place of deep sorrow.

When Mr Anderson posted the suspicious photo to his Facebook page, it garnered mixed reaction from his followers… Others thought it could be the ghost of someone who lost their life at the site. ‘It would be one of the local ghosts before a yowie,’ one woman said.

Others threw doubt, saying it was nothing more than a shadow or a person in the distance. ‘I see a man with a backpack on one shoulder. You may not have been alone. Fellow hiker?’ one woman said. Another man suggested it was just a ‘blurry shadow’.

Mr Anderson vowed to go back to the site with a better camera to get ‘clear photographic evidence’ next time.

Yowie-Coomba_Falls_pictured_was_home_to_a_massacre_of_300_Aboriginalsyowie christian anderson -yowie christiAN ANDERSON


4 thoughts on “Queensland hiker captures footage of a YOWIE at ancient massacre site”

  1. To the figure’s right there is a white tree trunk and immediately to the left of that is what appears to be a massive Yowie . When looking at the photo, it appears to the left.
    A very beautiful place.

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  2. To me, the close up pic seems to show a white guy wearing glasses/sunglasses. He has short hair, (reminds me of a crewcut). Really, there is too much paradolia in this picture for me to make truthful sense of anything.


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