Sacred Glasshouse Mountains

Sacred Glasshouse Mountains, by SunBôw

Today, we toured the majestic Glasshouse Mountains. It feels good to see some country, feel sacred lands, after some sedentary time. This morning I did ceremony at Mount Beerwah. As the Mother of Giants, it is a highly sacred birthing place reserved for women’s business (Note that for the Original Peoples in Australia, the term ‘business’ is used somewhat like ‘medicine’ by Native Americans, referring to ceremony).

Tibrogargan the Father, Coonowrin the Son, Beerwah the Mother

The Original Custodians have been trying for years to stop tourists from climbing the Glasshouse Mountains and especially Beerwah the highest summit, having succeeded at Uluru last October, to protect the site from desecration, making Beerwah possibly the second most sacred place in Australia. It is significant that it is aligned with two other Glasshouse Mountains 2 km from each other and they point at the same song line (ley) running through the center of Australia to the three biggest megaliths with Uluru at the heart, as confirmed by the Elder I met today, who also has work at activating song lines.

Beerwah, Coonowrin and Ngungun are aligned

Having learned this, I wanted to ask permission, so Yowie Sovereign Original drove me to the foot of Beerwah, at the Junjarina women healing center of the Traditional Custodians. The Auntie there (I wouldn’t want to misspell her name) welcomed us and confirmed that Beerwah is reserved for women’s business, but she invited me to do ceremony at the site reserved for men’s business. It is flat circular space down a winding path into a ravine by a water hole, the womb of Beerwah she said. She did a blue gum smoke for cleansing and painted my face with blood wood. She has communications with the Yowie/Dooligah or interdimensional Hairy Humanoids, which she calls Migaloo in her Gungerri language, and she was very interested to share stories and hear of them.

We shared the pipe I carry and prayers, during which she brought my attention on branches breaking, whistles and hoots in the forest, then she left me to do my business. I did offerings, prayers and song for the reawakening of the Giants to support the Rainbow Serpent in her healing work on the Earth and for blockages and barriers to be removed so the song lines can vibrate at their best frequencies to harmonize the natural energy flow sustaining all life and souls, and for the ancient star wisdom to return powerfully.


During the ceremony, Beerwah shrouded her face with a white cloud and when I finished, a gentle rain started. Yowie Sovereign Original and her daughters came back and we went to tour several wonderful sites around, which I couldn’t all name or locate now. They have had many encounters in forests with the Forest Peoples, small and tall, the little people and nature spirits, who appear at times on some of her photos.

We walked through some wonderful lush forest, crossed creeks, saw waterfalls, lakes, ancient sharpening grooves in the rocks and scar trees along the trails, and stopped at overlooks with views over the mountains, valleys and sea along the Sunshine Coast.

It’s been a full blessed day, so I will conclude the story with pictures. Best blessings…

PS: Without forgetting the little yellow bird my friend had just told me the Yowie had sent her last time she was there, and it came flying from a window to the other for a couple minutes. The photo didn’t come out well through the wet window, but magic time.


6 thoughts on “Sacred Glasshouse Mountains”

  1. Sunbow , as promised today my ceremony started in my dreamtime . I drummed my blessing and awakening to mother earth , i felt the vibration through my feet and invited an old friend to feel it too.. In conscious my daughter and i walked to our meadow this morning in England, and i lead a cleansing, connecting to our mother earths heart a diamond crystal, to source god creator and to helios, he removed any junk from our bodies and we received healing through source, i then asked from my heart to be connected to sunbow and the mountains that your at .. i saw them straight away and i sometimes find it hard to explain what or how i do my energy work , as i just know without question how and when to do it , so i will do my best to explain this. I cleared a blockage or more … i then sent white source healing light to the song lines , i then realised i had opened a big portal for new healing and light only and then i saw the song line all light up in white and then i saw the rainbow . I also internationally made it so that this cannot be tampered with again . And so it is. With my voice i sang a loving vibration to close my ceremony. I hope you receive validation on what i did. Many blessings to all Rachel Hubbard

    On Thu, 21 May 2020, 16:19 Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication, wrote:

    > SCENIC Sasquatch posted: “Sacred Glasshouse Mountains, by SunBôw Today, we > toured the majestic Glasshouse Mountains. It feels good to see some > country, feel sacred lands, after some sedentary time. This morning I did > ceremony at Mount Beerwah. As the Mother of Giants, it is a hig” >

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    1. Thank you for sharing Rachel and for joining with your ceremony. Everything you describe resonates with what I did up there and you explain it well. Indeed, using telepathy and remote viewing in ceremonies create connections on a quantum level that are as real as being there in the physical. When two or more combine their intentions the manifestation process is empowered and multiplied. Today on the radar map, the northern half of the country is covered by a powerful stream moving east and carrying abundant rains, while the southern half is dry, except on the east coast. The ELF beams fro stations seem broken down and disempowered to control the natural flow. There is always much more healing work to do, but observation and experience teach us that every ceremony and prayer make a difference. Best blessings on your walk…


  2. Thank you Sunbow and Yowie Sovereign Original for this work on the Ancient Lands. Looking at these pictures made me feel very peaceful and happy. What you are doing has impact on my human body, like I have been through this. Comforting, stepping out of the daily drama and learning the sacredness, wisdom of the Yowie lands makes the connection to Mother Earth more tangible and real again.

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    1. Thank you Pat. Glad to hear you felt the medicine. It was a great healing day for me too, and hopefully for Mother Earth as well. The air feels cleaner and lighter here today, it seems, with powerful cleansing winds. Blessings on your path brother…


  3. Hi,

    My name is Simon I”m into astronomy and I have been studing Bora rings in south east Queensland and lately the Bora ring at glasshouse and it Astronomical alignment and the use of the glasshouse mountains as astrological markers. I have been sending my latest findings to the professors at Aboriginal astronomy and discussing this idea with them. This last weekend i walked the base of Mt Beerwah ( I would not climb it as I respect the wishes of the local peoples) I was looking for other sites to check for indigenous astronomical features. I walked a track to the west of the mountain and i did find a vey large foot print. Also I heard some whosh type sounds behind me at one point that actually made me stop and turn around to listen. Also I felt as if I was missing some time as my walk back along the track I walked in on seemed 30-40 minutes shorter and parts of the track seemed to not be there that I saw on my way in. I know this seems crazy but It was my experience and I have walked all around the glasshouse mountains but never had this experience before. Is this something people talk about when encountering the Hairy people? Also would you be able to share anymore information with me regarding the songlines and cultural importants of Mt Beerwah.


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    1. Greetings Simon, thank you for sharing your insights and experience. The Glasshouse are indeed very sacred grounds with strong spirits and part of the QLD Yowie Triangle. It was an amazing honor for me to be invited to do ceremonies on man’s business site at the foot of Beerwah. The Original Elders there are well familiar with the Hairy Humanoids. It sounds like they contacted you, so they likely will continue if you are open to it. Blessings on your quest in those sacred lands downunder…


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