Original Australians and their connection with Hairy Humanoids

Original Australians and their connection with Hairy Humanoids

Someone suggested recently that the Original Peoples (Indigenous First Nations) of Australia, are the ones who have kept the closest relations with the Hairy Humanoids. From what I have seen, heard and learned in this land, I would certainly agree.

As the oldest and longest lasting cultures on Earth, with the most ancient archaeological remains, stone tools, stone arrangements and rock paintings, it is natural that they have kept the ancient connection the first Humans had with our Elder relatives, the first Original People and caretakers of this home-planet. This close proximity has not only been kept in the lineages, but also in the living culture. Just about every Original Peoples I’ve spoken with in the last six months, dozen by now from different parts of Australia, have some knowledge and very often some experience with the Hairy Humanoids, who are known by a long list of different tribal names across the country.

Different types of Hairy Humanoids are also known to the First cultures of this land, with various sizes or physiological particularities. We have described some in previous posts, namely the tall Dooligah with an opposed thumb on the foot, the small Junjeri and the Yowie who look more like our typical Sasquatch, that are the most commonly used names throughout the country for the three species I have met so far, although the name Yowie is not properly an Indigenous word. Like in North America and elsewhere, there are many tribal stories of Hairy Humanoids intervening in Human lineages, most often through magic, as well as stories of abductions or people going to live with the Hairy People for some time.

There are early historical reports mentioning some extremely hairy individuals among the Original Peoples of Australia, as well as old photos and living individuals proving this fact. Note in this first photo the hairy person sitting at the right, behind the group…

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that this article contains images of deceased persons.

hair man

1855 Chief Tenberry - Tebury Murray Band SA


old photos

Finally, to conclude this reflection and to honor the most ancient cultures on Earth, many ages old but yet most undocumented, that have proven their resilience through tens of thousands of years and survived one of the worst genocide in Human history still overly hidden, denied and unheard of, here are a few old photos I found…

deebing creek tribes


4 thoughts on “Original Australians and their connection with Hairy Humanoids”

  1. As I read your good words, and look at your pictures, I thank you for the gift of your candor.

    These precious photos are a treasure to behold. But they are also very difficult to look at. Beauty, followed by genocide. Hard to see. This makes me sob.

    As I cry-out for those lost to genocide, I’m wondering what else might have been lost: languages? whole cultures? advanced metaphysical abilities? Voices.

    The photos show such a blooming diversity of life and tradition, and I see a beautiful spirituality present here – just in the simple way The Light cherishes the trees and the sky and the gathered people. Everything feels blessed. I feel this. I can’t tell you how, but I feel it. This is the good part of what I see in the images. And so, this is my Truth. But this is also why I moan, shaking inside; this is Us that did genocide: much of what we see portrayed in these old photos is gone. It’s just gone.

    I weep for those who must have been utterly aghast at what they saw coming their way – Invaders – people, like me, who have babies and raise families. How does this happen. Where did everyone go? Did they understand what was about to happen to them? I wail.

    And then, we see go back to seeing the beauty in these lost people – people who seek guidance from those who are hairy. Think about that. They ask for help from someone who may look a little different than they do.

    To me, that, right there, is a mark of an incredibly advanced culture; a people who choose to celebrate diversity, rather than fear it. They simply choose not to fear. You can see it in the expressive detail of the skin, in the eyes, and markings, tradition and ritual, and you can see it in the nature of the spiritually rich people – people who love their Yowie, and other hairy people.

    Colonialists don’t do that. They crush this kind of thinking because it threatens them; it presents them with a question to which they would rather die than answer: How do I deal with someone who looks different than I do? Uncertainty is uncomfortable, right? Which can lead to fear…IF we don’t stand up and deal with it as soon as we recognize it.

    I think the differences between our culture and The Original Australians are best defined by asking a simple question: Who choses to stand, include and love? And, who chooses to blame others, act covetously and model deep feelings of resentment and entitlement.

    We, as a culture, seem to have little patience. But, I’m willing to believe the Original Australians were patient. And kind. And they appear to communicate gently, sometimes even in Dreamtime…or so I’ve heard. These qualities, in themselves, are a pretty good indication that one is in the presence of a very advanced People. In most other societies, this type of thinking is hidden, closely guarded by darker, controlling forces.

    Right now I grieve for many. One day, though, I will be able to begin what I feel I must inevitably do, and that is choose to live as rightmindedly as possible, in ALL things. That is, when I’m ready, I hope to be able to practice unconditional forgiveness for those who choose to commit genocide. Otherwise, how am I any different than those who wipe out entire Histories?

    Blessings and Love to all Original Australians,

    Brian Hillyer

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