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Experiencer story, by Tiffany, from Ontario

By Tiffany, from Ontario

I have had a few dreams of bigfoot, and long before I had a physical encounter and before I had the awareness of their actual true existence.

One dream I remember vividly. I was walking through a forest, along a trail, and saw the bushes to my right start to move and rustle. These bushes I have come to understand are some form of berry bush, and out of the bushes came a large humanoid hand and arm, the hair was a dark reddish brown. I remember feeling no fear, but nothing but love and a want to communicate. In his hand, were these bright red berries. He was handing me these berries and at this point I looked up, and he was leaning over half way out of the bush and I saw he was a bigfoot. I believe they were huckle berries. I remember taking these berries and feeling a level safety and protection, and a sense of love from him. But also that he was helping me and teaching me. The dream went on a bit longer with more interaction but I do not remember much more detail of the rest.

I have had other dreams as well, some where I feel it was a different one, not 100% sure, but where it was yelling at me from a distance. I remember feeling a but unsettled in that dream, but still one I will never forget. I was again walking along a trail near where I live, and the bigfoot was there along the tree line and standing in the tall grass just along the edge of the river.

Fast forward to this year, July 2020.

I felt a pull to go on a road trip to a national park, and I honestly had no idea or inkling as to where. I just know I needed to do some soul searching, and connect to my roots. Find myself. I research parks in my province. I live in Ontario. I instantly felt drawn to the Quetico provincial park. I booked a campsite and asked my mom and uncle if they wished to come. It all seemed to line up as if it was meant to happen. It was a long drive for us to get there, ( I live near London Ontario ).

Once we arrived and unpacked our gear and set up our camp, my mom and uncle went to take a nap but I was surprisingly more awake then I thought. I laid on a blanket looking up at the tree tops, listening to the forest and winds around me. It was so peaceful and beautiful and had that deep sense of belonging and connection I was craving. I ended up going into the tent to have a nap myself after a while, but my mom and uncle got up at some point. This was when my encounter took place.

I remember laying in the tent, it was starting to get dark, so there was very little light. I heard some rustling in the tent, and I opened my eyes to see. That’s when I saw this figure crouched down and leaning on his hands. It was getting dark so I could just see the silhouette. My gut instantly dropped, I knew this was not my mom or uncle but I tried to convince myself that it was my mom. The head was triangular shaped, or had the sloped neck into the shoulders, and I told myself its my mom’s hair lol. But I knew, on some level, this was not my mother. The being just sat there, not moving, I remember thinking if it was my mom, what was she looking for and why was she sitting there like that, but I just had this overwhelming feeling of no, its looking at me. I didn’t feel intense fear, or like I was in danger. I felt comfortable and actually closed my eyes again.

I heard more movement so opened my eyes again. This time he was standing in the tent. This is a fairly large tent. It is an 8 man tent, and tall enough that my uncle who is around 5’8″ can stand in it. This being was now facing me, and I saw the silhouette of a triangle shaped head ( not pointy lol but sloped sides like the bigfoots do), no neck, went into shoulder and just knew at that point, this is not at all my mom lol.

I was slightly scared yes, didn’t know if I was dreaming this or if this is really happening. But I also felt weirdly calm and accepting of it. I ended up saying in my head , or out loud, cannot remember, “NOPE!” LOL and turned my back towards this being. Which, looking back now, is weird to me. And I also regret reacting that way, and wish I sat up or tried to communicate. But at the time, I wasn’t sure what was happening lol. I heard more movement and it left the tent.

I didn’t say anything to my mom or uncle the whole trip, but it was ingrained in my mind and I could not shake it. I knew in my gut that this was not a dream.

I eventually asked my mom if she at all the first night came into the tent to look for anything and she said no. So after I explained to her what I experienced, she told me the first night she saw a large shadow standing over the tent, that she knew was not any animal she knew, like a bear or another human. The camp we stayed at was a shared camp ground. So there were other campers and the odd light, but it was fairly deep in the bush. One light was near our tent so that allowed for the shadow. The second night she heard heavy breathing and loud footsteps walking around the tent.

To me, this verified my experience. I feel that it was a young one who entered our tent that night. And that the big foots stayed and watched us most of our trip. We even heard tree branches breaking in the thick bush as we canoed down a river, and it was so quiet. No bug sounds or wind. So we knew there was something there.

Since then, big foot has been in my thoughts often, and I feel like it was such an honor to have had that visit. I just wish I was not as afraid.

I feel like I was drawn to that spot for a reason, and that this was not a chance encounter, especially with the dreams I have had. I also have a friend who is Ojibwe and one of his names is Sasquatch in the native language. I don’t think any of this is a coincidence. And now here I am, brought to this site.

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