Blue Mountains Dreamtime (with photos)

Blue Mountains Dreamtime (with photos), by SunBôw

In the Dreamtime or Dreaming, creator spirits dreamed the world into existence, formed the land, shaped the mountains and directed the rivers on their courses. Among the many of them that are known, the most famous are Baiame / Boamie, Bunjil, the Wandjina, the Rainbow Serpent  with her various names, and animal spirits like Emu, Goanna, Kangaroo and –interestingly– Mirragan, described as a large native Tiger-cat or an oversize Quoll, which some might still meet when inter-species communications take an unsuspected turn. While dreaming the world into being, the creator spirits who are also the very first mythical ancestors of all life forms, left their signatures in special landmarks, like prints in the bedrock, huge stone faces or building-like formations.

If you see things like faces or animals in the rocks, no worries you are not alone, as many have since the dawn of ages. Today, as modern societies have lost touch with Dreamtime, these phenomena are explained away as apophenia or pareidolia consisting in seeing known shapes in random patterns, and there are geological theories to rationalize all anthropomorphic, zoomorphic or ruin-like oddities into normal natural occurrences.

But, the Dreamtime stories of those sacred places honored by the ancients have been ignored and too often lost, with the wealth of knowledge and wisdom they carry. Whatever explanation suits you, these strange life-like rocks are found around the world and tend to come together in collections concentrated in some specific areas. The majestic and fabled Blue Mountains would certainly be a paradise for geologists, amateurs of mud fossils, and seekers of ancient wisdom and sacred meaning alike.

The Greater Blue Mountains Area is a UNESCO designated World Heritage covering over one million hectares (10,000 square kilometres) of mostly untouched wilderness. Made of a mixture of volcanic intrusions with sandstone and limestone plateaus, the vastness of the territory, the sheer cliffs and deep canyons of its landscapes and the thickness of its bush have keep this part of the Great Dividing Range pristine and wild. An entire lifetime would not suffice to explore every part of its hidden caves, secret gardens, unknown ravines, untouched streams and scattered summits. One can only hope to grasp in awe a brief glimpse at the breathtaking wonders stretching further than the eye could ever see.

It is no wonder if beings from the Dreamtime legends such as Yowie, Bunyip or Mirragan still roam wild and free in this open range without any interference from human society. There are certainly unknown species living out here and untold stories to be revealed.

As the natural –and supernatural– beauties of these lands defy all description, we will let the images speak louder than words, even if only from one small spot on the larger map. It was hard to select the best shots out of 1500 photos I took, as the different angles, the moving sun rays and the passing clouds all contribute to enrich the ever changing diversity of the multicolored mosaic making this exclusive landscape, while an overall blue hue breathed out from the trees gives the mountains their name and mystical aura.

A look at the Blue Mountains

Uncle Andy, an Elder of the local Dharug tribe, told me that his people has known that since immemorial Dreamtime, some Star People and Yowies live under Mount Solitary. Of course these Dreamtime legends are considered as myths by modern scientific minds. To this day, the flat top mountain remains almost inaccessible with no trails going near it. I could not fit the whole mountain in one photo, so here are a few shots of it.

”Wavy” and honeycombed rocks

When the rocks seem alive

Are those ”tubes” fossilized bones, petrified trees or something else?

When a rock makes you wonder ”what would a petrified spaceship look like?”

Other rock formations

Vegetation and wildlife

In a rock shelter, someone etched a Tiger-cat. Mirragan or Bunyip?


As I was leaving after sunset, the Dingo (from the Dharug word ”Dingu”) howled a goodbye from the valley way down below.


I hope you have enjoyed this brief tour of the Blue Mountains and their sacredness. Thanks to all our readers, followers and supporters. Please like, rate and share our posts. Your DONATIONS are always welcome and appreciated. Best blessings to all…


6 thoughts on “Blue Mountains Dreamtime (with photos)”

  1. Fantastic mate!… Beautifully capitulated through timelines of light and shadows…. yourself as one in ebb sharing to us viewers what you know to see in flow….. faces and beings brought too life….. living energy blue mountain sandstones……. Greatness.

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  2. Hi Bô, very interesting and amazing stories you shared here. Fantastic pictures of Blue Mountain Range, you showed us these mudfossil structures, animalshaped solid rocks, even probable ‘melted’ rock structures known all over the world, a phenomenon seen in ancient hidden archaeological sites. Amazing…truly amazing…
    Valleys and mountains, representing our own journey as well. Hope you are doing fine!

    Liked by 1 person

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