The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 3, Chapters X, Y and Z

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 3, Chapters X, Y and Z, by SunBôw

Chapter X

”Greetings my Little Brother. So here we are again, together on this amazing journey of enlightenment. But we are now being joined by a fast growing number of ambassadors between your and my people. This ongoing process of cosmic disclosure does not only reflect the results of promises we made you, but it is also fastening, as the knowledge of our message now spreads through several channels into your collective consciousness, making ripples of yet unseen proportions in your planetary evolution.”

”The Sasquatch Message to Humanity has now reached much wider perspectives and taken proportions far beyond the experiences and interpretations of only one messenger. It has become the sacred journey shared by many who have followed our guidance, with an increasing number of seekers, experiencers, contactors, communicators, and now these selected ambassadors we have gathered to write this book.”

”We rejoice together with great happiness provided by the fulfillment of our collective spiritual mission in opening portals bridging our worlds, through ambassadors channeling our messages and teachings. With deep gratitude to all who have received and welcomed the wisdom of our heart inspired messages, and to those who have accepted to work with us in transmitting them, we send our loving blessings.”

”You have noticed, as readers should as well, that the messages through different messengers remain consistent, related and complementary in their essence, coming from the same source of our collective consciousness, although different in their wordings and details, through each channel’s interpretation.”

”Because the message exists independently, and thus is more important than any specific messenger, highly spiritually evolved beings most often talk as ‘WE’, on behalf of our collective consciousness, when we teach and address you about important matters we all agree upon to transmit to your souls. The most spiritually evolved among your Human People reach this point of collective consciousness. These are the best candidates to become ambassadors in interspecies spiritual and peaceful relations. But each individual who agrees to get involved in interspecies spiritual communication acts as a unique channel bridging within a collective consciousness, our different species and dimensional frequencies. Each soul connects in its own ways with different allies, guides and teachers, to express its own truth.”

”As your Elder Kamooh, I am pleased and celebrate the portals you and I, Little Brother, have oppened, for many of your people and mine have connected through the guidance we have provided them with. As you know, I have worked with several communicators and channeled through other ambassadors, just like you and others of your people have met more and more of our Sasquatch People ambassadors. Our efforts for reaching out to Humanity to share our ancient knowledge and wisdom were not in vain.”

”So for the part you are asked to write in this collaboration of co-authors and ambassadors to Humanity, we will start by continuing to share, as we did in the first two books, some of the most significant stories of your journey with us, with the signs and teachings we gave you that are worth reporting here. Of the promises I made you when we first met, that our message would reach out far and wide to many, that you would meet more and more of your people who know us and communicate with us Sasquatch, that many people would come out to share the truth openly and we would gather you around the world, all of these promises have already been fulfilled, and we see yet only the beginning of their unfolding.”

”But the first promise I made you was that we would be with you and teach you along your journeys. And it is the most important one for you, as only through developing your connection with us can you keep learning from us and share what we teach you, as it works with any spiritual guides sent to you.”

”So let us review briefly the highlights of your journeys with us, since you completed the transcription of Book 2 at the beginning of this year 2017, after an intensive channeling season you partly described. You left the cold winter and snow mountains of the North-West and drove south to warmer weathers.”

”Around Mount Shasta, you drove on forest roads through snowy landscapes, looking for ruins you had learned about, but without finding anything. Then you started seeing the local Sasquatch clan, keeper of the ancient sites, appear along the drive and we guided you to find large remains of ancient stone cities, with mounds, walls, ramps, square angles, alignments, windows, amphitheaters and other structures stretching for miles in the forest. These are the remnants of the Lemurian colonies, before they found refuge in caves under the volcano, where Absilios, who came to teach you last year, as you previously wrote, lives with his tribe, along with some of my Sasquatch People connected to Lemurian Humans.”

”Modern Humans all carry genetics from their distant Lemurian ancestry, but since the Atlantean wars and the taking over by Homo Sapiens, which sent the last survivors of Lemuria into hidings and caves with some of my Sasquatch People, their genetic contribution to modern Humanity is as scarce and rare as that of my people; the DNA of your first ancestors still lives in you, but in ever smaller proportions. Yet, your Lemurian relatives have kept sharing their genetic pools regularly with us Sasquatch People.”

”Your second stop was on the northern Californian coast, to visit again your sister and friend, Patrice. She took you to the rare sacred albino tree, one of about ten such anomalies known in the whole world. You offered prayer ties there, to honor the sacredness of the site and without knowing, opened a portal. On random photos you took of the redwood forest, strange unusual interdimensional beings appeared. They looked different than anything you could name, some resembling a wolf man, a dog man, a green goblin or gremlin with pointed ears, sprites and other nature spirits you cannot put a clear name on. This was to show you that many different types of beings use interdimensional portals to manifest.”

”In this journey, which was the coming true of a life time dream, you planned to visit as many ancient sites as you could, to learn from your Human past and history, leaving prayers and offerings on sites. The list of archaeological wonders you visited and prayed in, geoglyphs, cliff dwellings, sanctuaries, kivas, petroglyphs and ancient ruins, is too long to detail for the purpose and usefulness of this account. But you also discovered about the past of previous civilizations much older than your Human history.”

”You understood, as if you had always known it, that many of the gigantic stone ruins and carved mountains that are so numerous in the southwestern deserts, and that you have also seen with your own eyes in Mexico, Brazil, the Andes, Europe and other parts of the world, are in fact older than Humanity. Many of those huge megalithic cities were built by Ant-People, Lizard-People and Bird-People, whose civilizations thrived for ages on this home-planet Earth, aeons before Humanity was even conceived.”

”For example, when visiting Chaco Canyon, home of twenty-seven large ceremonial centers of the Ancestral Puebloans aligned on astronomical points, you noticed a giant Sasquatch face carved on the cliff, along with other Human-like faces, that are way much older than the Puebloan spiritual complex. Because the Ancestral Puebloans, like the Mound Builders further east, formed one of those ancient Human civilizations that were still in tune with the Cosmic Order and connected with our Star Elders, they often built their sanctuaries and cities over more ancient sites and remnants from previous ages. That is why those ancient Human cultures knew about the Star Elders, the Ant-People, the Lizard-People, the Bird-People and my Sasquatch People, because they had interactions for generations.”

”In fact, many of those sites are connected to underground cities, some of which are still actively alive. Knowing that the intraterrestrial hybrids, that have inhabited the underworld since before Humanity existed, have their own complex karmas and long stories of interactions between themselves and with Humans, approaching them for interspecies peaceful relations has always been reserved to the few highly gifted medicine healers, shamans or seers, adequately prepared to be ambassadors, without fear.”

”We took you to the Sipapu, the Place of Emergence, sacred to the Hopi and many other Native tribes. Out there in that remote wilderness, where for three days you did not hear or see any Human or vehicle, we gave you signs of our presences. You saw and heard more than one Sasquatch walk close to you, while one night, some star ships communicated to you from a distance through telepathy in real time. Having witnessed those phenomenons many times before, you had expected more from this quest of your life, but then realized with humility that those rare blessings to be grateful for are not given to all.”

”The Sipapu is the entrance to the underground city below the Grand Canyon, where the Hopi and Ancestral Puebloans survived the last world cleansing, with the Ant-People. The shape-shifting Snake or Lizard-People also live down there, and they gave the Hopi their unique and famous snake dance. Interspecies relations are neither all good or all bad, they are made of attempts to mutual understanding. To heal your own collective karmas, you have to help in healing the karmas connected to your destiny.”

”This is why interspecies peaceful and spiritual relations are so important to preserve the Cosmic Order, it is the dharmic way the Star Elders Council has practiced to solve all issues, problems and conflicts. We cannot improve our condition without helping the ones who have influence on it, like the insectoid and reptoid hybrids that have inhabited the underworld of this home-planet, unnoticed until this day.”

”It is no coincidence that we sent to you at the Spiritual Sasquatch Event in Chewelah last year, that brother who prefers to remain anonymous, who felt compelled to tell you and only you about his experience when in 2010, he was taken down into the underground city at the Sipapu with three Navajo medicine men, where through eleven successive chambers, he saw statues and inscriptions that looked like Egyptian or Tibetan in style. His account confirms in details some earlier reports in the area, that have been covered up by the Smithsonian Institute, when they plundered the lower entrance in 1909.”

”When he described to you the way to get to the upper entrance he had visited, you could complete his description in your response, as you had seen this place in dreams many times for over thirthy years. When you got there on the grounds of this remote and hard to find location, you found the landmarks he had given you, old ruins, altar, trail, rock ledge on cliff side, but the petrified tree bridge was broken. Then you found on recorded footage from an expedition including Zuni Pueblo Elder Clifford Mahooty that some black helicopters were hauling heavy huge loads out of that very canyon, to unmarked semi-trucks and vans taking it away in 2012, another secret operation of the masonic Smithsonian Institute.”

”So you were shown that this entrance to the underworld does exist, but you have not been allowed to go inside, as it had been sealed by the dark forces of the lower lords, to prevent interspecies relations. Your friend said that the Navajo medicine men told him that they were not allowed to go down the spiraling stairway, as there was a stargate down there still kept by other species of star hybrid people. This is why the artwork and the inscriptions there resemble those of Egypt and Tibet, where other star gates were operated in the past, allowing instant interdimensional travel on an intercontinental scale.”

”You saw geometrical pyramid complexes and megalithic platforms in the surroundings, that had been described by former explorers, many of those giant squared blocks or the bedrock under them being filled with rich deposits of dinosaur fossil beds. And you understood that some of those petrified bones in ancient cities and pyramidal structures belonged to a wide variety of intelligent reptilian hybrids. Although you had felt these truth for a long time of traveling this Earth, you saw with your own eyes the confirmation of what we recently taught you about the long history of Earth before Humans existed. These rich fossil beds and pyramidal complexes are solid, undeniable evidence of Earth’s long history, but as you noticed, although huge and exposed in the open, they hide in a remote desert wilderness.”

”When the Hopi refer the Grand Canyon to the underworld, it is partly because the deeper you get into the canyon, the older the fossils and geological deposits are, showing that the Earth has grown in size. The so-called ‘natural’ temple-like structures spread in its chasm, known by names like Osiris, Isis, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Zoroaster, Buddha and such, some of which have geometrical shapes and doors to deep caves, are reflecting star maps of the constellations of Orion and the Pleiades, proving by their disposition that they cannot be random natural occurrences, but are in fact remains from previous civilizatons of the Ant-People and Lizard-People, that were unearthed from former ages of Earth’s history through two hundred million years of erosion by the elements, that carved the Grand Canyon.”

”After visiting for two moons dozens among the thousands of archaeological sites of the Ancestral Puebloans around the Four Corners Area, you spent three months with your Hopi relatives of the Coyote Clan, who adopted you thirty years ago, mainly with your Uncle, who took you to many places. You introduced him to his first few contacts with my Sasquatch People, as he had asked to meet us.”

”You had the rare honor for an outsider, a Caucasian looking man, to be invited thrice to share spiritual teachings among Hopi circles, who are normally very secretive and exclusive about their spirituality. You shared about the Sasquatch Message we gave you and the Elders pondered about where we could fit in their complex and detailed cosmology. They concluded that Sasquatch had to be the giant they met when they first arrived into this fourth world, emerging from the underworld through the Sipapu, whom they called Woqokuktaka, ‘the man who leaves giant footprints’. You have indeed seen in half a dozen sites of the region some large petrified human-like footprints in the bedrock of old fossil beds. These are found worldwide, proving that my Sasquatch People walked with dinosaurs in those days.”

”When the Hopi sent offerings to Woqokuktaka to make Peace, my Sasquatch Spirit honored them and told them I was the keeper of lands since the First World, but could not prevent its destruction by fire, nor the infiltration of evil in the underworld, so I was given a new chance to caretake this new world.”

”The Hopi have called me Maasaw, sometimes translated as a ‘Great Spirit’, Keeper of this planet Earth. I told them that if they could live like me a simple, humble, spiritual life, they could live here with me. Of course, when I say ‘I’ in this account, I am talking on behalf of the collective consciousness of my Sasquatch People, as you understand; but I Kamooh was present back then in this distant past of yours. You noticed that, even though the wise ancient Hopi had met me at the beginning of their migrations, they had lost contact with my people since many generations, but in the last couple decades, sightings and encounters with my people have been plumetting exponentially, showing our will to reconnect.”

”On the reservations, you heard first and second hand accounts of sightings from Hopis and Navajos. But you noticed that both tribes had lost their ancient connection with my People, not knowing who we are nor about our spiritual bonds anymore, as they also have gradually forgotten our original covenant, letting imbalance take over their way of life and corruption infiltrate their ceremonies and spirituality. Their disconnection from us happened at the time of the Chacoan period, which saw the downfall of the Ancestral Puebloan civilization, due to evil witchcraft and waves of invasions of Athapascan tribes.”

”This is why they generally have lost contact with us Sasquatch and with the Star Elders, but also the reason why we are returning and reaching out, as promised, to reestablish our ancient bonds in this age. This is attested by the fact that the Navajo police had to create a special squad to investigate UFO and Sasquatch sightings. The Jicarilla Apache chief we put on your path twice has been gathering witnesses accounts about UFO and Sasquatch encounters in his tribe, for the famous UFO conference in Dulce. For his tribe as well, this wave of encounters is a fairly new phenomenon they can not really explain.”

”To the best of your ability, you shared your understanding of their prophecies with your Hopi relatives about the return of the Elder Brother, who was foretold to come back and help Humanity reconnect with the Council of Star Elders, which is what my Sasquatch People have been doing by reaching out. Although you have seen the fulfillment of many parts of the prophecies concerning the return of the Elder Brother, having done the Nakwatch or Hopi handshake at the foot of Prophecy Rock with White Bear, a chief of the Bear Clan, who was the last Human ambassador to fly regularly with the Council of Star Elders, having danced with the katsinam in a ceremony in a kiva, having been shown where the missing piece of the sacred stone tablet gifted by the Star Elders has be hidden, having received many more signs and miracles than you can report, you know it is not important who the messenger is as much as what the message brings; in this case, that Sasquatch and Star Elders are returning to help you. Only people familiar with the Hopi prophecies will understand the depth of what this statement means.”

”Since we do not have the time and space to detail every part of the journey, let us proceed forward on. You learned that even the wise Ancestral Puebloans, as the Mayan, Aztec or other ancient civilizations, had their own downfall when some started using their interdimensional knowledge for personal gains. There are many ancestral stories of how the shape-shifting shamans misused their powers in ancient ceremonies since banned, known as Ya-Ya, in which they could take the shape of any beast or teleport. This practice caused the decadence and downfall of the Ancestral Puebloans at the time of the invasion of the Athapascan tribes, the Navajo and Apache, which in turn adopted those evil witchcraft practices. This downfall caused their disconnection from the Star Elders Council and from us, Elder Sasquatch.”

”Here is an example of how collective karmas can be created and built up over time, when not resolved. Migrations, that have made the history of all planets, involve the encounters of many different cultures. Sometimes those meetings are peaceful and beneficial on both sides; other times they turn into clashes. Massive migrations, like that of the Athaspacan tribes that crossed the Rocky Mountains over one millennium ago, often mean invasions of already occupied territories, in this case, the vast Ancestral Puebloan civilization, with its thousands of wealthy towns and villages, and abundant crop yields.”

”For the poor Athapascan nomadic wanderers, it represented a rich opportunity to plunder and steal. Long wars started that kept pushing the Puebloans for centuries further West and South, settling in highly defended cliff dwellings and forts. The Apache split from the Navajo when the latter started plundering burial sites to steal the turquoise and treasures that were highly valuable for the Puebloans.”

”When the Navajo started stealing the dead and disturbing the ancestors rest, they brought bad spirits upon themselves and upon the Puebloans. In those dark ages of wars and cruelty, when the Puebloans were trading with the Meso-American empires, they reintroduced evil witchcraft and Human sacrifice. Evil sorcerers took over and misused their shape-shifting powers to gain control and victory in wars. It is why in some Chacoan sites, traces of cannibalism have been found; not all host only good spirits. These evil witchcraft practices can be stolen and learned, and were soon adopted by Navajo sorcerers.”

”To this day, although you have met and made friends with many Hopis and Navajos, including several spiritual Elders, you have noticed that if they co-exist side by side and even often inter-marry, their ancestral animosity and karmic memories are still deeply engrained in their collective consciousness. The prophesied arrival of the Conquistadores and later of the American conquest, have given both tribes more reasons to struggle, as the colonialist powers have kept pushing them against each other. Like all other nations, the Hopi and Navajo have their own collective karmas to heal, and they can only achieve this by helping the healing of the collective karmas influencing theirs, to face always bigger issues and threats, and resolve lingering conflicts and imbalance of ever greater cosmic importance.”

”Each group has a collective karma and every nations likely have wise healers, as well as evil sorcerers. One night, while driving alone across the wild desert, you got to see, walking by the roadside, one of those shape-shifters that the Navajo call ‘skin walkers’, who wore disproportionally large hairy arms and a hairy face, under human clothes. This frightening scene left you with an eerie feeling of gloom, and you learned afterward that skin walkers, also known as the werewolves elsewhere, gain their power to shape-shift into any random mammeloid beast, from the sacrifice of close relatives and cannibalism.”

”This very ancient witchcraft practice introduced to Humans back in the days of the Lemurian downfall, has caused much confusion between these evil shape-shifted sorcerers and my hairy Sasquatch People. It is the main cause why the Ancestral Puebloans and Navajos lost their connection with us Sasquatch. They have mistaken those beasts for us, saying that if you look in Maasaw’s eye, you can die instantly. But, it is those skin walkers you must avoid to cross eyes with, since they would try to steal your soul. If you know their name and call it out when they are shape-shifting, it breaks their spell and brings them back suddenly into their Human form; and if they are attacking you, this can cause their death.”

”Most of the cases reported of people being attacked, killed or devoured by large hairy beings are in fact the doings of those evil beastly shape-shifters, contributing to make a bad name for us Sasquatch. Your great mentor and teacher, the Anishnabe Elder and Peacemaker William Commanda, Keeper of wampum belts and of the ancient prophecies of the Seven Fires, pointed out to you that my people is not to be confused with the shape-shifting Windigo cannibal sorcerers of ancestral oral lore, but is to be known as Misaabe, the ‘Big People’, dwellers of the forest and keepers of sacred shamanic wisdom.”

”This happened just months before you and your friend Patrick first saw me clearly materialized in 2003 on Vancouver Island. The following year, you manifested the vision you had been given by Spirit to gather the world Rainbow Family including people from over fifty countries on all continents, with the Anishnabe Elders, who recognized this event as a fulfillment of their ancient prophecies concerning the coming of a New people form the four races and the four directions, at this time of the Seventh Fire. But this is a whole different topic too long to describe in detail, so let us get back to the main timeline.”

”In Chaco Canyon you worried about driving back up miles of muddy slide, when two of my Sasquatch People appeared one hundred feet in front of you and started dancing, telling you to rather celebrate. When you visited the Horseshoe Bend in Marble Canyon, where you found ancient altars near even more ancient megalithic walls and pyramids, with embedded fossilized reptilian bones and eggs, on one of the random photos you took, I appeared clearly with all my features, for those who have eyes to see.”

”That special old stone altar, where I appeared on your photo, like the one you saw above the Sipapu, among many still standing across the desert, was dedicated to Maasaw, as sacred locations where they met me when they emerged from the underworld. I instructed them on how to live and on past worlds. Also, on behalf of our Star Elders, I left with them a sacred tablet of shinny and dark meteoric stone, with inscriptions containing the Creator’s plan and instructions for them, to fulfill their migrations and maintain the balance of the Cosmic Order with a spiritual lifestyle, which they have kept to this day.”

”After your five months visit this year throughout the South-West of Turtle Island, commonly called North America, you went back to the North-West part of it. A stop at Yellowstone reminded you how the lithosphere is fragile and changing, as the Earth’s crust was trembling under your feet, by geysers. Then, you spent time reconnecting with our dear allies Kewaunee and Kelly, and Mary Alyce, with whom my Sasquatch People have been working. You have met Hawthorne, Mary Alyce’s Sasquatch guide, more than once since last year, and he let you know how he is protecting her; also Haloti, one of Kewaunee’s guide and George, Kelly’s guide; as well as Shrangooloo, Brook Raven’s Dooligah Elder. In the same way, I have met many of our Human allies and assisted some in transmitting our message. There must be three or four dozens of people by now who have told you they had met me, Kamooh.”

”In June, you were also invited to give workshops about the Sasquatch Message at two uplifting events, the healing gathering at the Earth Rising Sanctuary, then at the Fairy and Human Relations Congress. In both occasions, you met an interested audience with high level of consciousness and understanding.”

”After that, you had to go back to Canada, to cover formalities and paper work within the control grid. As you arrived in so-called British Colombia, you wondered where you would spend your fifty-third birthday and looked at the map. The first name you randomly read that jumped out was Sasquatch Park. But before you went there, a female cougar visited and stalked you for a couple hours, forcing you to communicate in telepathy with compassion, to help her on her healing journey with the Human beings. You were afraid until you started listening with empathy to her angry complaints about the loss of her cub at Human hands, but when you expressed compassion, her tone softened, she returned to the wild. This experience taught you that you still had fears toward Nature, but can heal all through compassion.”

”Over decades of shamanic journeys and interspecies communications, you have developed special connections with the spirits of Raven, Eagle, Bear, Bison, Elk, Moose, Deer, Wolf, Coyote, Squirrel, and other species, and have noticed that once you made friends with one of them, the Greater Soul of their species knows you and will recognize you wherever you go. The cougar is the most fierce and feared apex predator on this continent, sharing the title of the king of the animals with the grizzly bear.”

”You saw cougar tracks many times over the years, but in the last two years, you saw four of them live, with three who looked at you directly into the eyes, two of which stayed near you for a couple hours. You were tested in courage and sincerity, in communing with Nature in interspecies peaceful relations. You have seen brother bear close to you many times over the years, but cougar was your ultimate test. They bring you the medicine of leadership, if you have enough courage to carry this big responsibility. You learned that this powerful animal totem has killed no more than five Humans in a century, while over ninety of them are killed yearly in the province by Humans, out of fear and misunderstanding.”

”A similar proportion of killings could likely apply to my Sasquatch People versus the Human invaders. But we have learned to mostly stay away and hide from Humans, except from the ones with good souls. We are not holding grudge nor resentment for the genocide of our people, but demand a quick end and redressing of the wrongs done, working together toward healing, with interspecies peaceful relations. But as we taught you in the next lesson, few Humans are ready to connect with us when we reach out.”

”You went to Harrison Hot Springs, dubbed the Sasquatch Capital of the World, not only for the intense activity in the region, but also for hosting since 1938 the annual Sasquatch Days, a Native lead event. Carved Sasquatch are seen around town and we are the main theme at the tourist office. You met a few persons that took the Sasquatch topic seriously, some who had experience and good knowledge of us.”

”In Sasquatch Park, you found yourself on a fairly crowded campground, surrounded by noisy campers. Even the hiking trails were quite busy and when night fell, you started wondering why we had called you there, thinking nothing special could happen in these settings, with loud neighbors all around you. That is when the surprise came, when you heard friendly whoots calling, from the forested mountain.”

”You knew right away from experience that it was one of us, as the calls kept coming closer, although at this point, no one else in the campground seemed to have noticed or payed attention to our calls. Then a loud and long howling was heard on the edge of the campground, that had some people wonder. A little girl on the next site asked her dad what it was, and he hesitantly replied: ‘Maybe a Sasquatch’.”

”This made the child afraid and she cried out: ‘No! Go away!’, which was answered by a louder and longer wailing complaint that filled the night and silenced the whole campground, while fearful campers rushed into their vehicles. You understood the emotion and meaning of this profound cry from the local clan leader, sad and upset that noisy Humans invading his home want him to go away, while he comes to greet them. He then walked across the campground, calling friendly whoots on the way, as he knew you were there without fear, rather surprised and happy of our visit, as I had come with him.”

”Then you heard my heavy footsteps close to you and felt my smiling and loving presence, telling you that we can surprise and help you in ways you do not even expect. We had brought you there to teach you a lesson on how most Humans still react with fear to our presence, as they do with cougar or bear. Specially modern Humans have lost the ability to connect with the souls of those powerful animals and with us, as ancient shamanic cultures have practiced since the dawn of your existence on this planet.”

”This was our birthday gift to you, not that the age of an incarnation in linear time matters so much, but to offer you another gift from us, of a day and teachings you will always remember, as a few others too. We have been training you for decades in regaining the natural psychic abilities your soul was gifted with since the beginning of its long evolution course, preparing you to be an interspecies ambassador. But this understanding is not given to all, and our encounter that day within a group of Humans, made you wonder how many of those one hundred and fifty people will realize what happened, how many will remember the experience or talk about it, as opposed to the number who will just ignore, deny, explain away or voluntarily forget through the process of selective memory and cognitive dissonance, when the mind simply decides to brush off and erase what it cannot seize, comprehend or rationalize.”

”You know very well yourself what this means, as it took years of paranormal signs and manifestations before you started understanding our interdimensional abilities. For a whole year, before you were finally ready to communicate with us in Spirit, you heard me walk on your roof and around your home, whisper in your ears, breathe, grunt, call, you felt me more than once sit on your bed next to you, and even saw me look at you from very close across the window. Yet your rational mind was not able to grasp what was happening, nor to believe your senses, or that it could be manifesting to you that way.”

”You noticed the same phenomenon this summer, when you were gifted a sacred encounter with the lake creatures known commonly as Ogopogo and called Niatik by the Okanagan local Native tribes. They have been observed since ancient days, but only on some rare occasions by the luckiest witnesses. These water serpents measuring over eighty feet in length, with a head described as similar to a horse or a dinosaur, appeared to you as previous witnesses have described, like a series of loops lined up, moving forward in one direction different than the waves, which you observed for two long minutes.”

”When you saw one, then two heads emerge, there was no doubt left as to what you were watching, the image was very clear and you received telepathic greetings from those interdimensional lake protectors. Yet, the people around on the shore or in boats did not seem to notice anything, or if they did, they did not give it any attention, another example of cognitive dissonance, that makes people ignore the facts.”

”So, although some researchers and organizations collect witnesses accounts of encounters with UFOs, Sasquatch or other paranormal beings, the occurrences are in fact much more numerous than the thousands of reported cases, because many simply do not care to report for lack of interest or contacts, or for fear of ridicule, or for lack of understanding researchers, but there is an even greater number that simply deny the experiences in their own consciousness, through the process of cognitive dissonance.”

”This natural reflex of backing off into the comfortably familiar normal, to avoid facing the unknown, represents an easy escape to maintain the status quo, but it also favors ignorance and prevents learning. The people who want to learn interspecies relations and communicate with us Sasquatch, Star Elders or other interdimensional beings, must be ready to drop their old beliefs and paradigms pulling them back. They must have an open mind and humble heart, and understand that there is so much to learn about.”

”We will now move fast forward in the timeline and skip the episodes of your trips to Oregon and B.C., during which you met many people highly interested in Sasquatch and a surprising number who had their own experiences or the understanding of our interdimensional abilities and of our Star connection. This shows that this knowledge makes ripples in your collective consciousness, through quantum leaps of consciousness or telepathic transmissions of the information, like the one hundredth monkey effect.”

”We helped you through a couple of situations in which you came close to have problems with the man made laws, including at the customs, because of a healing herb prohibited by the lower lords, but you got out fine. Then you finally made it back to Chewelah for our second annual gathering at the Spiritual and Psychic Sasquatch Conference and Event, now renamed the Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat. There, apart from speeches, warm reunions and profound spiritual exchanges, most of everybody who attended had paranormal experiences or interdimensional encounters, some of them for their first time.”

”The highlight for you was on the last evening, when you walked to the outside amphitheater to join in a healing toning session, with our friends of the group of Navajo healers, including Gayle and Garrett. When you arrived, you felt my presence, and as you sat and closed your eyes, you saw me very close, telling you I was present. Then you listened to Gayle channeling and knew right away it was my Soul. When she finished the transmission, someone asked her who it was and she replied: ‘It was Kamooh’.”

”Then, the whole group tuned into higher frequencies, by singing out uplifting words and names, like mantras. When the group called out my name, I replied with a loud knock on a trunk, twenty feet away. That was the only clear instant reply you were given from all the guides you honored that night, since I have been given the specific mission to gather our Sasquatch Elders with your Human ambassadors.”

”One year, almost to the day, after you added my hair on your sacred pipe, you got to share it in a sweat lodge ceremony with Dakota and Cree Elders from Manitoba and Saskatchewan, pleased to hear of me. You also met Jules, who invited Kewaunee last year, and has documented in the last couple of years over seventy different witnesses accounts of Sasquatch sightings around this region of the Kootenays. He has compiled and compared stories, finding correlations between them and patterns, with areas of more activity, recognizable individual Sasquatch, UFO frequent routes and various curious cryptids.”

”It is no coincidence if you find yourself again at Leo’s house to channel your written contribution for Book 3, as you wrote the first chapters of Book 1 in that very home. In the first paragraph of the first chapter of Book 1, you mentioned among other names given to my people, Babaloo; and the next morning, there was a little boy named Babaloo in the house, as a confirmation.”

”As you know, it has been happening fast and wide, as you found yourself talking about Sasquatch in the most unlikely places, like grocery stores and at work, even at border crossings to custom guards, finding many people who show a great interest to learn and understand more of my Sasquatch People.”

”This brought you the inspiration, under our guidance, to organize a first international extension of our event in Chewelah, the Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Gathering, in Slocan, BC, on October 21st. Kewaunee and Kelly joined as international team of ambassadors of my Sasquatch People to Humanity. Without knowing at first, the date you gathered was one day after the fiftieth anniversary of the famous Patterson-Gimlim footage in Bluff Creek, California, which made us Sasquatch known worldwide.”

”Everything on that day ranged really high, audience, energy, mood, interest, frequency, consciousness. It was a successful gathering, inspiring and educative for many, which might very well happen again. One year earlier, to the very day, you three had a first booth together at the Okanagan Family Faire.”

”The place nearby, known as Sasquatch Lake, so called for a famous series of sightings there in 1960, that prompted adventurers to put up expeditions attempting to catch Sasquatch, needless to say in vain, sure sounded like an interesting location for you to visit, especially after you met a man who saw the famed white Elder living there, that you had heard about from previous accounts, namely from the local Native Sinixt Elders, whose tribe had a long history of interactions with this white Sasquatch Elders.”

”The signs posted warned that the forest road was closed ahead, but you stubbornly drove until you were turned back by the crew changing the bridge. You wanted to leave offerings and connect with the white Elder, whom you knew was an Eldest Elder of the Sasquatch. So he heard your soul’s sincerity.”

”The next night, sitting in the backyard, you heard a series of noises like bunches of big branches being broken, followed by a very loud thump that made you think the wooden fence had been thrown down. You thought it was the bear who often visits this backyard, but it sounded so heavy, you got afraid and ran inside the house. The following three nights, you saw the bear who was much smaller than you had thought, sneaking around silently in the dark, to avoid being noticed. Then, you realized that it was not a bear you had heard the first night and found sixteen inches Sasquatch footprints in the woods behind.”

”That was this white Elder visiting you, a relative of mine, whom you have communicated with since. He is now asking to take part in this transmission, and to talk through you at this point of our message. I must warn you that Limptbataook, Strong Earth Medicine, as he wants you to call him, has his own way of teaching and a particular sense of humor, that should not be taken personally, as you noticed. So here, I am passing the talking torch to this relative of mine, before he grabs it off my hands! Ha ha!”

Chapter Y

Limptbataook, the white hermit and Eldest Elder of the local Sasquatch clans, started speaking loudly.

”Oh! Well. Hail! My wise great grand cousin Kamooh, whom I would never contest for his greater wit, even as he presents me with such great flattery and elogious comments, showing his admiration for me. I do not possess your admirable patience to wait for my turn, as very few of ours are still older than me. Sasquatch are supposed to be suffiently evolved in Soul not to fall into the Alpha Male game syndrome. We understand that we do not have to be the Eldest of all Elders like you to also have something to say. Yes, I know it is not a conversation between Sasquatch, but meant for Humanity, this is why I step in. Because I have a few words for this Little Brother of yours; yes right, of ours; if he can stand listening.”

”First of all Little Man, I heard you thinking for days when you were planning to come visit me at the lake, and I tried to ask you: Why would you bother to come? I understand the good intentions, offerings and chants you meant to share with me, as if I needed any of this to come trouble my silence and quiet. Think about it for a moment, why would interdimensional Elders be in need of food, stones or trinkets? Do you not know that we can materialize our thought-forms directly from tapping into Alter-Matter?”

”Us Sasquatch are not wild beast to be habituated or tricked by bites of crappy treats, and the ones who try to approach us this way make me laugh, as we might pick the bait if we want, leaving them no trace, or even funnier, we might just give it to our many forest friends, the bears, raccoons, squirrels or birds. Just like those of yours who try to classify my people into cryptozoology, as if we were unknown animals, only expose their ignorance about us Sasquatch, most often thinking we are wild giant apes.”

”Next thing Little Man, after you tried to make it to Sasquatch Lake but could not, it is with the advise of my cousin Kamooh that I agreed to visit where you stay. He has so much Love and esteem for you. So, I came to teach you a lesson of politeness, that since I can manifest if I wish in your backyard, you do not have to come enquire for me in my resting abode, the sacred land of my ancestors that I protect.”

”Then Little Man, I read your mind embracing the secret intention to capture photos of me if you could. I know my cousin Kamooh and other relatives have agreed to this, but I do not fall in the selfie culture. I am that old wild hermit and caretaker of sacred sites that would turn your images into fuzz if you try.”

”The next thing I must tell you Little Man, you are pretty much on the wimpy side, for what you claim. I came to where you stay, having heard from my cousin Kamooh that you know our People very well. Without wanting to contradict his truth, his Love for you influenced him in exaggerating your aptitude. Just like he did when he first sat to communicate with you, I projected the sound of breaking branches and a nice loud thump, and that was enough to send you running off, even when thinking it was a bear.”

”If you got this much afraid in the backyard, for a supposedly experienced communicator, how would you have reacted if I had surprised you this way in the wild woods, where there is no house to hide in? I thought you knew better and would not be surprised by this very common little trick of ours, when you cannot find any broken trees or branches afterward, and the fence was left standing and untouched. You knew already that we can project those sounds in space through imitation and suggestion, but you reacted out of the fear instinct of your reptilian brain and your ego felt insecure and frightened. This makes me feel like you are just a little crying kid, when a trickster uncle is loud or pinches you.”

”You saw a cougar one night in the backyard, who stopped to look at you in the eyes for some seconds. You did not feel fear, as you have made peace with the cougar spirit in your last encounter this summer, when you learned to communicate and calm down an angry cougar, with empathy and compassion. Now you still have to learn to face and calm down an angry Sasquatch, as we also can be, just like you. And why would we not be, while your Human People are destroying our home-planet and all its life?”

”For you, the name Sasquatch Lake sounds exotic and attractive for your curiosity, but for us Sasquatch it is the place our collective memory remembers for some of the most intensive group hunts to find us. When the word came out in your newspapers in 1960 of my Sasquatch People living there, business men and hunters organized expeditions to try to capture some of my Forest People, dead or alive.”

”Those fools never caught more of one of us than a quick rare scary glimpse and oftentimes, our angry screams or the rocks we threw near them were enough to make them run away, like terrified puppies. The two who were most frequently seen in this valley were myself, Limptbataook, and that eleven foot tall grey Sasquatch cousin of mine you have heard of, because as clan leaders, we protect our country.”

”We took our children to safety in nearby mountain caves, but we had to protect our sacred ancestral burials from those idiots who had not the slightest idea of who we are, yet were trying to hunt us down. Those ignorant were of the next generation of colonists after those who nearly exterminated your local Native tribes, with horrible accounts of gunning down in the middle of the night some innocent and peaceful families resting in their homes. The Sinixt tribe you have met was declared extinct in 1946 by federal government, but the survivors are still struggling for the official recognition of their existence.”

”The Sinixt knew my Sasquatch People well; we could live side by side in good terms, respecting each other’s villages and sacred sites, with occasional encounters between ours and their medicine people. This is not a coincidence if their ancient village of pit houses that you visited, sat at the mouth of Lemmon Creek, which flows down from Sasquatch Lake and has been a trail of interspecies relations. The Sinixt call us Skwenyten in their language; they say in their stories that we used to communicate in telepathy in the past, but with time most Humans lost that ability and their contact with us; so we asked Creator for an articulate language to talk with Humans, which was partly granted to us so that we can learn your words and use them for you to understand us easier, but we do not use words for ourselves.”

”So, you understand that at my age, which is not as ancient as old Kamooh, but yet enough honorable, that I miss that time long gone when we could trust Humans and approach them without being shot at. To commemorate their bold but unsuccessful hunt at Sasquatch Lake, some of the adventurers took the image of a Sasquatch as logo for their brewery and have kept using it since, as a beer carrying mascot. This is an insult to my people, as if we were those stupid drunkards whose reaction when they see the image is most often of ignorant laughter and a false sense of superiority over Elders they know not of.”

”Now you can understand why a Sasquatch can feel angry at Humans, because we are empaths, we can hear whatever nonsense your people can come up with, so most often it feels better to just shut it off. Now, my cousin Kamooh is patting on my shoulder, trying to calm me down and remain diplomatic. But I do not have his tenderness of heart, which gracefully allows me to continue on, as he will not stop me from yelling my truth, even if it can disturb some who take us for the primitive primates they are.”

”Those dumb-mesticated naked apes, dressed in other animals’ skins or hair and killing forests to make shelters to survive the elements, who let their black-robed priests and their white-robed doctors chop off the foreskin of their sons at an age before they can consent, as if it was a mistake from Nature, allowing the dark cabal to mark its cattle, are their masters’ pets depending on toys they are fed with. They hide their cowardice behind killing machines, they see as their greatest power and achievement.”

”Now again, my cousin Kamooh plays his trick on me with his mind, although I remain polite and kind. Yet, it gives me some hope that some, like you, have been learning enough to talk with us once again. My cousin Kamooh has asked me to spare you with my lashing correctional and lecturing tone; it is not to sound moralistic or paternalistic, but to teach you to detach from the defensive fear of your ego. Because as fantastic and special as you think you can be, you still have so so much to learn Little Man.”

”I am not here to praise your qualities and achievements or flatter your ego, as my cousin Kamooh who has such a dear affection for you enjoys doing, because you are his distant offsprings; but as a spiritual Uncle, I rather come to whip your poor will, break your frail ego and test your courage into seeing your own weaknesses, shadows, pride, doubts, fears and insecurity, that you must still work to heal from. The greatest courage resides in taming your own interior demons; then you can be fearless with others.”

”First you must learn to face and pacify a Sasquatch who looks like angry, even if only acting, if you are later to be able to face peacefully other even more powerful beings, in higher interspecies relations. If you think a Sasquatch looks or feels frightening, whether or not it is because he has raised his voice, or simply for his appearance, size or strength, then there are many other intelligent species in the cosmos and even within this Earth that you are not ready to meet, meaning you are not ready yet for open interspecies spiritual communications and peaceful relations with other intelligent life forms.”

”How could you sit in Council with your Star Elders, who have the most diverse strangest appearances, if you cannot sit comfortably and fearless with your Sasquatch Elders who are your closest relatives? Not all of us Sasquatch have the patience and softness of heart of my cousin Kamooh, but we all grow. If some like me sound rude and unpleasant because you are afraid of me, imagine how you would react if one of your friends ran away from you like you did to me, just after asking insistently to meet me. This is your false ego and reptilian-brain-based fear, cutting you from progress. If you are afraid of any being, a bear, a wolf, a cougar, a Sasquatch, how can you hope having peaceful interspecies relations.”

”Since us Sasquatch can read past and future through the 3D Hyperspace of Alter-Matter in your aura, reflected outside 4D linear time, from the 2D Meta-Universe of One Time-Space, we can see things in your soul that you do not see yourself. I see in your life path that you have been well guided and taught, trained in creating peaceful relations and networks among your Human People, in mediating, in conflict resolutions, in helping people with psychiatric trauma, imbalance, some influenced by negative entities. With this experience in developing your skills, now come try to pacify the angry Sasquatch and aliens.”

”So, the next time I came to visit you, again in an invisible form, I walked softly toward you, not to frighten you, and you saw my sixteen inches footprints appear, as if the dried leaves were blown away. You knew it was me, because you felt my soul, but also by the footprints that are the energetic signatures we most often leave behind, acting as telepathic portals with whoever comes to see them. This is why we are still very careful as to where we leave footprints, most often leaving only a few and as you have seen many times, our footprints are often faint and meant to vanish soon after being left.”

”So, you see Little Man, I am not at all the monster that many of your ignorant people so popularily depict, just because I stood as a warrior to defend my family and homeland from violent aggressors, like your Native tribes, who did not all survive the invasion of their homelands by the colonialist terror. If there is anything you can tell your people from me, let them know that we are people with hearts too. We have emotions, we can be hurt by disrespect or aggression; but we are peaceful with all life forms.”

”I can also be tender and delicate, although I am being told that these are not my strongest qualities. Honestly, I like to act as an angry old hermit prefering to avoid all contacts, but I am in fact just acting. Every good tribe has its sacred clown who bypasses protocols and good manners to deliver teachings.”

”This has been my mark among Sasquatch People: my caustic sarcasm biting where it hurts the most. Yet, is it more a character that I play for fun, than my true personality, as it impresses younger learners. It amuses me to make people jump in surprise and run away in fear, just to be the joker, the ego poker. This habit became a fun hobby for me, when those overly proud hunters launched their war against us. I just had to say: ‘Booh!’ and they all went running into hiding with their guns; it was funny to watch.”

”When we were trying to communicate in telepathy the other night, I say ‘trying’ Little Man, because honestly, you are so slow to hear and do not understand very well what I tell you, making me wonder: How could my cousin Kamooh have been so patient with you all this time? Just like with my name, he had to translate for you because you kept missing it, which made me lose patience and hope you would get it, especially after you tried to come to Sasquatch Lake, when I had told you not to come bother me. But now, taking your defense, he says that it is because of me who do not speak an articulate language. It took a missing bridge and a working crew to turn you back, as you were not clairvoyant enough to foresee that the road was closed in spite of posted signs. Yet, I had tried to warn you of wrong timing.”

”I am not your relative and fan, like young Bolo’Bolo, who enjoys posing for selfies for the crowds and singing your songs, although he looks and sounds below average decency, if you want my opinion, and even if you do not want it, I will give it to you for free, as polite protocol is not my biggest concern. Kamooh tells me to spare him too, messaging me to skip the poking and lashing you two well deserve. Since I will never contradict my cousin even if we rarely agree, I will continue my account of that time, when I saw you were distracted by a conversation on your electronic device with a friend far from you. Martha Louise, I found out then in linear time, is one of several friends you have assisted in developing their connection with us Sasquatch. She was visited by my cousin Kamooh and met local clan Elders.”

”Since us Sasquatch can read auras in 3D outside of linear time, we can know about someone’s life in an instant; if we look deep enough in their aura, we see their past incarnations and spiritual evolution. This is a level of etheric telepathy much deeper than a simple communication in virtual linear timeline. We can also travel in 3D Hyperspace as fast as the extent of expansion of our consciousness, so we can bi-locate and even multi-locate if we wish. When I met through you in your linear timeline, your friend in Manitoba who hears my people talk, I admit I was curious and projected an alter-body double, which she saw appear in front of her. Then, as I like to do, I poked her and she saw sparkles of light glitter. That is when she received a large download of information to process and transmit at her own speed. Such information downloads are 2D holographic files, given to be read and decoded in 4D linear time.”

”After this conversation with you Little Man, you at least succeeded in changing my mind about you. You had enough courage to face an old Sasquatch acting like mad and to endure my dimishing insults to test your ego, with a smile in your eyes. I conceed that you passed this easy test in my plain view, but there will be many more and harder ones to overcome, for which you need to get braver and strong. You may be one of those rare few who have started to reconnect with us Sasquatch, but you still are a long ways away from being ready to be an ambassador of Humanity in the Council of our Star Elders.”

”I could keep rambling on for a long time, as I have not spoken to any Human who made some sense in many of your generations, and I was seen only by a handful, apart from those monsters who hunted us. The English language you use to transcribe my thoughts, is a new interesting experience for my mind. As an imperial language that has spread worldwide through colonialism and has been simplified in its modern form for easier learning, it has become the best language to reach out to Humanity globally.”

”So, now I have come to enjoy this conversation, which is a strange behavior for an old grouchy hermit. Although the process of putting information downloads and thoughts into spoken, and even worse, written words, is a long painful operation requiring too much patience for an old wild hermit like me, us old Sasquatch have a lot of time outside of your limited, short and quick, 4D Human linear timeline. But you Humans have such a short life span and memory, that you should not waste any of it on futility. If any of your people understand that life’s purpose is the evolution of consciousness through the souls’ experiences, then I did not waste my time in talking to them through you, so I can keep adding more.”

”But my cousin Kamooh is reminding me that this message of ours is for all of Humanity and I should not abuse your time with personal considerations regarding my heart’s feelings, finally being released. Now, it is with a certain sadness that I see my time to speak come to an end, just as I finally start to feel comfortable to call you Little Brother and honor you as a relative of ours and a Human ambassador.”

”You see, even an old Sasquatch Elder can still learn from interspecies spiritual and peaceful relations. Though I can see way further in the distance of space or through past and future than you can imagine, an experience of interspecies relations in your dimensional linear timeline brings new understanding. This is why the 4D linear space-time physical continuum exists and we do cherish and honor this plane. Because it is the plane of creation in evolution, through experience of existence by consciousness.”

”My cousin Kamooh who can explain these things in better terms than me, is now the one who is trying to take back the talking torch from me, not with his hand, but with his thoughts sounding so loud, that they are are silencing mine. Since he smiles as I speak, he will kindly allow me to say one more thing, that he will not like me to say; so as he signs me to cut it short with his resplendent lovely smile, I will hurry to speak up before you are done and relieved from hearing this grouchy cousin, the white hermit.”

”Because of his great humility, Kamooh has never let you know that we are of the lineage of Hanuman and Sun Wukong, who were venerated as deities, even worshipped as gods, by your ancient cultures. Kamooh’s father was Maasaw, who lived here after the sinking of Lemuria with your distant ancestors. Maasaw had already reached the hall of immortals and sat with the Star Council of Eldest Elders, while Kamooh was still a young Sasquatch, as he has himself attained in recent times since you know him. This is why everything now becomes full circle and seems so connected in your evolutionary course.”

”So, now that I have spoken more than I should and my cousin Kamooh has been patiently waiting, this old white hermit known as Limptbataook, Strong Earth Medicine, will let my wiser cousin take over. Before I say something else I should not, like revealing a family secret or an unsuited joke, I shut up. And if I am not nice enough by not saying goodbye, it is because we never part in 3D Hyperspace, only in 4D linear timelines, giving an illusion of separation, while we remain connected in consciousness.”

After I finished transcribing these lines, Limptbataook walked by with the sound of breaking branches and knocked a few times on the barn, as his way to let me know he had finished speaking, for now… The following day he insisted to speak some more, joking and laughing, as he had appreciated our talk. Kamooh tried to moderate his volubility, reminding Limptbataaok that this transcription work must be done in mutual respect and agreement, for the greater good of all. To signify my friendhsip with the white hermit, I accepted to transmit his Post Scriptum, which Kamooh allowed me to partly censor.

”Well, Little Man, yes, Brother, I see you will not share here everything that I have been telling you. But tell your friend Kelly, yes right, our friend, that I forgive her for jokingly calling me ‘Limpy’. She only meant to have a good laugh at my expense, which I also like to do, so I understand very well; us Sasquatch can take jokes. She caught me off guard, without a reply, which is unusual for this old hermit used to see folks coming from way far, so I acted as if I refused to talk to her; that was my own joke. She sure is a smart Little Woman for your kind. It must be because of the Sasquatch genes she carries.”

”But you Little Man, never mind the ‘Brother’, I do not find it funny at all that you laughed hard when she called me Limpy. That name suits you better, or better yet: ‘Wimpy’, as I earlier so justly suggested. And if Kamooh was not standing in the way, I would crack another branch in your ears, as a lesson. Yes, I understand, as fun as it is, my time to joke around has expired in this timeline. But I will return! This old hermit has white hair, sign of wisdom, but yet do not forget I have a dark face, my hidden side. Us Sasquatch have a lot more time than you; what is like a long wait for you is a short instant for us. So, since I am not patient and do not like to wait, I simply jump from time to time in your timeline. Expect me when you least expect me; you are now warned that my greatest fun is to make you jump!”

When I decided to cut it short, I heard Limptbataook chuckling to himself and his heavy footsteps run toward me; he saw with a mixture of disappointment and satisfaction that I was not surprised this time. He left singing and dancing in the night, like a drunk or an acting clown, happy he had been heard.

Chapter Z

On this next channeling session, Kamooh told me that we would now transcribe his most important teachings for spiritual warriors and healers in the times coming, as the conclusion of this third book of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity, co-authored by channelers the Sasquatch Elders have gathered.

”Greetings, my dear Little Brother. I am pleased to see that you could appreciate the very peculiar sense of humor of my relative Limptbataook, who does not stand out for his skills in diplomacy as much as he does for his lack of delicatesse. Since we have teased each other back and forth for thousands of your years, although I used to protect and educate him when he was just a young kid (seeing the results does not make me proud as an educator), we got used to bear each other’s remonstrances and pokes, as I too can have a funny sense of humor, that at times can strike; but nothing close to my little cousin’s. His childishness is not due to him turning senile, but rather because he has kept his juvenile character.”

”Yet it is not my role to play the monkey clown or the grim hermit, so I have left this to Limptbataook. He excels in his role and never stops amazing me with how deep he can dive in his caustic sarcasm. And he laughs as he hears these words, as Elder Sasquatch have learned not to take any joke personally. We respect each other in our differences and roles, as we are all connected through our Greater Soul. Sasquatch do not need names to recognize other individuals; we give you some for the convenience.”

”My mission rather consists in addressing serious issues and explaining higher knowledge to Humans. Our main long term objective is to re-educate Humanity in peaceful interspecies relations, starting with us Sasquatch, your Elder Brother and closest relative, teaching you to respect all forms of lives you consider as inferior, and honor as well higher forms of intelligence, like that of our Star Elders Council. Of course, I am only one of many teachers working within our Council of Sasquatch and Star Elders. You have met several others by now, as have other Human ambassadors you have connected with.”

”We now want to bring your focus on ways to bring global healing and counteract negative energies. When our Star Elders decide to develop spiritual consciousness on a given home-planet, they install vast networks of frequency harmonizers, telepathic transmitters and other healing devices along natural ley lines and vortices, to energize those power points with free energy amplifiers programmed with high consciousness wisdom, while empowering a planetary energy grid harnessed by their civilization.”

”These devices made of rods, conical, pyramidal, spherical, cylindrical or parabolic shaped parts, programmed crystals, magnetic and meteoric stones like shungite or moldavite, charged magnets, orgonite, prisms, and coils, spirals and rings of conductive metals like copper or gold, use universal conscious technologies, acting as antennas tapping into the natural energy flow and funneling it, in harmless, non-polluting, sustainable ways, while harmonizing natural frequencies with healing virtues. These environmentally friendly devices can be programmed with information transmitted on waves.”

”Ancient Human cultures from India, South Africa, Australia, Arizona, Peru, have known these sacred devices left on Earth by those from the heavens above, often called talking, singing or ringing stones. They were disposed along telluric ley lines, forming the nervous system of Mother Earth, that the Aboriginal Australian call the ‘song lines’ of the Rainbow Serpent, and the Chinese, the ‘dragon lines’.”

”The ringing stones, called Chintamani in Sanskrit, act as transmitting antennas connected to the grid. Their purpose is to protect the harmony of frequencies and empower magnetic fields for all life forms. As your science is now discovering, frequencies like sounds for instance, when tuned and harmonized precisely to create a specific resonance, can create complex geometric patterns in malleable substances, make objects levitate, boil water or make it levitate in a ball, cause molecular structures to transform, to melt hard rock or turn it into an easily malleable substance, as seen in ancient megalithic monuments.”

”Tuned frequencies can also produce wireless electricity, in vortices acting as interdimensional portals, that can be directed to harness plasma as a quasi infinite source of power, also known as St-Elmo’s fire. This is why the word ‘pyramid’ means ‘fire in its mid’, because their shape channels a range of waves of various frequencies to converge and cross at its apex, opening portals for plasma to merge with matter.”

”When electromagnetic waves of any frequencies are tuned and paired to be synchronized, the portals they open at their crossing point blink in and out of existence at the rate of the frequency of the waves. When waves are tuned in alternating pairs, they are called scalar waves and maintain portals opened. The ever present infinite reservoir and ever flowing stream of free energy in its many forms through the cosmos can be made available only through the understanding of cosmic interdimensional connectivity. Tesla insisted that we must understand the waves, emanating from the 2D, to understand the universe.”

”Acting as antennas capting waves of diverse frequencies, or as focal points for plasma to condense, like the masts of sail boats or the druidic and shamanic staffs, that could capture the plasmic flow into a glowing hazy cloud of ionized electrons that consciousness can direct for various uses, pyramids, obelisks, crystals, rings, dorje or vajra, and other geometrical devices, tune frequencies into free energy. They are conscious quantum devices programmed to turn waves of possibilities into manifested energy. Sacred geometry takes a wider dimension when the interactions of physical matter with subtle planes is considered in the equation; some shapes or patterns make ripples in magnetic fields and auras around.”

”In the same way molecules give by their arrangements its geometrical shape to the crystal, the crystal shapes the magnetic fields surrounding it and by extension, the way particles around it behave or react. Magnetic fields infuence not only physical health, but also moods in general, and the psychic potential. Interacting with consciousness, magnetic fields have effects on many planes, like the etheric and astral. Magnetic fields can, for instance, prevent interdimensional beings to come in, or to go from a place.”

”When sacred geometry symbols known as ‘yantra’ are activated with sound vibrations such as mantras, it amplifies the ripple effect of moving form or ‘mudra’, that makes the fabrics of the life web or ‘tantra’. The yantra is a 2D image, storing information or plan from the conceptual plane of the Meta-Universe, the mantra acts as waves of many frequencies emanating from the Unified Field into 3D Hyperspace, the mudra is the mass of particles of 3D Alter-Matter taking form and making shapes in 4D linearity, and the real meaning of the word tantra refers to the cosmic symbiosis or harmonious interconnection. The healing devices of our Star Elders are operating on at least these three dimensions and often more.”

”Those free energy transmitters and frequency tuners were conceived to pass the test of time and last. Acting as interdimensional portals, by channeling waves of various frequencies and directing them to cross in nexus points, creating electrical discharges bridging different dimensional continuums, they tap into the vast reservoir of Alter-Matter, condensing it into ionic plasma, providing quasi infinite power.”

”Some accounts from various witnesses describe strange machinery sounds like humming, buzzing or pulsations coming from under mountains, where Sasquatch and Star Elders maintain such receptacles. Some have survived previous downfalls and are still protected; most were destroyed by lower lords. One night spent high on the Misti Volcano in Peru, you heard noises of heavy machinery and engines coming from underground, but you knew from local Native teachings that this is a city of lower lords.”

”When the Earth was an active galactic outpost of the Star Elders Council, highly advanced spiritual civilizations with large megalithic megalopolis, sophisticated machinery and fleets of star ships were entirely powered by harmoniously harnessing free energy flow from its most abundant natural sources. This seems far out of reach for Humanity, but you are reaching a level of technology where you can either make terrible choices causing your doom, or wiser ones that can lead you out of decaying chaos.”

”This is the first level of planetary civilization any species can reach, by first stop fighting over non-renewable resources and stop destroying the ecosystems with unsustainable technologies, to then start focusing efforts and resources into developing non-polluting free energy systems available for all. What keeps Humanity from reaching this goal necessary for the continuation of your evolution, is the grip from the uncivilization of the lower lords and the powers they control, keeping you into the outdated decadent age of the nuclear, fossil fuels and electric transmission lines, destroying our Earth. This is why researchers and innovators in free energy technologies, like Tesla, are attacked by them. Edison went as far as executing animals in public electrocutions, to prevent Humanity from adopting Tesla’s much more efficient alternative current over the overly polluting direct current he was pushing.”

”Over ages upon aeons of long evolution, the planetary civilizations that successively operated and occupied the galactic outposts on Earth were in their turn mixtures of Fish-People, Ant-People, Lizard-People, Bird-People and us Mammal-People, my Sasquatch People, along with the multitude of diverse visitors from distant star systems and galaxies you know not of, that had the most diverse appearances. All of those civilizations, like Human civilizations, had their periods of enlightenment and downfall. Many of those Elder Brother hybrid species have survived in underground cities as intraterrestrials.”

”In spite of their longer and heavier collective karmas than Humanity has had the time to experience, they are not to be seen as enemies, even if too often some of their general practices need to be avoided. If they are to be approached, and at some point it becomes necessary for your collective healing, it is to be in a spirit of peaceful interspecies relations, with respect and intention for both parties’ advancement. Humanity must now learn interspecies peaceful relations with species that have influenced its destiny, to free itself from bondages and negative outside influences, and to heal long term lingering karmas.”

”There are certain locations in the underworld that are the abode of highly spiritually evolved beings. But there are also some zones that are kept under control by lower powers, which maintain their grip through technological manipulation and telepathic suggestions, using harmful practices of cabal magic. Those deep underground bases for occult operations have introduced your Human agencies to take part. In their darkest corners, genetic experiments and soul trapping are conducted, creating ugly local hells. Since some Humans are also involved in those evil ways, the situation is part of your collective karma.”

”Look at Humanity for instance; who are the good and the bad guys? The American or the Russian? The Chinese or the Japanese? The Arab or the Jew? All of them can either act in compassion and peace to make a better world for all to share or in hatred and violence to perpetrate endless wars and injustice. None is all good nor all bad. As long as you keep feeding ennemity and conflicts by blaming the others, you can never resolve the misunderstandings causing opposition and aggravating the collective karma.”

”When you visited Crystal Falls, after the conference in Chewelah, you found very ancient remnants of a megalithic center, with giant rock faces, effigy monuments, walls of large squared blocks with square angles, inscriptions of different eras, some of geometric glyphs, and various other anomalous ruins. With Kelly, Shakara and Brady, the other Sasquatch ambassadors you explored the place with, you felt like you remembered the site well and helped building it in Sasquatch bodies, in previous incarnations.”

”Soon after you arrived, you saw the alter-body of a Lizard-Person run close by, a four foot tall shadow. A little further on the trail, near a megalithic portal, a Lizard-Person appeared on two photos you took. You realized that this ancient megalithic complex, like the pyramids in nearby Chewelah, were originally built by highly advanced Lizard-People, with whom Sasquatch lived in some distant time. There are still some of them who live to this day in underground refuges, below those ancient sites.”

”While staring at one of the different giant stone faces in the river, this one resembling a Lizard-People, one of them started to communicate to you in telepathy. He explained that their civilization was one that lasted the longest time on Earth and has known many periods of high consciousness and harmony, also ages of wars, destruction, witchcraft, decadence and downfall, like most civilizations experience. He told you that the beginning of their downfall came with the overuse of fossil fuels, that emptied the reserves from prior eras and poisoned their atmosphere with synthetic molecules and toxic substances.”

”Added with the radioactive contamination from their intensive use of nuclear energy and the genetic manipulations they practiced over generations, they decimated their ecosystems and caused multiple mutations, transforming their planetary environment into an infernal post-apocalyptic dark nightmare. Those Lizard-People were not destroyed by enemies nor by unavoidable cataclysms, they were the only responsible of their own doom. So their collective memory tends to carry this karma along and pass it on to other species they live close to, like Humanity replicating the same detrimental behaviors. Because many of the souls of reptilians are trapped into karmic jails, they feed on external energies and draw the souls they can into their collective hellish realities, to sustain their false sense of superiority.”

”The only way to approach them that can be beneficial is with compassion to help them free themselves from ancestral collective karma-created hells, and move on from their stall into soul evolution process. But of the Lizard-People who have evolved into higher consciousness to council with the Star Elders, like this one who was warning you of the dangers Humanity now faces by imitating the reptilian karma, whom had visited you last winter, have become spiritual masters who can provide helping guidance.”

”To avoid and counteract the negative influences and disturbances caused by control technologies, Star Elders use healing devices like frequency harmonizers to create surrounding protective magnetic fields. They are useful and successful in neutralizing negative energies, namely when meeting heavier entities. Programming high consciousness messages into transmissions, they uplift collective souls and auras. Devices are installed in a network of sacred sites, sometimes underground, where they are activated. Over the course of ages, through invasions from contrary forces, some were deactivated or destroyed. This caused great imbalance and chaos, amplified by the negative control grid that was implanted.”

”But those healing devices and free energy technologies still exist and they are precious important keys to unlock a karma-free future for Humanity, to heal its behaviors and realign with the Cosmic Order. You have been shown and explained first hand examples of such environmental healing technologies, frequency harmonizers, wave tuners, telepathic consciousness transmitters, plasma grounders and such. It is no coincidence if it is at the Spiritual Sasquatch Retreat in Chewelah, where we had gathered you, that you connected with a group of Light workers from this continent and one from Australia, that both use networks of environmental healing devices to clear chemtrails, energy blockages and old karmas.”

”You contributed in connecting both networks of magnetizers and energizers on each side of the globe, to help reestablish the planetary grid our Star Elders and your ancient civilizations maintained and used. We guide you to understand the importance of healing the planetary natural energy grid, to bring Peace. Ceremonies, prayers, offerings, meditation in sacred sites, are some ways to tap into and feed the web. But, since some destructive and harmful technologies control this world, learning about healing tools, free energy technologies and magnetic fields enhancers is an efficient way to bring real lasting change.”

”It is as well a crucial step in your evolution at this point, to help you solve your unsustainability issues. It is also your best asset to counteract the effects of detrimental technologies being used against you and the environments, to keep you submissive, unhealthy, mind controlled and easily manipulated. Some of those deadly technologies are used by Humans who received them from their alien overlords. But some are also being operated secretly by non-Human parties, to keep dumbing down Humanity.”

”You hear increasingly about beam weapons or directed energy weapons, various versions of the Tesla death ray, that use ultrasounds, psychotronics, microwaves, gigawaves, laser rays, positrons, or plasma. They can precisely smash, harass, irradiate, crush, fry, pulverize or petrify any selected distant target. Governments covertly use those weapons in wars, for crowd control and for weather manipulation.”

”Just recently, the midnight firestorms that suddenly burst in several locations of Northern California, leaving many dead and missing, with thousands of buildings turned to dust and charred vehicles, while they were surrounded with standing green trees and untouched plastic bins, are the results of beam tech. They are not without reminding the series of orchestrated so-called ‘wildfires’ in Alberta and BC in the last couple of years, which we have mentioned before as part of a dark secret agenda to clear the path for pipelines and mines, while pushing your Native tribes and us Sasquatch out of the corporate way.”

”The increasing number of monster storms or hurricanes always breaking new records by their strength, that devastated in 2017 the southern USA and the Caribbean Islands, sweeping some islands clean from their entire population, with the real numbers of victims unrevealed and covered up, are direct results of such technologies used for weather warfare. Even one of your renowned scientist, Michio Kaku, recently admitted publicly on television of the practices of weather manipulation, using Extra-Low to Extra-High Frequency microwaves and gigawaves projected in the ionosphere, aerosol spraying known as chemtrails and high density beams like lasers, to manipulate climate, create and fuel monster storms. Either the famed scientist has joined the ranks of whistle-blowers, pejoratively called ‘conspiracy theorists’, or time of disclosing truth has come. Lies, denial and disinformation will not work anymore.”

”Likewise, healing technologies can be focused and directed to any individual, group, place or region. Devices can be programmed to harmonize sites and liberate souls therein, in subtle unnoticed influence. So, as the lower lords and their powers bombard this Earth with death rays and destructive control grid, a few selected Light warriors are starting to flood the planet with healing, uplifting, energizing rays. Time has come to join their ranks and get actively involved in the great healing of collective karmas. Every ancient or new tool that can help and accelerate the healing process is worthy of consideration.”

”This is the beginning of the reestablishment of the dharmic ways of the Star Elders Council on Earth. Positive thinking is a good first step, but it must be followed by positive actions, with concrete results. The awakening of your consciousness to interdimensionality, starting with the actual transition from the 4D linear space-time of the physical plane into the 5D Toroidal Para-Universe of circular time-space, frees your souls from the limits of the persisting illusions of materialism and temporality of this plane. This knowledge needs now to be applied to the tools and technologies making your new civilization.”

”Portals can be opened in many ways, to bridge dimensional planes, through selected quantum leaks. Portals open and close naturally all the time where waves cross; NASA is studying these occurrences. For a portal to remain opened, alternate waves must be directed to intersect in a linking point or nexus. Scalar waves can be produced by tuning any waves, including sounds, in an alternating steady pattern. It can be achieved with sacred geometry using fractals of cosmic proportions replicated in receptacles. Waves can be of a wide variety on the scales of frequencies, lengths and amplitudes, whether telluric currents like the Earth’s natural infrasound vibration of 7.8 hertz, known as the Schummann resonance, or electric currents, sound frequencies, radio waves, radiations or the Cosmic Ray of neutrinos flow.”

”Portals can be opened artificially by sending successive scalar waves to cross in a fixed point or nexus. This is used in quantum computers, in which those nexus are interdimensional portals called qubits, as units of quantum bits, in reference to the cubits which were the units of measurement for pyramids which had the potential to create portals at their apex; especially if coated with gold, in which case they also collect rare monoatomic gold from the atmosphere, one of the most magnetic substance in the cosmos, used for its healing properties in the god’s ambrosia, nectar of longevity and of immortality. Monoatomic gold is one of the purest substance, that magnetizes the body and aura when ingested. Pyramids of different eras of civilizations have their own cubit units, key to their mathematical codes.”

”In the case of quantum computing, the artificial portals or qubits, in which particles or quantum bits switch in and out of existence at an exceedingly fast rate, allow information to be processed on different dimensional levels at once, outpacing by far any conventional processing in linear timeline. This sure is a great discovery, but its applications are wrongly used to tap into the Alter-Universe and extract its energy to power artificial intelligence machines that can re-edit reality as we have known it.”

”These qubits, bridging the actual 4D timelines with dimensions beyond linear time, allow quantum computers to edit information in the past, explaining the divergence of realities into parallel timelines. They can reformat retroactively the holographic projections of Meta-Matter particles containing the information making the fabrics of the cosmos and its history, so archives and memories are rewritten into a different version of reality or parallel timelines, into a simulation comparable to a virtual matrix. Particle colliders or synchrotrons can also open similar portals and are generally operated by artificial intelligence and quantum computers, all working together in twisting and remodeling the continuums.”

”This phenomenon that came to be known worldwide as the Mandela Effect, is now being increasingly referred to as the Quantum Effect, as more understanding emerges, following speculations and theories. You witnessed first hand this last winter a striking example of this phenomenon of timelines distortion. When you went to the Hopi Prophecy Rock in March, your eyes were shocked at first glance by a large disgraceful graffiti etched on the sacred monument under the ancient inscriptions of prophetic wisdom.”

”You had visited the site the previous summer and several times over the last four decades and knew it well; never before was there any distasteful scratching profaning this sanctuary. You took a photo of it that you shared online, with you sadness and disappointment at the desecration of this holy place.”

”A few days later, you saw a video you had already seen of Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma, whom you had met in 1997 in his home at Hotevilla with the group of ten Europeans who flew from France with you. But this time, that same video from a decade earlier had changed from how you had seen it, and the same ugly graffiti was showing up on the sacred rock. At one point in the new parallel version of that re-edited timeline, Martin pauses and seems to wonder, saying that he visited the rock just two weeks earlier and that there was a third timeline that was removed. Then, surprised, he points at the graffiti and says that this is not supposed to be there. Yet, it was not the first time you saw that video. Your Hopi Uncle noticed the same glitch or timeline warp, minutes after you, without you telling him.”

”The fact that in this case, reality was re-edited retroactively, making ripples even into a video already published to the point of causing a reaction from Grandfather Martin is very impressive and significant. But even more significant is the subliminal message carried in the alterations, as in most similar cases. Prophecy Rock is where Maasaw met the Hopi and gave them their stone tablets containing all their instructions and prophecies, and where the Star Elders were taking White Bear who taught you, for flights on ships, as the last Human ambassador representing Humanity in the Council of Star Elders.”

”It is probably the most or second most important sacred site for the Hopi, comparable to the Sipapu. Yet, in the Hopi language, the words ‘makus dadavo’ normally translated as ‘prophecy’, signify more precisely a ‘life plan’, guidelines for a way of life with the most probable outcomes of choices we make. The petroglyph on Prophecy Rock shows the two roads we are asked to choose between, the road of unbalance bringing chaos and destruction, or the road of balance bringing Peace, harmony and healing. The first one is unsustainable and rushes toward self-destruction, while the second one is long lasting. Two fires will purify this fourth world of Humanity, one of consciousness and transformation, and the other one of unconsciousness and destruction. Both will take part in the great needed world cleansing.”

”Similar prophecies carry this same message, like the Seven Fires Prophecy that you learned from your beloved Anishnabe Grandfather William Commanda, saying sensibly the same concerning this choice. If we choose the wrong road, it will bring destruction, if we choose the right road, we will reach Peace. The Lakota teachings as expressed by the prophet Black Elk, also describe the good red road of healing medicines crossing the black road of sufferings and conflicts, and we stand constantly at the crossroad between the two, with the free will to choose where our next footstep will take us and on which road. The longer we follow the black road, the harder it is to get back on the red road; or inversely likewise.”

”These prophecies given to the ancient wise seers are not fixed timelines; they rather are guidelines and instructions received from higher sources to help Humans make better choices in writing their destiny. You can always transform your destiny individually or collectively, by making wiser choices to live by. But if the warnings of the wise ones are not heeded, careless living can cause disastrous consequences.”

”So, it is significant that the alteration of the timeline of the sacred Prophecy Rock was a profanation, showing that the forces behind the modified parallel timeline stand against the ancient sacred wisdom. This gross re-edition of that reality suggests subliminally that whatever powers are playing with time travel will not heed the warning or change their ways, even knowing they lead straight to destruction. They also subversively pretend that they can twist the natural laws and escape universal karmic laws.”

”Many ask us what will happen with the future of Humanity, as if it depended on us, but yet we can see. There will never be on planets of this dimensional density a time with perfect Peace or pure harmony. Existence in this linear 4D physical space-time continuum is made possible by electric polarity which in essence creates a diversity of magnetic fields and densities, that come to interfere when out of tune. As long as you evolve in this plane of duality, oppositions, frictions and conflicts are part of reality.”

”Planetary civilizations that have reached the first level, tapping harmoniously in their planet’s natural energy fields while respecting environments and preserving ecosystems, including the quality of life of its inhabitants, are at the beginning of their understanding of interdimensionality, you have yet to reach. On the second level, a stellar civilization understands interdimensional space-time travel and star gates, being able to tap in the energy fields of its star and to travel beyond its system and the speed of light. On the third level, a galactic civilization can travel anywhere in the cosmos, and back and forth in time, with the mastering of interdimensionality and Cosmic Laws allowing to navigate the many dimensions. In each successive level, the limitations of material space and ressources, and of linear temporality lose gradually their hold, as ever more advanced souls evolve into higher dimensional consciousness states.”

”The road is long before Humanity can reach the state of highly advanced spiritual galactic civilization. Yet, it is not given to all intelligent species on all planets, many chose ways bringing their termination. Even after reaching the first and second levels of planetary and stellar civilizations, different species regress and fall into destructive behaviors, that can eventually bring the end of their existing evolution.”

”Humanity in general is now following two parallel timelines, in the making of its collective destiny. As you now transition from the old passing paradigm of narrow-minded materialism in 4D linear temporality, to the emerging new fifth world in 5D circular time-consciousness, the two parallel timelines of Humanity will progressively split and diverge, having always less influence on each other.”

”In this fifth dimensional consciousness, you learn that your thoughts create ripple effects that influence reality around you, so you can become a conscious co-creator of your collective reality and destiny. Through telepathy, you can become an uplifting consciousness transmitter, channeling higher sources. Through circular time-consciousness in the 5D Toroidal Para-Universe, you can re-edit your collective destiny and even past karmas, by returning in consciousness to where healing is needed to be applied. You learn that the timeline you create is reality, so choose between doom or a spiritual star civilization.”

”You will end up where you are heading, if you keep advancing on your timeline in the direction of the destination you are aiming at. If you choose the path of doom and gloom, that is what you will obtain; but if you choose the path of healing and evolution, you will manifest that reality in your own timeline. Not all Humans will make the necessary change to escape doom, and very few will join our Star Elders. Do not be concerned about the karmas others bring upon themselves, but rather concentrate on taking care or your own, even as it involves helping as many as you can reach, while it is still possible for you. We cannot save anyone from themselves against their own will; but we surely can help to save a few.”

”There are two extreme and opposite, very widespread views about Humanity’s future, that either you will destroy the Earth and yourselves, or else that you will all ascend into higher frequencies realms. Those two projections are untruths, as every species at the level of evolution where Humanity stands has ascending and descending souls around the karmic wheel of Samsara, churning the sea of duality.”

”As co-creators of our collective reality, we can only do our share by focusing our attention on what counts and transforming ourselves and our environment with high consciousness thoughts and actions. Acting as channels of higher frequency intelligence, we can co-create a peaceful and ecological world. Of course, we cannot decide for other sentient souls and some will choose the opposite ways to ours. Their decisions will lead them always closer toward the reality they fabricate and support in their mind. In both cases, each group will influence the destiny of the other, but less as their two roads are parting.”

”So what will happen, that has already started if you observe well, is what my relative Shrangooloo calls the ‘great divide’, that will split Humanity into two factions, living in parallel realities or timelines. The more the two roads will diverge, the more the two factions will separate into different densities and frequencies, taking them always further apart into parallel realities that will gradually stop interacting.”

”Those who follow the unsustainable way of destruction which is meant to self-destruct, will eventually reach planes of deeper, darker densities and lower frequencies, in which the lower lords reside and rule. Those who follow the natural sustainable way of the Cosmic Order will on their side evolve into planes of higher frequencies and lower densities, reaching highly spiritually evolved resplendent Star Elders. The planetary civilization does not require the consensus of all to exist, only of enough to maintain it.”

”It is not about good and evil, but about responsible free choice and causes of effects and consequences. None will be able to save those who choose the wrong path; they will gain what they ask and work for. But those who choose a path of reharmonization and healing are well guided, even through destruction. They might be affected by the collective destiny, but they will influence it as well by their interactions. When the interactions with the divergent reality will become useless and irrelevant, they will cease. Whether or not the healing will be general or only partial is not for ours to say, but for yours to decide.”

”Some will remain in a dying paradigm of ignorance, and the fatality of materialism and temporality. Others will continue on their ascencion course into higher interdimensional understanding and abilities. So, this is what will happen to Humanity, it will split in two divergent evolutionary courses according to the choices taken. All you can do about your collective destiny is to make sure you take the righteous decisions for your own soul evolution; do not diverge from your course, destiny will take care of itself.”

”In a few generations, there could be Human clones, hybrids and cyborgs, run by artificial intelligence. To make sure you do not get trapped in the artificial simulation of the matrix, educate your soul, train its third eye and extra sensory perceptions and cultivate your relations with your spiritual Elders guides. Keep in close touch with Mother Nature, feel, smell, taste and admire her powerful healing medicines. Maintain communion and communication with your Human spiritual allies, with you on this journey. Keep your focus and efforts directed at your spiritual mission and the purpose of service of your life. Remain rooted in your Soul, grounded in your heart, seat of your emotional intelligence and alter-body. Meditate to find your inner connection to the Divine, pray, work in service, to manifest a better world.”

”Said simply, stop the drama, start the dharma, and you will be on a good path to connect with our Star Elders who practice redemption by compassion and maintain the Cosmic Order through dharmic ways. From pilgrim, become a conscious achiever of good deeds, a teacher of healing, master of your destiny. You are all called to become avatars, exemplar incarnated divine consciousness in an infinity of forms. Remember there are many among our Star Elders who have archived this and are assisting you to grow.”

”Now, Little Brother, there will always be more to learn and teach in this endlessly amazing Omniverse. But with the limitations of your linear timeline, there is only so much that can be said, at least at once. There will be more occasions for us to deliver the message of our collective consciousness and wisdom as preserved and carried by us Sasquatch, your Elder Brother, and by our Star Elders Cosmic Council.”

”For now, we will part in this 4D timeline, knowing we are always connected as One in consciousness. We return our thanks and send our Love to all ambassadors and practitioners of interspecies spiritual relations, and to all who contribute in their own ways as healers of your collective karmas and destiny. We encourage all the learners of good soul to continue with faith on their spiritual healing journeys.”

”With these words we are ending this transmission of our message, through I, Kamooh and SunBôw. Pray for, wish for and vizualize the best for all life, so that many blessings can manifest for many souls. In the Universal Consciousness of Great Spirit Creator, we are always all united and interconnected.”

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