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Encounters in the Slocan Valley, by Crystal

Encounters in the Slocan Valley, by Crystal:

I moved to Silverton, BC in 2021. The area I moved to is quite remote and beautiful. There have been accounts of sasquatch sightings around here before. When I first came to the area, I had never had much except had spotted large footprints a decade earlier along the Slocan River. Since I moved here almost 2 years ago, I have had several encounters with what I believe to have been a Sasquatch and one experience I don’t know what it was.

1. In October of 2021, I was up the road, at a neighbour’s house. Upon arriving to the residence, myself and two others heard an incredibly strange call. The best way to describe it is a cross between a whale and an owl with a somewhat human tone. It sounded very underwater. The sound came closer and closer to the house until it was so close that we stood outside waiting to see whatever was making that sound. It sounded like it was calling to something. I went onto YouTube to try to find something that matched that sound and it matched Sasquatch sounds that had been recorded and uploaded to YouTube. We didn’t see it, but heard leaves being trampled below the balcony later that evening.

2. I was out with my dog walking on the same road. I heard a strange hooting sound. It sounded like a person mimicking an owl. But the sound traveled impossibly fast right to where we were standing on the road. Below the road was a forested ravine type area and it seemed to hoot from there. Within 1 minute had come from several hundred meters down the road. Now I hooted back and it hooted at me. This back and forth hooting went on for about another minute. Then a medium sized tree was snapped in half. I heard it perfectly and it was very close to me. Whatever it was was communicating with me clearly through the hoots but it was clearly not an owl. It sounded like a human but much much deeper.

3. I was at home in my cabin and heard a very close and very loud scream. It was coming from the bush behind my house and nobody could access that area as it was deep snow and winter. The dogs on my property went nuts. My dog cowered and followed me around for hours afterwards in the house. My neighbor heard the scream too. It sounded like a large primate. It was a very clear and loud scream which happened twice.

4. I was hiking in the spring in an area near my home. There was a mushroom clearly left on the trail where I had just walked. It was there on my way back. I saw nobody on this trail during the walk and it was quite far into the trail and had not grown there. It was placed there.

5. I came out of my driveway to see a young tree had been snapped in half about 3/4 of the way up (10 ft up) the embankment it was growing on was steep and whatever did that also twisted it as well. It was something bigger than a person. I walked by it and thought to myself it was very odd and out of place. Nobody had been there or had a reason to do that to the tree.

6. Not sure if this was a Squatch or something else. But same property as all the other experiences. At about 3 in the morning I heard a human like scream. Then again. My partner at the time woke up as well and just as he looked out the window, he saw something very tall and somewhat thin walk up our driveway and past our window. He said it was about 10 ft Tall and the porch light illuminated it enough to make out a humanoid shape. He said it was extremely fast and he said it was either a Sasquatch or something else he cant explain. I felt an eerie presence around the time I woke up. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. We looked for footprints but found nothing the next morning.

Artwork: Stuart Swartz

SunBôw’s reply: Greetings Crystal, Thank you very much for sharing your excellent account of your encounters with our readers.

Six decades ago already, Sasquatch researchers designated the Southern BC Interior as the second hot spot region for the importance of its activity, following the Cascade Range, with records since the 1800’s.

The Slocan Valley region, with its surrounding ranges, is particularly renown for its Sasquatch stories, starting with the local Sinixt tribe who have had a long history of contact with those relatives they call Stenwyken or Skenwyten further south. Sinixt Elder Bob Campbell shared several Sasquatch stories with me, namely about a tall white Sasquatch that has been observed by countless witnesses since generations in the Slocan. Later, I met witnesses who had seen him and I got to meet that Sasquatch Elder myself, whom I got to channel in Book 3 of The Sasquatch Message to Humanity.

Another often reported clan leader in the Slocan is a 9-10 foot tall, dark gray Sasquatch. His description could correspond to the famous huckleberry patch report from John Bringsli in 1960. This well known story has become a legend, most often turned into a joke, ridiculed and downplayed by the local lore. This is due to the massive cover up of the events that followed.

What few people know or fail to mention, is that the day after his sighting, Bringsli was back on site to hunt the Sasquatch. This launched a wild goose chase with hunting parties at least until the fall of 1962, when hunters shot at a female but missed, according to reports. The hunters set up their base camp at the largest of the Six Mile Lakes, which has been called Sasquatch Lake ever since and is now a provincial recreational area by that name. Some of the hunters were the founders of the Columbia brewery, and later adopted the Sasquatch as their mascot for their Kokanee beer, as Sasquatch Lake sits at the foot of the range by that name. Another little known fact is that CIA operative Tom Slick, the most famous ”monster hunter” who had funded Yeti hunts in the Himalaya and Sasquatch hunts in Bluff Creek, California, reportedly died in a plane crash when leaving Nelson, BC, in October 1962.

That was when the hunt ended at Sasquatch Lake. Bringsli’s story became famous mainly because famous Sasquatch researchers John Green and René Dahinden were involved. Both were also involved with Tom Slick’s Sasquatch hunting camp in Bluff Creek, from which came the (in)famous Patterson-Gimlin footage in 1967. I have described the details of this case in my Encyclopedia of All Things Sasquatch.

Today, we hear locals in the Slocan circulate the rumor that Bringsli’s sighting was just a hairy old man, in total disregard to the whole story and reported historical facts, likely as part of the wide scale cover up that followed.

There are also many other Sasquatch sightings and several individuals reported around the Slocan, along with signs of activity like footprints, tree structures and vocal calls. My landlord in Slocan Park had compiled around seventy witnesses accounts. While living in the Slocan, I met two or three dozens of experiencers and met other Sasquatch, including a twelve foot tall red one by the Slocan River. This info is to give you a background history of the high level of Sasquatch activity in this region where you moved recently.

Regarding your personal experiences, you describe exactly all the signs of early contact. The fact that you have had multiple encounters in a short time is indicative that they are trying to communicate with you. The vocal calls, the tree break, the mushroom offering, are all ways they use to communicate their presence. The fact that you hooted back and forth shows also that you are willing and ready to communicate with them. They are extremely selective with whom they manifest to and communicate with, usually seeking kind, sensitive, sincere souls, Nature lovers, often gifted with psychic abilities.

Once we understand these relatives are highly psychic, gifted with telepathic and interdimensional abilities, able to appear or turn invisible at will, as ancestral Native wisdom from around the world has always been telling us, then we can start to relate to who they really are. Of course, they can be impressive, even frightening, as they also need to protect themselves, namely from hunters, but they are peaceful beings in general. When approached with respect and humility, they can become great friends and the best teachers.

It is up to each person to develop or not inter-species communications. But it is not given to all to be offered the option to engage directly near their home. There is a reason why the Forest Elders are reaching out to you, and it is up to you to decide if you wish to develop this connection or not. One of the best way is to express openly your intention to them, whether verbally or in thought. Another practice consists in gifting offerings with your good intentions. The most successful approach in making contact has always been a peaceful, humble, spiritual, respectful, honest, sincere and loving approach.

As a contactee since over four decades, who has had multiples paranormal encounters in numerous locations, often with other witnesses, having assisted hundreds of experiencers in understanding their experiences and developing their contacts, and disclosing this information globally since years to audiences of thousands, these are a few insights I can offer. I hope this information and resources will be useful for your quest and help you find answers. Best blessings on your pilgrimage…

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