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Experiencer story by Russell Wiitala, from Washington State

By Russell Wiitala, from Washington State

I went hiking on Halloween morning. It was a gorgeous day. I was hiking along the rails for trails. The particular section I was on has a straight stretch that is about two miles long.

I walked for about three quarters of a mile and spied an abandoned apple tree. I stopped and picked an apple and found it to be crisp and sweet. As I began to look again down the trail, I began to notice something upright and tall. I thought it might be a post, but something told me to keep my eye on it. I kept staring at it while hiking closer and closer while munching on my delicious apple. I noticed that it moved and crossed the width of the path while meandering. I also noticed that it was not on four legs, like I would see if it was some kind of ungulate. I had my eye on it for over ten minutes while I got closer and closer.

There was a small strip of sunlight and the upright being crossed that patch. I could see the color of his hair was beige. I sent him a message in my head, “Please don’t disappear before I get close enough to identify you. I promise not to attempt to take a picture.” I know he heard me, but when I got within about a third of a mile he meandered off trail and into the woods.

When I got to that spot, I could see it was adjacent to the river and there was a wildlife trail that meandered next to the river. It had a lot of brambles and so I expect he retreated along the river, instead. I was not completely sure what I saw, so I went up in the foothills close to that area the next day, which was yesterday. I found this freshly pushed over tree with this crystal on it. The crystal is about the size of my palm.

I have a lot of interaction and to me, this is confirmation that what I thought I saw, I saw. This is a gift for me and so was the sighting yesterday. They are telepathic and I can talk to them utilizing that power of theirs. Unfortunately, I can’t hear them. I have received a lot of gifts from my forest friends, by the way.

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