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Sasquatch say Hi!, Experiencer story by Marco

Sasquatch say Hi!, By Marco


This visit happened to me a few weeks ago through a dream.

I was in a house with a group of people and interestingly enough it seemed we were there for a CE 5 type of UFO contact. I was asked by someone to go to the balcony facing the back of the house, as I got there I looked up in the sky and there were many ships flying above.

This was not the first time I had this type of contact, many times before I had found myself in the same situation, observing the sky and ships flying above. It is a specific feeling when this happens, the sky seems to have depth, a palpable energy, more than tri-dimensional.

After finishing watching the ships, I walked downstairs to the kitchen which had a door leading to the backyard. As I look out the door I feel someone to my right leaning against the exterior back wall, when I looked at it I could only see a black silhouette, it had a cartoonish feel to it, gave the impression of a young energy, disheveled spiky hair.

As I tried to focus on its face, my vision” got distorted/ scrambled, I had had the same experience many years ago when I was aboard a ship with mantis aliens and tried to focus on their faces, it is really impossible to focus if they do not want you to.

I then looked past him and notices 16 dark shapes, lined up against the fence along the right side of the property leading to the back of which connected to the woods. They were big, muscular, strong, powerful “men”, I however quickly understood they were sasquatch. Needless to say I was awed!

My attention was drawn to the back of the property, towards the woods, it felt like this powerful energy was directing me to look that way, it was then when I saw him, or rather his dark silhouette. It was this immensely powerful being, very broad shoulders, strong body, had this very certain male energy to him, like a clan leader. I was “frozen” , but not in fear, he exuded no fear nor sort menacing energy, I was just awed (again) with what was presenting itself to me. He had this strong magnetic, commandeering, powerfully hypnotic presence.

I said telepathically, “Wow, you are a sasquatch !!”
He acknowledged it.
I thought “why am I seeing you?”
He thought back : “I wanted to show myself/ ourselves to you, so you know we exist, that we are here with you”.
I was speechless, or rather thoughtless lost in pure amazement and joy. I think I just “stood” there, feeling him. Then I woke up.

Since then he/they have been more and more present in my life, WHICH IS AWESOME!!!

I say they because I have been able to feel their different energies depending on who it is.

I have had a huge white one coming into my reiki healing sessions, just stood by my side and joined in on the healing, yesterday during a meditation I saw myself seating with a red haired one, in front of a bonfire. While walking my dogs in a park where there is some native bush area early one evening, I happened to look towards a path and saw this shimmering “person” crossing it, it was very quick, however I have no doubt of what I saw.

When they arrive, it is this energy of pure joy, love, happiness, elation. I am forever grateful for them to show themselves to me.

The reason I decided to write this, is because in a recent chat, I asked him, I call him big fella, how could I help in their mission. He replied instantly, SPEAK UP.

Thank you for reading.


Art: Harvey Pratt

5 thoughts on “Sasquatch say Hi!, Experiencer story by Marco”

  1. What an awesome experience for you! I loved the way you wrote about it! It will be interesting from your dream state & in meditation to see if your communications with each other becomes verbal and visual!

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  2. That is an awesome story Marco. They have chosen me as well and the first hint of anything happening was a dream of a mantis being I had in the eighties. I have frequent interaction and in fact was given a great gift of a white crystal a week ago after seeing a large sasquatch while hiking. They chose me to reveal and that is what this is all about.

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    1. Thanks. I read your post , I think it is yours about the white crystal. In retrospect I remember that about 2 years ago while meditating I had an knteraction w Sasquatch, but nothing since. The mantis are more regular, I have seen lne in my bathroom one morning last year, and on mh reiki healing sessions, where they come to assist. What I find interesting about them is that they are very “matter of factish”. They shos up, do their thing, and go. Not much time for social niceties.

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