The last moon of my journeys, with photos, by SunBôw

The last moon of my journeys, with photos, by SunBôw…

For our SCENIC readers who are not on Facebook, I’m sharing here some selected news, images and revised excerpts from the last moon of my journeys in the Blue Mountains of Oz, to the starting winter in Québec, since I have not posted news on SCENIC for a while, as I have been busy finishing my next book coming out soon. Enjoy the SCENIC tour!…

I spent the last three months of my Australian tour in Leura, in the Blue Mountains of NSW, staying with good friends who offered their kind hospitality. Grateful thanks to Cazna a long time FB friend and Uncle Andrew Pyle of the Dharug. It was an honor to meet them.

Leura is called the Gardens Village. A little, friendly tourist town in the Blue Mountains National Park. Budding greeneries, perfumed blooms, birdies nesting, cicadas singing out loud, some of the reasons that turn this place into an awe-inspiring enchantment.

During springtime full bloom in the Blue Mountains, this must be the floweriest place on Earth. A remarkable fact about Leura is the amount of gardens everywhere blooming in spring. Although most trees and plants in town are imported species, they are pleasant to the eyes and nose. It’s the festival of flowers in every street.

I went half a dozen times on walkabouts, for hikes between 10 to 15 km, each time on different trails. I shared photos of the Blue Mountains World Heritage in previous posts, so will just add a few new ones here. As often, uploading to WordPress is extremely slow and many attempts fail, taking a tremendous amount of time to share albums. If other WordPress bloggers have this same problem and know any solutions please let me know.

Blue Mountain bush: Best place to get lost. Just go bush… Vast wilderness, colorful birds, an abundance of ancient archaeological sites, sheer cliffs, rock shelters and ledges, breathtaking lookouts, odd shaped rocks, splendid waterfalls, thick bush, amazing wildlife and hidden magic make the awe-inspiring scenery of this unique landscape. It is with precious memories and new knowledge that I left this fantastic World Heritage region.

Sacred places, stories written on living rocks, ancient trails and ceremonial sites, beauty and wonders around every corner of this vast unexplored wilderness where the Yowie roam, Mirragan/Bunyip dwells in hidden caves and ancestors spirits walkabout song lines.

A few moments with the Lyrebirds… Easy to hear, hard to see, harder to capture on images. What gives the Lyrebird away is his loud unique song mimicking all the birds of the bush. Follow the sound and look under the brush, with a little luck you might spot him. There was half a dozen of them there, a rare luck. The first five to ten minutes I had to sneak on them stealthily, but they slowly got used to my presence and ended coming as close as 3 to 4 meters from me. So I got to take decent footage and photos. Good luck if you want to take photos of the Lyrebird, as you’ll need some. But once in a while, luck smiles at you… 🙂

On my walkabouts I found some smaller ancient trails leading to remote quiet places where I greeted the spirits and did ceremonies with prayers and offerings for providence, guidance and protection for all our relations in these trying times and for healing for our world. Remember the bigger picture: the unseen forces are greater than the seen.

Thanksgiving and Goodbye ceremony to the land of Oz… It is with humble gratitude for all the wonders and beauties, friendships and connections, new knowledge and ancient wisdom, and wonderful life-changing experiences that I say goodbye to this amazing sacred land and magical spirit of Oz Downunder. Turning this page and chapter of my life after nearly a year here, preparing for a new beginning as the year 2020 is ending.

Thanks to all who have offered support in any way, those who hosted me, showed me around, sent donations, thanks to my international readers and friends for your prayers, your interest and interactions on my posts and websites, and to all those I forget to mention.

Gratitude to the Original Peoples of Oz, its beautiful flora and wildlife, its ancient history and sacred sites, and to the Aussies in general. Last but not least, giving thanks to our spiritual allies and Elders of our Cosmic Family, our Mother Earth and Great Spirit.

Best blessings to all my relations… ❤❤

Once in a Blue Moon I get to miss two Blue Moons in a row, as the last one on Halloween was happening in America but Full Moon arrived in Australia 59 minutes past midnight on November 1st, so the Blue Moon in Oz is postponed to November 30th, while I am back overseas now, so I also miss that next Blue Moon happening in Oz. Missing two Blue Moons in a month while the rest of the world will live one is a once in a lifetime experience…

Thanksgiving ceremony for a safe and smooth 35 hour journey across the planet, through a train, 4 airports, 3 customs, 3 flights and a few hours drive at the end when I got lost wandering around because of road works and detours. Finally made it home to Québec across the big waters and half way around the world. Got to see my dear son and reached my place of quarantine with my own door and space that my friend has very nicely installed. Thanks to all for your prayers, care and support in this long journey.

The Wedge-Tailed Eagle is now flying over Turtle Island along with many other relatives from near and far. The warm Aussie spring has changed into a cold Canuck winter and on the first night, snow fell across the road but not on the grass where I stand, as if two worlds distances apart were meeting in one spot. A new world is coming.

Many thanks and best blessings to all my relations…

Thanks so much to all of you dear friends for so kindly caring and sharing your heart touching wishes. The trip from home to home had me landed where I’ll be wintering, in the old post office that moved out months ago. It feels good to hang up my new feathers in familiar grounds. The contrast is striking between the Aussie outback spring loud cicada record bloom and the Canadian silent hibernation season locked indoors at the Antipodes, so my circadian cycle and sleep pattern are most erratic now, not knowing morning from evening. The sky again turns clockwise and the Earth the other way around, confusing my magnetic balance, with a whole different set of stars inviting me to readjust my compass and clock. I’ll need a little time before I readapt to this hemisphere and get back on my feet solid enough to return to working mode and finish my next book coming out soon.

Meanwhile I’ll work on catching up with rest and peace. We will need all our strength, clarity and inspiration in times coming, as we need to regroup and take our destiny into our hands to manifest the future we really want for our world and descendants.

Much Love and best blessings to all of you.

We are One FAMILY (=Father And Mother I Love You)

sharing One HOME (=Here On Mother Earth)…


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