Galu’s Message to Humanity, via Mike Bodewitz

Galu’s Message to Humanity, via Mike Bodewitz

October 31, 2020. I reach the top of the hill behind my dad’s house. This is where my gifting area is for the home clan. On this day I gift them something very special. It is a little blue Angel. I take a moment to infuse my love energy into this little Angel so that they may feel just a small portion of what I feel for them. I then walk over to my favorite resting spot which is a fallen tree that makes a nice chair. I immediately notice on the ground right where I sit is a disturbance in the ground. I sat down on the tree and looked right between my legs on the ground and what I see are knuckle marks in the dirt. A Sasquatch placed its knuckles in the ground. Why? I placed my knuckles in the same spot and then I understood.

It was saying “Meeting place”. But with whom? Then I received a strong energy and heard “He is coming.” Then I felt a strong presence with me. An organic presence of a sort. Kinda like Sasquatch but different. More ancient. I said hello? Who is here? “Hello dear one. It is I, Galu. I have never come to Earth before until now. ”Who are you and why not? I asked.

“I am Galu. You know my mate Akreeshna. Her and I are the first of our kind. The kind you refer to as Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch, as well as many other names. We were created not in this universe but the universe next to this one. You can call it a sister universe. We were created by the Star People and then placed on a planet called Prima.”

I thought the Sasquatch People were created in this universe and on this planet? I asked

“Yes and no. The Sasquatch you know were created in this universe yes but they are descendants from our bloodline. They are unique to this universe but we have genetic influence over them. You see Akreeshna and I were the very first of our kind and then we were seeded on Prima to see how we would flourish and evolve. We did well and evolved quickly. We increased our numbers exponentially and lived in peace on Prima. Our creation was a success and our sister universe (yours) was in need of a new being to seed on planet earth. Earth is slightly different in molecular chemistry the Prima but a descendant and specialized breed of our people was achievable for earth. They took our DNA and modified it with other beings already living on your planet to create what you call Sasquatch.”

Ok. I can see that. But why have you come all this way to meet me? In a way I don’t understand why you would want to speak to me of all people.

“As the mother and father of our race, all of the collective information and experiences from our race come to us. We know all about what is happening here on Earth at this time. I have come to warn you and your people of an impending danger to humanity. The time is drawing near for the great shift. If your people don’t make this shift by 2022 then it will be too late for them.”Ahhh so that’s why I have been seeing 2’s all over the place. I said.

“Yes, this is a warning for your people. You must hurry and wake your people up. If you cannot achieve a total awakening of your race by 2022 your people will fall asleep forever. They will never awaken and become sleep walking slaves. The time is now to do what you can to help everyone open their eyes to what is happening around them. You are being controlled, manipulated, poisoned, and purposely lowered to a level of slavery. You must all come together to break this cycle or you will fall deep asleep permanently with no ability to wake again.”

Wow. That is pretty dire. You know my people probably won’t take this message well. They like uplifting messages and messages of positivity. To tell them of this doom and gloom might repel them.

“What I speak is the truth. I am sorry if it is hard to hear but it needs to be said. You cannot wait any longer. I have come to make it blatantly clear to your species. Please send everyone this message and there will be ones that downplay it or do not take it seriously. That is their choice. But please send this message. I wouldn’t come all this way for the first time if it wasn’t important.”

I understand my friend. I am honored to have spoken to you. I will tell my people. I bid you farewell and much love from my people to you and Akreeshna.

Then his consciousness was sucked out of my space like a vacuum. I sat there for a moment thinking how would I send this to everyone? I was filled with a sense of urgency and started down the hill towards my father’s house.

3 thoughts on “Galu’s Message to Humanity, via Mike Bodewitz”

  1. I saw one on the 31st of October. I was on a hike and he was over a mile away, at first. I had him in sight for over ten minutes as I walked toward him. When I got within about a third of a mile he left into the woods. the next day, I went up into the foot hills, adjacent where I saw him and he had pushed over a small alder tree and left a white crystal on the break, for me.

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