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Sasquatch healing through Reiki, by Marco

Sasquatch healing through Reiki, by Marco

I have been doing Reiki for a couple of years, during my sessions I have noticed/felt/ seen the presence of many beings that show up to assist, or rather direct my facilitating of the energy pathways. Some show up regularly, some less so, I believe who shows up has to do with the vibrational pattern of the people involved, my general feeling on the day and many other factors, since not a single “healing” is the same. I have had mantis beings, being of light, sometimes despite being certain there are “people” there, I don’t notice them. One of the clients has mentioned seeing some of these beings of light coming behind me.

I believe we all feel the sasquatch presence differently, what I feel is this immense joy, happiness, elation, and wanting to giggle. Sometimes it is so amped that I feel like levitating, I have heard other people describing the same joy.

I have had 3 occasions when I felt and saw the presence of Sasquatch with me:

The first one was a strong energy that arrived half -way through a session, I did not see anyone, but as soon as he arrived I understood he was there. I say he because the energy seems overwhelmingly male. He stayed for a while then I stopped noticing. I am not sure if it is because our energy fields balanced out and I then became one/used with his, or he toned down so would not excite me too much.

The second time, I felt him arriving but this time I saw this tall, strong, loving, white sasquatch standing by my side as I was with a client. He stood there, quite tall, I am 1.8 metres tall, he would be at least 2.5 to 3 m tall. Had massive hands and a beautiful white hair.

The third time was last week, again he arrived and this time I saw his face, when I say “saw” it does not mean physically, I think it is what happens when people say they see with their “non-human physical eye”. To me it is quite interesting because I always have my eyes open and the image pops in my mind. But it feels like I am seeing with my eyes , but I am not, and it is not like a drawing or something created by me, it is actually seeing, but not seeing, if it makes any sense to you at all!! LOL.

Anyway, I saw his face, his big white furry head, but the energy was so strong that I was not able to see the details let’s say of his eyes, because his face and head were glared by the energy emanating from him. I was in total awe, peace and gratitude. Then he put his massive hands and forearms on the top of mine, standing behind me on the patient’s shoulder. I could feel him connected with us, after this I “got used” to him being there and re-focused on the client, I could still feel his presence, then the session ended and all left.

Later, on reflection, it was not really on mine, it was actually on, in and through mine, again I could clearly see his arms and hands together with mine.

An interesting thing is that this time I had a conversation with him, and he gave me his name.

2 thoughts on “Sasquatch healing through Reiki, by Marco”

  1. I really liked your story . I understand completely. I have seen them as well with my inner vision or my dog sees them and I know they are near when we go outside to let the dog out. They make life worth living in these chaotic times.

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  2. Hi Cheryl,
    Yes, the first time I saw someone was a tall mantis being in my house, difficult to understand what is happening isn’t it? You are certain you saw, yet physically there is nothing there.

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