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The Sasquatch are an amazing spiritual people, by Dale Lyons

The Sasquatch are an amazing spiritual people, by Dale Lyons

The Sasquatch are an amazing spiritual people with so much tolerance and unconditional love for our evolution as humans. Once you’ve connected with these people they will they’ll mesmerize you in uplifting light, and teach you not only of them but they’ll teach about us as humans also. They’ll foster you once you’ve made this connection and can help in the speed of human consciousness in your journey with them. They’ll connect you to the right people to elevate your existence and consciousness to higher being of light and love. further others knowledge about what and how our journey as humans is, and barely getting underway in the grand scheme of the universe to understanding. Let go of the bindings that you’ve been conditioned to believe. Humans are notorious for following others into pastures of what seems greener because they told you so. As long as people continue to follow greedy corporate, Dogma and cult leaders they’ll continue to fill pastures of deception. Our evolution of this understanding is key to our freedom of these bindings. To be continued..

So how we begin to realize our true potential, we also are at a time where many things will be unveiled, our journey into the universe will begin to realize there’s more life than we ever Imagined. The truth of my journey and other life form I represent can be found inside your heart, viewed from the eye in the middle of your forehead. This is for our growth moving forward as we realize other dimensions and inhabitants of Mother Earth. Probably scientists need to start exploring how to detect energy from other life form in other dimensions in this exploration . We have a tremendous clean up list to deal with on Mother Earth and it can’t be ignored any longer. That is my truth as a representative of these various life form that exist in ways we don’t yet understand.

We are closer than ever before to obtaining this knowledge of other dimensions. It’s because the seriousness of my page (Squatchville; The Bigfoot Amphitheater) that I now am going public which is why I didn’t post this there first. If you’ve a screen big enough to study this photo, you’ll see faint images of other beings around me.

These beings reside in a different dimension, but many of them can move from one dimension to another. I’ve said this so many times but those scientists that are on the science channel will tell you we don’t know or understand all the ways life exists, and again I’ll also say if you do want to understand how Sasquatch exists I encourage you to read Ronald J. Morehead’s book The Quantum Bigfoot. This understanding of not only Bigfoot but other life form that live much like the Bigfoot do.

The time spent learning how they exist will be understood using different scientific techniques and as it continues to change how we begin to understand how energy is detected moving in and out of these dimensions. Sure hair samples and foot castings are great but they only vaguely scratch the surface of a much bigger picture. Scientists who have the means to do this will truly be electrified and marvel by the findings as out technology improves. But it’s you Scientists that need to start to comprehend this way of scientific data and thinking that’s not largely popular among you. Break free of your own restraints and allow yourself to stretch your minds boundaries. True research has no boundaries when it comes to fully understanding the mysteries of Mother Earth 🌎

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