Do Sasquatch attack Humans? by SunBôw

Do Sasquatch attack Humans? by SunBôw

I just wrote the following today to a friend asking me this question:

Sasquatch are people and they have the same emotions as humans. They are not all spiritual masters and there can be rogue individuals.

It is true that there are reported cases when Hairy Humanoids (Sasquatch, Yeti, Yowie, etc) attacked or killed people, but a deeper study into the subject shows that they were isolated cases among thousands of encounters.

Most often those alleged attacks were easily justified when for instance hunting parties were chasing them or people shooting at them out of fear. Many of those stories have been highly exaggerated and several simple sightings were interpreted as attacks, as documented in my encyclopedia.

What is less known is that there are more recorded cases of humans hunting, chasing, wounding, capturing and killing them than there are of Sasquatch harming humans.

They were known by some tribes to steal fish and some youngsters can be tricksters. One was causing havoc in Chehalis and the Native Elders did ceremony and asked for the Sasquatch Elders to take care of him, after which he never returned to the village.

As for rapes, this is a strange interpretation of facts, but Sasquatch were known for kidnapping people at times, mainly women or children. In some cases the women would become pregnant and bear a child, as was the case of my ancestor, and it is more common than thought.

There are tribes who made agreements with them. I heard stories of the Similkameen and the Cowichan, who asked Sasquatch to leave their women alone in exchange of fish or staying out of their territory. In both cases they stopped taking women. So it shows their good will and also that if the Sasquatch Elders are addressed, they can take care of rogue individuals.

There are stories of people taken by them who came back to their tribe, but returned with the Sasquatch, showing that they were not mistreated, as most accounts of abduction confirm.

We could not for instance say all humans are violent, rapists, killers or cannibals, yet many humans are and if only their cases would be brought up, then humans would be real monsters.

Finally, there are way more accounts of peaceful and even friendly encounters than there are of attacks. Sadly the mainstream Bigfoot world banks on sensationalism and promotes mostly scare stories and monster hunts.

I know over 400 people by now who have had peaceful, friendly and often enlightening encounters and communication with them, including many Native Elders and medicine people, and only heard first hand of a couple of alleged attacks, which when studied turn out to be mainly fear based without any harm.

My mission is to demystify the myths and debunk the lies and rumors, as the truth about Sasquatch has been systematically denied and suppressed by the same powers that are out after them trying to kill them, for whom entertaining fear and hatred against our Elder relatives is profitable.

Hope this clarifies for you. There is much more detailed documented info in my encyclopedia on these matters. Best blessings…


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2 thoughts on “Do Sasquatch attack Humans? by SunBôw”

  1. I fully agree with your statement. These beings are very intelligent and can be very kind to those that are peac3e of mind and heart. The humans; some of them, are the problem and the issue. Peace to you and all who are friends to these grand beings. Dave

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