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Experiencer account, by Juliette Van Aken

By Juliette Van Aken:

In 2019 while sitting on my veranda in the woods and meditating I saw a shimmer of movement between the Gingko tree and an overhanging Rose bush which had formed a natural arch or bower. I had felt earlier that day that someone had been observing me and could feel a different energy through the naturel arch: a portal. Somehow it felt like it had been created by Magic.

Whilst sitting on my veranda sensing and feeling into the realm of Now, I saw a movement near the rose bush, which in a millisecond displaced itself and suddenly a large, very gentle presence stood right in front of me making itself known. I automatically shut my eyes and saw with my inner vision a huge, soft, hairy hand very gently enclosing mine. The energy it emitted was so deeply loving and familiar and touched me to the core.

Because I recognised the frequency and the sensations I was having I knew this was the Sasquatch I had previously met on Kona, Hawaii at Joan Oceans ranch 6 months earlier. I was so surprised and so filled with love for him, that I took his great hand an kissed his palm in recognition. He then stayed with me for a while and also sent the owl to call me at night outside my window.

A couple of weeks later I was walking in the forest and was suddenly bathed in an immensely Loving energy which lasted at least 10 minutes, it felt like ecstasy, like coming home in the warm heart of Gaia, in the Whole….it was amazing, almost the same feeling people have with in a near death experience, I didn’t want it to leave. Now, whilst writing this I realize this unconditionally, loving energy was my Sasquatch Elder Brother, he is watching over me and is a part of me I have been honoured to meet and feel.

They really do exist and are beautiful custodians of Ancient Knowing, unconditional Love and are Interdimensional in every way.

3 thoughts on “Experiencer account, by Juliette Van Aken”

  1. I believe you are truly loved, Juliette.

    This is the second time in a few days that I’ve heard of a person’s life being touched in such positive ways, where both experiences happened in Hawai’i – the other experiencer (she’s in my daily telepathy group (we practice “sending and receiving”) spoke of her own healing, which was from a time in her life when she lived on Maui, guided by the hand of an incredibly gentle Sasquatch person.

    Personally, parts of your account feel very familiar. The Sasquatch elder brother who shepherds me (I think it’s a “shepherding?”) is slowly making himself known – it seems to be a long process. In the meantime, I see his face everywhere (actually, it’s more of the symbol of the Sasquatch face, which can change slightly in variation, often totemmed, or stacked with other versions of itself, and/or with the faces of “little hunters” above or below it).

    Sometimes it seems like he appears in a tree a thousand times over, and I’ll see tons of dark eyes peeking, formed by the darker spaces between leaves. Oh! And sometimes there’s a few distinct colors, too. I’m sure you know the main color, already! I try to walk that road.

    Since the moment I was introduced to his color, whenever I’m meditating and I notice this color wash by, or linger, I feel the same as feelings as you mentioned – a contentedness and a feeling of complete peace and belonging…same as I experienced when I NDE’d (actually, I’ve had two NDE’s, one of them due to my own sheer stupidity).

    When I get “pinged” like this, with his color, I try to pause my day, connect and just listen. I have photos, but I don’t ever post them, unless I show them to the other five members of my little group of friends. We all know Sasquatch People have been here for 200,000 years, long before us!

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