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Is Sasquatch the Hopi Maasaw? By SunBôw

Is Sasquatch the Hopi Maasaw? By SunBôw:

I’m re-sharing here this post from four years ago, during my last visit to Hopi lands.

Dear relatives, It is with deep gratitude in my heart that I share with you this announcement. Next week, I will be invited to speak about the Sasquatch Message to Humanity and our Elder Brother, in a Hopi cultural and language group called Changing Views, in the Hopi village of Moencopi. Tonight, we went there to meet the facilitator in his home, with his sister and an Elder, who listened to my words with open minds and shared in turn many stories and much wisdom for 3 1/2 hours, while eating piki (blue corn flaky rolls). Of course, they tested my words and conviction. They will suggest me to bring the message in their meeting next week, which gathers Elders and youths from several villages. I am deeply humbled by this great and rare honor for a Pahana to share spiritual teachings in a Hopi circle, with a profound sense of gratitude. Prayers and guidance are most welcome, to help me fulfill this challenging mission in a good humble way.

‘Coincidentally’, among the many stories they shared tonight, there was one found in the second chapter of Truth of a Hopi, which I was just getting ready to read, but with more details. When the Hopi emerged from the underworld into this Fourth World, they found big foot prints all over the land: someone had been here before them. They called him Woqokuktaka: the man who leaves big footprints’. First afraid, the mongwi (chief) sent four men to bring paho and offerings to the giant, so he would not harm them. When they found him, he accepted the gifts, saying no one had come so close to him or given him any offerings in a very long time. He then told them he was Maasau (or Maasaw).

Maasau was the keeper of the First World and the underworld, but he could not prevent its corruption and destruction by fire. He was then given another opportunity to be the keeper of this actual Fourth World or Upper World. He agreed to teach them.”Then he told these young men who he was. He was their god–the god of the Upper World, and it all belonged to him… This was the first time they had ever seen this man who said he was their god and ever since he has been worshiped by the Hopi.

”One version of this complex story can be read on this link:

The facilitator of the Hopi group Changing Views suggested that Sasquatch could very well be Maasau. He was seen in recent times walking along the Moencopi Wash and the Oraibi Wash.

From “Legends Beyond Psychology”, Henry James Franzoni: ”The Hopi Elders say that the increasing appearances of Bigfoot are not only a message or warning to the individuals or communities to whom he appears, but to humankind at large. As Mathiessen puts it, they see Bigfoot as “a messenger who appears in evil times as a warning from the Creator that man’s disrespect for His sacred instructions has upset the harmony and balance of existence.” To the Hopi, the “big hairy man” is just one form that the messenger can take.”

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity series is available on Amazon on this LINK.

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