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Experiencer account, by Darryl A. Jones

Experiencer account, by Darryl A. Jones

I am visiting a clan/tribe of Sasquatch/Sabe People here in Texas. I usually make it there after the hunters are finished hunting pigs, which is early April. I do talk to them as I am entering the woods, as their sleeping area is only 285 feet into the woods. My goal is to get them to sit with me and teach me what I need to know about them, as well as teach them a few things that they might have some misconceptions about. The reason I have a gun on my hip and that the camera does them no harm. If you have a few tips for me on how to get their attention so they understand that I know they are there and they don’t feel the need to hide from me. I understand that hiding is how they “make their living”. But I do feel the urgency of sharing information with them, this being a hunting area and we humans are often shaken by their presence. I do not wish to see any of them hurt by these hunters. I know they have been there a very long time and I do not wish them to leave permanently. I once called myself a Sasquatch Ambassador, having no reason to call myself a researcher. And I had never heard of that term Sasquatch Ambassador. I thought I just made it up. Thank you for starting this website. It is truly an inspiration to me.

Darryl A. Jones
search Google or YouTube with “mrick360” to look me up

SunBôw’s reply:

Greetings Darryl,
Thank you for sharing your experience. It seems like you already have a connection and communicate with them. If you wish to get into closer encounters, it is sure that carrying a gun does not help, nor would it help to approach any wildlife. If you go visit your friends in their home, you wouldn’t want to bring a gun, it would look unfriendly. An ambassador also comes in peace, without carrying weapons. I would advise that you try getting in touch with them without carrying a gun, to see if you notice a difference. I think you would have a much better chance of making contact. Otherwise, you could not blame them for hiding, with so many out there chasing after them.

Another gesture that helps to make contact is to bring an offering, nothing like pet food, rather a gift you would bring to a friend. Otherwise, telepathy can always be practiced remotely, but communication on the terrain provides clues and confirmation from additional experiences. In the end, they are free beings and always have the choice to connect or not with whoever they choose. Pure intentions and a humble heart is what they look for. I hope these answers are satisfying to you. Best blessings on your quest with the Elders…

Art: Jonathan Dodd

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  1. Darryl, Hello. My first suggestion is don’t bring a gun. Secondly bring with you apples from a tree, would suggest at least 6 and a few other treats, I hear they like chocolate bars and a few other natural things. Be clear of mind and talk clearly in your voice and mind. Be patient put the gifts in the same area and sit close by and fill your body with love. If not successful try again later and ask for assign that they received gifts. Repeat this in the same area. That’s my suggestion wish you success. Dave

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