Parallel Timelines Glitching, by SunBôw

Parallel Timelines Glitching, by SunBôw:

I’ve been having strange glitches lately, like things appear and disappear around me. I found a patch of copal powder on my table this morning for instance, no idea where it comes from. This, after a few similar incidents, inspired me to write a short cosmic update from my perspectives. Within an hour, other people on FB have already reported observing similar effects.

It feels like the artificial matrix and superimposed timeline is interfering more and more with the natural reality and the artificial parallel reality is glitching increasingly. Anyone who had a deeper look into the so-called Mandela Effect or just into quantum science as a matter of fact, is aware of the parallel realities of the multiverse and the possibility of parallel timelines that can unfold simultaneously and at times interfere with one another.

Technologies like quantum computers and particle colliders that make use of them along with Artificial intelligence are admittedly taping into parallel dimensions and editing reality as we know it, or rather the holographic universe and its natural program we are used to and part of. These glitches can be subtle and most noticeable examples concern popular songs, quotes, brands, logos, and such things that do not overly affect history other than small details.

However, these technologies are not used only as toys, but also as weapons. This is one reason for the 5G roll out and satellites fleets, to consolidate the artificial matrix grid that makes Project Blue Beam look like child play. The artificial matrix has been implanting false memories and false narratives with fake timelines, bringing general confusion to unprecedented levels.

What these technology admittedly can do is not only edit history and archives, while creating a parallel artificial reality, but also artificial telepathy (machine to skull communication), implanting false memories and behavior modifications. They can also reproduce some paranormal or interdimensional phenomena. These are all documented if you research, but the point here is the bigger picture of our transforming collective reality by means unsuspected by most.

Also, I’ve had lots of dreams of deep karmic significance from past and future, too long to detail. To summarize, I’ve seen myself in various past lives, from the prehistoric ages, ancient China, the Roman empire, the Middle-Ages, just to name a few, in critical situations of life or death during wars, plagues or disasters. In each dream I am told that I went through those hardships and that was nothing compared to what is coming. It was all practice for this lifetime.

In all those dreams also, I’m shown a crucial decision I had to make that might have saved lives or some knowledge from being erased, for instance. I’m told that those decisions changed the timelines and the course of history, whether in obvious instant manners or in subtle long term ways, and I’m told that every decision we take is important as it carries the potential to transform timelines and create new ones to alter the course of history in beneficial ways that we can hardly fathom, as the effects of every act make ripples in the collective timeline.

The other series of dreams show me a horrific dystopian future, with farmed GMO cloned cyborg humans living in huge SMART high tech facilities but disconnected from heart and soul and their spiritual consciousness. They have been turned into a slave race used to conduct the nefarious agenda of dark powers controlling the world. There is more, but this is repulsive enough to add to it. I’m told that this timeline is unfolding, but we must focus on the timeline we want to create for us, our children and the future generations. Both realities will co-exist but we are given the choice to live in the timeline we create. It’s ours to replace the doomsday scenario with a better reality.

There could be more to say about these topics, but this is it for now, with the time available. Your comments and experiences on this are welcome.

10 thoughts on “Parallel Timelines Glitching, by SunBôw”

  1. Time lines have been shifting for some time now. I spent this past Christmas with some good friends. I took my favorite large handbag (a rich, Chestnut brown). I’d had it for a few years and didn’t use it very often because I don’t wear much brown clothing and it didn’t match most of my outfits. It was in very good shape. This particular day I decided to take it anyways, because I needed to carry some extra items with me. That afternoon one of my friends asked me if I’d like a new pocketbook. She said she was asking me because she’d seen mine out in the living room and she said it was in terrible condition. Another friend agreed with her. I told them that they must be mistaken and I walked over to my handbag and picked it up to show them. To my surprise, the leather was coming off of it in flakes of all sizes, all over it, as if the handbag was dryrotted. Wherever I touched it a piece of leather would break off and fall to the floor. It was brittle. But what shocked me the most was that it was no longer a rich chestnut brown. It was jet black. I went out to my car to see what the seat looked like. I’d had the handbag sitting in the passenger seat on my way over to their house and, when I got out of the car, I had reached over and dragged the handbag over the console to take it inside the house with me. The car was clean as a whistle. I know the color of that handbag like I know my name. It had always been a gorgeous chestnut brown. No one would ever have mistaken it for black. Something happened to it and the first thing I thought of was that a time line had jumped or merged with the one I was already in.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your experience Marilyn. t seems indeed like this type of parallel timelines occur more and more often, from what people report in different places. Blessings…


  2. The Mandela Effect is as real as the sun in our sky. I have had many personal experiences. A university graduation Champaign flute all of a sudden showing up. I graduated 25 years ago and we never got one. My Kindergarden picture from 1976 now says Kindergarten.

    C3PO now has a silver leg. And an antenna sticking out of his forehead. Not my reality!

    I am just used to it now.

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  3. SunBôw, about thirty years ago, I watched a movie with my three cousins – “A Christmas Story.” As we grew up together, we would make jokes to each other using dialogue from the movie – it has a few really good lines in it!

    About a year ago, I was talking with my cousin, Scott, who is the closest in age to me, and I threw out one of the old lines from the movie as a joke. We were talking about married life, and some of the difficulties one can have when good communication skills begin to break down between couples during times of stress, and what to do when these moments hit us.

    Scott said he had “heard of the movie, but had never seen it.” I was shocked. Beyond disbelief. This was not possible. I tried to recount a few more lines from the movie’s script for him, but nothing happened.

    Another thing, up until about…I don’t even know…twenty years ago, I used to have de ja vu’s all the time. Well, I had one about two weeks ago, and that’s when I realized I can’t really remember when my last one was.

    Something definitely stinks out there, and I don’t know what to do about it. When I asked an experienced, Star Nation friend, she said, “don’t think about this stuff, or remain inside it. Just work on yourself, keep one foot firmly in spirituality because that’s what’s most important right now. Also, love and forgive EVERYTHING with total commitment, call on your Higher Self, ask Sasquatch for help, ask your ancestors and Star Nations to join you in prayer and meditation.

    My mom passed last night. Interestingly, the only person who actually called me with condolences regarding mom was my wife. Now, it’s not right of me to expect any kind of action or duty from another, especially when it has not been promised already, or called for out of right-minded circumstances, but this is really strange. What is going on????

    Granted, I don’t get along with some of my family members, but we are cordial, at least. But when someone passes, don’t we put aside our differences and help each other? I feel like I am walking around in someone else’s dream, and the only relief I feel is when I meditate, or when I sit out in nature and look for Sasquatch sign, or watch momma doe and her two tiny fawns, the three beauties who choose to sleep at night in the bushes below my window.

    Granted, Sasquatch still sends owls, but I think he is busy because, although I see the pair of mated owls fly by many times a night, they do not seem to visit as often, and when they do, it doesn’t included the extended eye-contact which I am used to. Also, I haven’t seen the tiny white owl who perches right outside my bedroom window, looking in, for about a month now. I hear them all the time, but things just seem to be different….for everything right now.

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    1. Interesting accounts and inspiring insights. Thanks Brian. Indeed spirituality and meditation are our best protection in these troubled times. Strange things happen and become common. We have to focus on our center to make it through the storm.

      Sympathies for the loss of your mother. She is free and in a better place now, but she’s always alive. It is true that blood doesn’t always equal with family. It is good to have a spiritual family and community to connect with to share mutual support and teachings.

      Best blessings on your walk…


    1. Yes, we’re careful, this is a safe space. But we’re all about disclosure. There’s been enough secrecy and obscurantism concealing the truth that it takes some to bring it out to day light. Blessings…


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