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Experiencer account, by Paul Soto, from France

Experiencer account, by Paul Soto, from France:

Here is a little text that I wrote after experiencing an interesting stick sign in the middle of a beautiful mountainous reserve. The same area in which a beloved being gave us a signal of appearance: a beautiful braided mane on a horse in the middle of nowhere. This area is only used for sheep, cow herding… sometimes horses can be in the company. Situated on a desolate plateau, in a valley between several mountain peaks in Europe where shepherds graze their flock for several months
– – – –

I’m thinking again about the sign in the shape of the mathematical “py” and the material of the woods that make it up. When Pat showed it to us … all suspicions came to me …. hikers, a child, etc… but these strange woods, their material, their shape … reminded me of something.

I went in a spiral around the sign, getting further and further away. Everywhere trunks of fir trees fallen on the ground and more or less rotten. So my brain was interested in them while looking for the same shape and the same wood material as the components of the py sign on the ground. Then, about 100 m away as the crow flies from the ground sign, I saw a trunk freshly and purposefully splintered by, probably… animals… or… a “human”?

I approached, no footprints on the ground, but a real work of “de-picking” of the trunk had been done. A kind of “connection” is made in my head… I observe…. and… with my foot because with my hand I can’t do it because I don’t have enough strength… I detach from the inside of the rotten trunk… the base of a broken branch at the level of the trunk.

This “germ” of a branch has exactly the shape of the “horn” of the “py” elements on the ground! And the same material! My heart is beating wildly!
I feel that I have crossed a barrier. I bring this element back to my companions of adventure.

Later, at home, I receive from Pat, who has done research, photocopied documents about the signs encountered on the ground, elsewhere, by other people. One of these documents says that the mathematical “py” sign would have been used often throughout history to signify God or Creation… and would be frequently found on areas where the presence of the “woodland friend” is attested or suspected. I keep this in the back of my mind.

A few days later I think back to the sign and say to myself: “it is made of “sprouts” of branches whose starting point of the “sprout” is positioned towards the top of the sign, barely protruding from under the upstream bar, which is also made of a “sprout” of a branch” …. In the trunk life is “born” … yes … creation … and it is this element that is chosen to make the sign on the ground … meaning precisely this enigma that is the birth of life … it is coherent!

And it is not a hiker who will take the time to tear off these germs from a trunk, to remove by powerful abrasion the roughness to… leave an enigmatic symbol on the ground. And I have enough confidence in my companions that it is not them who took an hour or two during my sleep to constitute such a joke, they were as me moved in front of this strange and finally very elaborate sign! 

Incredible! My heart adds this sign to the strange braids in the mane of a horse in the fog of a pass, to the corn left at the foot of a waterfall in an offering ritual… and found just at my feet on a path four days later.

Yes… there is an enigma and my heart has strong emotion. As for the strange “fragon nest” found by chance in the forest by my sister in a surprising synchronicity of time since it was the same day… and she thought “a homeless person made a “nest” to protect himself from the cold? Yes…there is a conundrum to consider! And my heart swung to the expectation … of a meeting! Whatever form (gentle please) it takes!


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