Contemporary Shamanic Journeys, Volume Two is just released!!

Contemporary Shamanic Journeys, Volume Two is just released!!

Contemporary Shamanic Journeys, series by SunBôw TrueBrother

Volume One: On the Paths of Spiritualist Science

A true life story. Through his memoirs, the author takes the readers on a journey of discovery, wonderment and learning about shamanic teachings and practices. This first volume in the series covers a first decade of travels, adventures and spiritual growth, through various edifying experiences and empowering encounters. 372 pages.

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In Paperback

In eBook

Volume Two: Spiritualist Tribes and Communities

In this Volume Two of the series Contemporary Shamanic Journeys, the author takes us on another decade of pilgrimage and spiritual learning around North America and various countries of Europe, connecting with indigenist and spiritualist tribes and communities. These memoirs bring reflections on our collective human history, ancestral karmas, the akashic records, building communities and sacred ways to achieve healing, among other shamanic teachings.

In Paperback

In eBook: Link available soon.

Thanks for your interest and support. Best blessings to all…

2 thoughts on “Contemporary Shamanic Journeys, Volume Two is just released!!”

  1. SunBôw, it’s wonderful to see a Volume 2 come out! I’m looking forward to more teachings, especially those taught by our Elder Brothers directly to you! Sometimes, I pretend I’m “you” as I read noble accounts of very special personal sharing and emotional growth.

    I’m also looking forward to the opportunity to become a quiet mouse-in-the-corner once again, just soaking in all the wisdom, page after page, as it flows freely between other-centered beings.

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