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Experiencer account by Bill T. from Tennessee

By Bill T. from Tennessee

I lived in Knoxville or Tellico Village from 1986 until 2021. In 1996 my B-I-L and I were trout fishing on Abrahams Creek on the portion called The Horseshoe. This is inside the Great Smokies Mountains Park. It is remote and once in the stream you must complete the entire Horseshoe around the mountain to get out of the water.

Something threw two potato sized rocks into the stream between myself and my Brother-in-law. I was in front and he was about 100 feet behind me. The rocks came from up high as I saw the 2nd rock coming in mid air from higher up. We never saw anyone or anything. The Rocks landed about exactly between us as if that was the intention. I yelled up at whoever threw the rocks and it stopped throwing rocks down on us.

I had my cellphone with me but had no signal. My family had been trying to call us all day as my Grandmother had passed away that morning in Wisconsin. So I know exactly what day this happened in July of 1996.

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