Additional channels to contact SunBôw

Greetings friends and relatives,

When I googled ”sunbow true brother” last month, I got 394,000 results (8600+ for ”sunbow truebrother”). Today I get 237k and 6240. This shows clearly how the all-seeing algorithms will never allow alternative content to spread through organic growth, no matter how long, how hard and how steadily you invest efforts into networking. It is also shown with the numerous channels or groups with large follow up that are constantly censored or deleted.

On the other hand, content we make public is often misappropriated and reused by countless parties. As an example, six months ago I found out that some 140,000 users had already downloaded my Encyclopedia from an Asian site infringing on copyrights, without me getting a penny or any thanks. Another example is when someone buys one of my books from Amazon at $20, I might get as little as 57 cents per copy sold. 

After two decades of full time intensive networking online on numerous platforms and over a dozen years on FB, it has become clear that the biggest sharks always win at this game. The small independent content producers are up against gigantic monopolies and A-i control they can’t compete with.

For those who want to keep in touch, here’s my list of profiles on social medias. As I’m getting ready to move to a remote region with unsure access to the internet, I’ll be partly withdrawing from the FakeBot/Metaverse centralized monopoly and time-consuming censored platform, while trying to diversify the platforms and channels I use for communication, in case anything happens to my 5th FB profile (the first four were blocked). 

(For links to FB groups and pages, see the home page of this website).

If you are on any of those social medias and wish to connect, please add me to your lists, so we can help each other widen our networks. You are also most welcome to like our posts and share them in your social networks. You can use the share buttons under the posts, reblog or copy the links.

Main active profiles:

The best way to reach me outside of FB remains this website for now:
SCENIC @ (Subscribe to stay updated)

Contact Link

Lulu Author’s page

Amazon Author’s page

Twitter profile

Reddit profile channel

Youtube channels:

Paypal (for donations)

Other less active profiles:

LinkedIn (profile restricted from sharing blog posts)



Tik Tok


I forget a few others on minor platforms that I barely ever check, but here are a few options for a start, that should help to diversify and widen our networks and communication options. I’ll follow back and usually reply to all messages, unless they are completely irrelevant. Thanks and blessings to all of you…

3 thoughts on “Additional channels to contact SunBôw”

  1. I’m enjoying your first book very much. When I was little (maybe 4 years old), two sasquatches would come to my room at bedtime and instruct me about my purpose on Earth. I miss them. I don’t remember the details but I remember them as a loving, comforting presence. It’s good to know they are still with me in spirit. Everything in your book rings with truth. Thank you.

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