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Who is Sasquatch, Interview with SunBôw by Sarah St. Erth

Who is Sasquatch; With Sunbow Truebrother🌈

by SARAH ST.ERTH a day ago in INTERVIEW· updated a day ago

A Discussion to Foster Modernity’s Re-aquantaince with Our Older and Wiser Relatives.Cover Art By; Nana Kreeger


Sasquatch has been a topic of debate for the better part of the last 60 years, but the stories of their existence go back long before written records were kept. I am deeply honoured to be able to have had the following conversation, with an Elder who has spent the last 40 years reaching out to Sasquatch. Who he, and I refer to as our Elder Brothers/Sisters.

Sunbow has travelled all over North America, and Australia connecting with Indigenous Elders, to learn what they know about Sasquatch. This began after his first encounter with these Hairy Humanoids, while on a camping trip in the Chehalis region of British Colombia. He has written about his communications with our elder brothers in three books titled,

The Sasquatch Message To Humanity,

That you can find in the links below.

(1)Sasquatch Message To Humanity 1

(2)Sasquatch Message To Humanity 2

 (3)Sasquatch Message To Humanity 3

Three Generations of my Family have interacted with this same family group, with which Sunbow had his first contact, all those years ago. Today we build yet another bridge between our Elder Brothers and Sisters, and humanity.

Sunbow was kind enough to spend an hour sharing his knowledge with us, and the following discussion is full of amazing facts, clandestine cover-ups, and some truly revealing research that I strongly feel needs to become front and center; For reasons that may not have occurred to you, when faced with the question, Who, or what is Sasquatch? More about this here

The following interview is a summary of an extensive and detailed discourse, that has the approval of Author Sunbow Truebrother.

~First Of All, Welcome Sunbow, and thank you for speaking with me today.

Thank you for inviting me:

Q#1: Sunbow, what inspired you, and when did you begin reaching out to our Big Brothers/Sisters?

A: Well, it is a story of many lifetimes, that began in my late childhood and early pre-teens, with the Patterson Footage. My first Experience with Sasquatch, I was 17 years old, In the region of British Colombia called Chehalis. This was the beginning of my journey to connect with Sasquatch, and Indigenous Elders, whom I have travelled to learn with for the last 40 years. During which I have had many sightings and experiences.

Interviewers comments

The Sts’ailes People have called this region home for tens of thousands of years. The word Sasquatch, is an anglicized version of their word: Sa:sq’ets, which is used to describe caretakers who watch over the land. Highway 7 in BC, is known as Scenic 7, and is a hotbed of sightings and lore.

Q#2: I have found in my research, discussions about the Sasquatch Genome Project, that our Big Brothers have human D.N.A. What is your understanding of this line of research?

A: Sasquatch People have been on this planet much longer than us, upwards of 200-300 million years now. They are our much older relatives. They share 99% of our D.N.A. Despite mainstream ridicule, there are over 100 D.N.A. Samples that have been subjected to a five year research project, headed up by Dr. Ketchum. Her findings traced the mitochondrial D.N.A and found that it stems from human female ancestors. These can be traced to remote populations sometime around 13,000 years ago.

Sybilla Irwin:

 Q#3: In your opinion, is the secrecy and deliberate dismissal of Sasquatch connected with corporate industries desire to continue un-checked with destructive resource extraction projects and practices?

A: One has only to look at the history of genocide and colonization in Canada, to get a very clear picture of the lengths governing bodies and corporations will go to secure resources. Great measures and entire committees have been created to hunt, and suppress the truth about Sasquatch. The International Committee For Research into Hairy Humanoids, founded in Rome, in 1963, by The CIA, The KGB, and Mi6, was an official operation, that was tasked to attend to reports, collect data, and remove evidence. Further, The US Embassy in Nepal penned “The Yeti Memo” a document deploying the several Yeti hunting expeditions into the Himalayas, between 1957-1959. An explorer named Peter Byrne, who also hunted Yeti, found in a remote Buddhist temple, what he believed was a Yeti hand; Which he stole and brought back to the United States. What became of it then becomes obscure.

Q#4: Have you found personal gifts or attributes of self, that have been either directly taught, or activated as a result of your connections with Big Brother/Sister?

A: Definitely, Empathy, compassion and connection for, and with, all life forms including our Planet. When you reach out to our greater cosmic family, you begin to have expansions in your consciousness that allow conversations with highly evolved beings. This requires deep levels of understanding that I have been learning about for the last 40 years during my shamanic training.

Sybilla Irwin http://www.sybilla

Q#5: Can you tell us, the laymen, the overarching lesson and guidance you think is most important to share with humanity?

A: There are many paths up the mountain, but I am happy to share some tips. We are so much more than our physical bodies, which make up only 3% of our total being, the same is true in the greater living world. What you see is only 3% of the reality we are existing in. That means 97% of reality is not physical. We must remember we are a soul beyond this body, that has multi dimensional abilities to heal, connect, and grow while we reside in this sensory experience.

excerpt from Hairy Humanoids From The Wild

Q#6: Because Sasquatch is so attuned to his her forest surroundings, when a person sees Big brother/sister is it an accident? Or has the person been selected specifically, and why certain people?

A: Nothing is an accident, it can mean they are asking you to acknowledge their presence. Not everyone who sees Sasquatch will be able to process what they have seen and will dismiss it. In July of 2017, In Harrison Hot Springs BC, I was camping at Sasquatch Park, when, in front of 150 witnesses a Sasquatch walked right through the campsite. Everyone went inside their campers and tents and hid except me. I had to laugh, as our human family, even the openmimded, were not quite prepared to engage with the greater reality that we are residing within.

Copyrights: Susan Sweet- Cryptid Artist

Q#7: What action can people take towards a positive future for humanity and for our big brothers, the representatives of the living world?

A: Choosing Enlightenment over materlistic paradigms, humans can also access their mystical and supernatural powers, like telepathy. Remembering our place in the Universe, and recalling the place of empathy, where we can feel without talking, expanding our telepathic abilities. Remembering our non physical selves, whose intent, goals and purpose is not to satisfy material needs or ambition. The Earth is a plane, or “school” that is meant to help us become better souls. We must turn our backs on what I call the “Uncivilization of Humanity” which has lead us away from all ancient spiritual knowledge and practice. Keeping our populations narrow minded and easier to manipulate.

Ancient Connection: Marcia K. Moore

Q#8: What connection, if any, exists between The Hopi Prophesies and the teachings that you have received that connect with Sasquatch?

(More about this here)

A: That a spiritual revolution is needed. We need to re-connect with ancient teachings, and stop making the same mistakes and expecting different results. Both The Sasquatch and the Hopi Propheises address the need for humanity to wake up, and become sovereign beings who are full of empathy, and compassion. Free from the capitalist illusion of success. Capable of self governance, and the ability to make descions that will benefit the next seven generations. If we do not, we will be leaving a legacy of destruction. This is the foundational message of both The Hopi Prophesies, and The Sasquatch Message to Humanity.

Sunbow Truebrother

You can find more info about the Hopi Prophesies here

Sunbows Closing Comments

The world will become what we make of it. Now, we are standing at the fork in the road, where the path to a time of great peace or great destruction are upon us. We are seeing and fulfilling the Two Roads Prophecy of The Hopi. One leading back to the plan of creation, which is the only lasting viable lifestyle, or the path that leads to destruction signaled by –

  • Nature out of balance
  • Conquest, and Colinialism
  • Violence

We can solve all the worlds problems through empathy from the soul. Through the gifts we are given of these divine embodiments.

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