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Connections accounts by Rachel Hybrid, from England

Connections accounts by Rachel Hybrid, from England

Dear sunbow true brother.
With a heart so full I write you this evening.
My first experience with our sacred sasquatch people was when I was very young… Looking over my crib… as a small child I communicated with my guides and more… I played by the trees and plants and talked to the elemental beings. For me this was completely natural… I saw things and felt energies…

As time went by I forgot about the truth of nature and my fight for living in the so called ego world would damage me deeply… Until my reconnect with the ancient ones and sasquatch people. They have rekindled my light and with this I am forever grateful… they teach what real love is… they teach what healing is… they teach what I feel is the most important wonderful lessons one could ever dream of receiving, and more.

On a clear day in England my daughter and I were walking our dogs in a field and across the way in a further field was my ancient one spirit guide… She was a beautiful medium tan brown and shone like the sun… Her hair was flowing so gracefully and her walk was completely smooth… I was so relaxed and my daughter too… We are still delighted and overwhelmed that our guide showed herself so amazingly in the middle of the day…

Of course they have special specific abilities to make sure no one else can see them. We started taking nuts and organic goodies for gifting and they were mostly always taken… the odd occasion there was someone shooting protecting the crops so they stay away…

A wonderful time for us was when we took a slice of cheese and my guide took a bite and left us the imprint… that was very nice of her… And a very fun time was an extremely hot day for England… I was puffing away and needed shade so I stood by the stream to catch my breath and right In front of me there was a big gasp of air!!just how you would breath heavy in the heat… this to this day has me laughing and smiling so…

I see stick glyphs left for us… of message which I channeled hopefully correct… Some take time to sink in… some right away… I have many photos and footprints some I will share as I hold the up most respect and honour for the ancient ones and sasquatch people and other wonderful beings.

Stay in your heart space 


Many blessings
White Star Shining…

Messages channeled via Rachel Hybrid:

We are the children of the light source

We follow the light source

We come to earth to help

We follow man on continuous journey

We are here to help and with that we thankyou,

We love you all Sandia 

This is Limptbataook

He told me to pick up the pen I am here to say we love you very much.

And I /we want to help you.

Deep breathing helps to relax into a higher state of consciousness.

Practice twice a day and you will feel free.

We love you very much. We are here always. Sleep well.

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