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Experiencer’s connection by Lynda Bruce Ph.D., from California

Experiencer’s connection by Lynda Bruce Ph.D., from California

This mornings meditation took an unexpected turn. I imagined I had Sasquatch arms, hands, legs. I ran my hands over my arms, hands, palms. It was visual only. Then I got in a sort of teepee with other Sasquatch, including children. The thought came to me if I wanted to meet Sasquatch why not go to them?

When I went into the tent I sat down easily. I have knee implants. I would not have been able to sit easily cross legged. So I must have been watching from the eyes of another being. I know that happens. Maybe it’s a way they can reach more souls in a short time, invite them to be family, to feel the Sasquatch as themselves. It was very welcoming.

I enjoyed running my fingers down the arm, the palm of the hand. Look around at the family. It was a very sweet moment for me. I would be very happy with that sort of contact if it was safer, easier for them. And maybe they are not part of my genetic Star People past. The most important thing is the alignment, unity of spirit.

Maybe it’s a way to introduce interdimensionality which they say in book 2 is their main goal (at the time of the channeling). This was sweet beyond words. I have never needed proof. Or to see them in person. This was such a gift.


I’ve been reading your articles on Australia. My family was around to witness relocation of the Miwok (not full name) in Wawona Valley. The native women had brought venison to my grandmother, with 4 tiny children, during a blizzard. My family knew the natives. Josie & 2 other women brought the meat. The natives taught my grandfather hunting, tracking, fishing. Then they were relocated because they made wealthy tourists “nervous” about staying in the new (then) Wawona Hotel in Yosemite. Now some natives live on the valley floor but some few remained. These horrific relocations not only scar the indigenous people but morally & psychically those who witnessed it. I have carried this story like a weight I can’t put down. Josie’s words, “We can tell from your smoke you don’t have any meat.” They brought venison thru the dark during a record blizzard to my grandmother’s cabin… I saw the photos of the Miwok gifting circle! Thank you!

I’ve been pondering that photo of the branch shelf in the tree made by Sasquatch… the best Wabi Sabi creations. It’s the Zen of Zen. Also this morning feeling awe that you walked barefoot on all that sacred land, sacred history. Also how you allowed answers to develop to questions of Spirit. How long it took sometimes yet you waited and watched for the next step to reveal itself. Much to contemplate!

Thank you and Thanks to the Sasquatch Nation!

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