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CE5 Experience by Donna Burke, from Georgia

CE5 Experience by Donna Burke, from Georgia

My first ever CE5 I invited any & all benevolent beings… The next morning I found this heart on my horse’s hip, plus upon awakening I was given a download that the horse was out of the pasture & sure enough I found him by my back door (that’s the only time it’s ever gotten out). Do you suppose a sasquatch visitor came by? The P’nti said it wasn’t them and that Sasquatch sometimes will mess with it braid a horse’s mane… Just wondering if you’ve ever seen what appears to me like a “work of art” heart.

Red heart

SunBôw’s reply:

Awesome. There’s many cases of Sasquatch hanging around horses and braiding manes. Never seen anything like your photo, but that could be their kind of message, especially if it’s your horse… (and after a CE5 = Close Encounter of the 5th kind)…

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