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Pleiadian crafts nullifying the chemtrails, by Rachel Hybrid

Pleiadian crafts nullifying the chemtrails, by Rachel Hybrid

Dear Sunbow and All, I hope all is well with everyone,
Sometimes I get a feeling to take a photograph… I can be anywhere but usually in nature… as I walk my dogs everyday… for no apparent reason…

I took a photograph of the sky upon walking to our meadow and after coming home… A few days later I look at the shots I take… Here we have a craft from the Pleiadians… A smiling face looking down at me…. Then their craft flying along nullifying the chemtrails.

I am not at good with technology about the best I can do is scroll inward and screenshot… This morning I went outside my back garden to look up to the sky and I said my prayers and more… The sky had quite a few trails of which I asked for my guides to remove… A few minutes later I happen to look outside again and they were almost gone.

Three of my spirit guides are residing at mount Shasta… They rescued me as a child as I was heavily abducted. They are Pleiadian/Sirian/Towarthan (Fae). At the time of my rescue they gave me a download… It was like a projection on my bedroom wall and the letters were like ancient holographics. I’m sure I have tapped into this knowledge as my life goes by.

Thank you all.

White Star Shining

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