Cryptid: Thylacine filmed near Melbourne

Cryptid: Thylacine filmed near Melbourne

What is believed to be a Thylacine, a large extinct carnivorous marsupial also known as Tasmanian ”Tiger” or ”Wolf”, was filmed near Melbourne. By its size and behavior, it looks like a lost baby wandering too close from civilization.

Animal recently filmed near Melbourne

The last known Tasmanian Tiger died in captivity in 1936, but an Australian mainland Thylacine is also known from the fossil record.

Last known Thylacine in 1936

The closest relative of the Thylacine is the Marsupial Lion or Thylacoleo Carnifex, thought to be extinct since 12,000 years, age of the most recent bones found, but commonly observed and reported across eastern Australia, looking like a black panther.

Some readers might remember my close encounter with the Marsupial Lion in New South Wales a year and a half ago, which the Originals call Bunyip among other names. The resurgence of cryptids or animals thought instinct has been announced in certain prophecies. It could presage a recovering of Nature and a return to balance…

See video:


Extinct Tassie tiger looking creature found in Strathmore, Melbourneđź“Ť. What really is it? @Channel 9 #extinct #extinctanimal #tasmaniantiger #thylacine #melbourne #westmelbourne #animals #victoria #fyp #fypă‚·

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Thanks to Rachel Hybrid for the link.

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