Message from a Sasquatch Elder, via Oregon Sasquatch Encounter

Message from a Sasquatch Elder, via Oregon Sasquatch Encounter:

“Our lack of interaction and presence with the human race is not by our decision alone. There is alot more going on then you understand. Long ago, the human race and the Sasquatch lived as one. It was a beautiful time as we were teaching you as the Elders we are the Devine cosmic teaching of the universe and how to be in harmony with nature.

”Then there came a time when you strayed from our teachings as your free will allowed you to choose a different path for your species. Your focus changed and consciousness became more grounded in this material realm. With sadness we watched your species walk away from us and become more violent, disrespectful, and power hungry. But still we did not loose compassion for you as you merely lost your way. Your actions became increasingly violent and unpredictable and the decision was made by the Star Council to withdraw contact and presence with the human race until the time came again when humanity’s consciousness reached a safe and appropriate level for close contact and communication. You must understand, our race is just a small pebble in a whole lake of beings in the multiverse that are under this no contact order.

”But let assure you my beloved ones, the tide is turning. Your finding your way back home. Humanity’s consciousness is rising like a phoenix. You are beginning to open your eyes and see what is not working for your race. You may look around you and disagree with me but the chaos around is a cosmic signal of the great polarity of energies. In increase in negative energy is trying to meet the positive you are creating. In the end, one will give way to the other. And let me tell you my beloved ones, we have the ability to foresee this conclusion. We see You. We see all of You coming home. Rejoining us and all beings in a time of great peace and harmony for all life on this planet ❤️🌍

-Sasquatch Elder

4 thoughts on “Message from a Sasquatch Elder, via Oregon Sasquatch Encounter”

  1. Realising the benevolence of your being 👣 eco’s true eternal presence, liberating 🌿 coming home one with nature of being✋️🌏🤚Blessings

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  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your kind words of support, Sasquatch Elder from the Oregon area.

    These good tidings bring joy and tears, together. The more negatively-charged the forces are around here, the more I want to keep pushing hard toward Love, compassions…toward The Light of the Great Creator.

    “Humanity’s consciousness is rising like a phoenix.” This heart fills with hope, and my little egg-shaped merkaba (I feel great love for Owls, Hawks and Falcons) fills with a Violet Light from your good thoughts. I wish you the blessings of a diverse forest (or other habitat) where tons of critters all come together to create a massively complex biomass, overflowing with entropic energy, room for All, no waste, clean water and air, and the blessing of Fire to warm yourself.

    Love and Light to our wonderful, respected Sasquatch Elders (and also to SunBôw TrueBrother, too – please done’t let yourself get too cold out there).

    Oh! I wish I knew the name of the beautiful Sasquatch friend who lives by the Iron Horse Creek in SAN RAMON, Ca. S/he helps me with with her deep well of infinite patience and unconditional love, even when mine are dry. (I live on Fircrest Lane, if that helps.)

    May your Nights be filled with Stars, wooshy whistles, and plenty of owl’s hoots to answer.

    Love, Brian Hillyer

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    1. Thanks for your encouraging comment Brian. About names, once you know someone, you can call them however you like if it fits for both souls involved in the communication. If they don’t give you a name, then maybe it’s a message teaching that they don’t need one. Names are for our human understanding to know who we are talking about, but not necessary to know who we are talking to, if our souls are connected. Best blessings on your quest…

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