The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cryptozoology, by Vlad Stankovic

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cryptozoology, by Vlad Stankovic:

An illustrated encyclopedia about mysterious cryptid creatures from around the world.

Note from SCENIC: I have not seen the book and cannot guarantee the quality of its content and interpretation, but its looks very well made with nice artwork and interesting enough to share, especially for children or beginners in the field. Personally, I don’t consider Sasquatch/Yeti/Yowie as subjects of cryptozoology as they are not animals but intelligent people, however mysterious and elusive enough to remain widely unknown and hidden. The following description is quoted directly from the author’s web page.

What is Cryptozoology? Cryptozoology is a discipline that aims to prove the existence of unknown animals and entities based on folklore record and sightings. Cryptozoologists refer to these entities as cryptids. But cryptozoology is not only about the Yeti, Chupacabra or Nessie, there so many more fascinating creatures that deserve the same attention and fame.

This illustrated encyclopedia showcases and describes the mysterious cryptid creatures from around the world.  

Conceived as a blend of science and fantasyvintage and modern, it is a visual guide to the world that lurks beyond our current knowledge of nature.

It’s a collection of colorful and fascinating menagerie of mysterious creatures that were witnessed and reported by people from around the world – from the remote deserts of Australia to the high mountains of North America and beyond. 

More than 35 full-color pages that feature spot illustrations as well as full page artworks of cryptids with accompanying text that describes their origin, appearance and known characteristics. The book includes the depictions of Bigfoot, Thunderbird, Bunyip, Loveland Frogman, Kappa, Nandi Bear, Yowie, Mulilo Slug and many, many more!  

All the illustrations are high in detail and were drawn and painted by hand with pencils and watercolors, then digitally processed and arranged.

To learn more, visit The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cryptozoology

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