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Recent Yowie encounter reported in Queensland

Recent Yowie encounter reported in Queensland:

Note: I found this recent report of a Yowie sighting interesting and was ready to post it when I recognized the name of the place in the article and after double-checking, it turns out that out of all places, Jimna is this same small remote Indigenous community of ninety souls isolated in the mountainous wilderness at the core of the Yowie Triangle, where I happened to have been two years ago on my way to a nearby mountaintop where I spent the night and had a close encounters of a few hours with the local Yowie clan. I wrote about this experience in the Yowie Triangle in previous posts. I remember hearing while there that the people in Jimna were quite familiar with the Yowie and rather feared encountering them. Here is the latest Yowie story:

Three plantation workers encountered the “hairy ape-like creature” on Saturday, December 4, 2021, when they were driving to the Jimna Base Camp, a campsite set in the wilderness of Queensland, Australia. One of the men said they first spotted the “slouched over figure” under a streetlight. Then, when the animal noticed the men, it turned in their direction. Eyewitness Seamus Fitzgerald told that the animal had “very long arms” and an “apelike” face. Fitzgerald said that at first sight the men thought it was “a boar or a really big animal.” However, he added that when they approached the creature it ran away from them in a “very apelike” manner. “I’ve never really had a paranormal or strange experience like that before. I hardly slept that night and the feeling was overwhelming that I had seen something that I never believed in previously.”

Mr Fitzgerald said although he never previously believed in the existence of Yowies, the experience had prompted him to go looking for another sighting. He said: “I’m very intrigued to find out what other people have seen and experienced.”

We were in “utter disbelief” of what we were seeing, explained Stirling Slocock-Bennett, the second eye-witness. He said the group was “immediately confused when it crossed paths with the unknown entity. “It definitely was a scary moment for me, as I said I was so confused and shook of what we were seeing, and as we got closer and closer it didn’t make sense like you’d hope. We went on a few hikes after to see it, but sadly they weren’t organised very well, too many people and too loud. However after speaking to locals it seems the Yowies are pushed out in storms.”

Locals from the tiny town of Jimna, with a population of just 91 people, have reportedly claimed to have seen evidence of the supposed Yowie before. In 2019, an expert tracker claimed the legendary beast, who is believed to be an 8ft-tall Bigfoot-like creature, has been repeatedly sighted in the outback.

Dean Harrison, from Australian Yowie Research, said the animal was like “nothing I had ever seen before in my entire life,” and he said he thought he was going to die. He said the animal started running ahead of him, so he veered away from the forest tree line. Supporting his story, he claims he was on the phone at the time and the woman on the other end heard the whole “life-changing event.”

Notwithstanding, Dean went so far as to say that during the encounter the unknown animal “roared.” Many Yowie reports include a loud roar, most famously the Yowie incident at Candole State Forest in 2007. A 2018 ABC News article spoke with Rod Benfield, one of the admins of the Coffs Harbor and Mid North Coast yowie sightings and research group, who says he encountered the creature up close. Feelings of “dread and outright fear” consumed him when he heard the ape-man roar “louder than a lion.”

The word “Yowie” appears as early as 1875 in Rev. William Ridley’s book, Kámilarói and Other Australian Languages . The author noted that the Kámilarói people used the word Yō-wī to describe “a spirit that roams over the earth at night.” Today, the Yowie is generally described as a hairy ape-like animal between 2 and 3.5 meters (6.5 to 11.5 ft) high, its feet are described as being much larger than a human’s, and its nose is most often described as being much wider and flatter.

Sources: Ancient Origins, Sun

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