Yowie researcher Tony Healy on Channel 7

Yowie researcher Tony Healy on Channel 7:

Tony Healy of Australian Yowie Research speaks about the phenomenon on Channel 7.

From the Youtube channel: After uploading our Audio Report of a Yowie witnessed at Picnic Point at Toowoomba in Queensland, the story went viral. Channel 7 contacted us for an interview, and Tony Healy agreed to step up to the plate.

Tony Healy authored ”The Yowie: In Search of Australia’s Bigfoot”.

Synopsis: Australia’s most baffling zoological mystery! During the early colonial era, Australia’s Aborigines often warned British settlers to beware of huge, ape-like creatures that lurked in the rugged mountains and deep forests of the island continent. Their people, they said, had been encountering the hairy horrors since time immemorial. They knew them by many names, including doolagarl, thoolagarl, jurrawarra and tjangara. Soon the colonists, too, began to experience hair-raising encounters with the hulking, foul-smelling creatures, which they referred to as “Australian apes,” “yahoos” or “youries.” Today, they are generally referred to as yowies. The list of modern-day eyewitnesses includes zoologists, rangers, surveyors and members of the elite Special Air Service Regiment. This book chronicles the yowie saga from the pre-colonial era to the present day. It contains over 300 carefully documented eyewitness reports and a vast amount of other data, much of which suggests that the damnably elusive creatures really do exist. The authors also critically examine the many theories that have been put forward to explain – or explain away – Australia’s most baffling zoological mystery.

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