Cloaking, Invisibility or the ”Predator Effect”, by Thor Maier

Cloaking, Invisibility or the ”Predator Effect”, by Thor Maier

Note: The phenomenon of cloaking or invisibility, dubbed the ”Predator Effect” is often observed and reported by Sasquatch experiencers. Although controversial and often labeled as woo woo, honest research requires to consider all the evidences presented. The following article by Thor Maier addresses this and other paranormal aspects surrounding Sasquatch, including aliens. I do not subscribe to every word for word in this text, but agree for most parts, as much of it resonates with my experiences and writings. Yet, I honor and admire the questioning and inquiry of a growing number like this author about the unspoken, the untold, the taboos and the bigger picture. They can be thanked for their courage to explore beyond the conventional norm, despite the ridicule often faced, as these make the pioneers of discovery and progress. Their conclusions often converge, since they learn from the same evidence. -SunBôw

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The Predator Effect, by Thor Maier

Have you ever heard of the theory that Bigfoot is actually an alien? Or at least connected to aliens in some sort of way…Well, there are, of course, many theories out there. And if I was to list them all, I would be writing a book, not a blog. Plus I think I would lose my last bit of brain cells at that point. At the very basics of the belief in Bigfoot, there is the belief that there is a creature living in the wild that is either a long lost relative of homosapiens, or even a completely different species. Both of these can be connected to aliens if you look at it the right way. And I don’t mean cross your eyes and take a sip of beer. We are not getting THAT far into conspiracy theories tonight.

In the “distant relative” theory, it seems a little plausible. So, the idea is that back in the ancient times of modern man, a species broke away and became its own species. And while we as modern man went the technology route, the other species went the nature-based route. And basically became wild humans.. I imagine that would be why they are so hard to see. They have mastered the art of disguise to keep from being hunted and discovered.

I kind of like this theory because it shows the possibility of a natural species out there that is out-smarting humans and there is little to nothing we can do about it. But what is the connection to aliens? Well, if you watch Ancient Aliens, you will remember them talking about how aliens created humans in order to do their work for them here on earth. This was a really cool theory for me because it make so much sense. It can relate to every religion that suggests we were created….which is every religion. So, they are suggesting that religion got it wrong in the sense that it wasn’t was aliens.

So, aliens created man… But what if they had to experiment first? They would have had to test theories of their own to get the right result. So, maybe we weren’t the first result, just the final one. The main “ancient alien” theory is that they created man in order to mine for gold or some other substance. If that is the case, I imagine their first creation would have been one with a LOT more muscle than us. And so on, and so forth until they had us.

Now, this theory holds water because if the first being they made wasn’t right (or maybe 50 beings after that), they would have just destroyed them. A possible example could be the ability to live a really long time and thus not needing so much reproduction. Where does that come from? Noah was supposedly around 800 years old at the time that the flood happened. That flood killed off humanity…then humans lived less amount of time..

Maybe these are hints to the origins of how we came to be in the line of this theory. Maybe. But, what about all those possible human experiments? Well, maybe in the process of destroying the rejected ones, they missed some.. It has to be possible. I mean, even Japan had survivors of the atomic bombs. So, who’s to say that a species was able to survive by hiding in the wilderness. Over time, each of the two remaining species (there is a belief that there are more) evolved and survived. And at the age of modern technology, we are now at a point where the 2 are having a harder and harder time being separated.

Now on to the less popular, but still understandable theory.

In my own little spin on this theory, I want to start with the same scenario. Aliens created multiple species in an effort to create the right species in their image. And in the process, they created one that wasn’t what they wanted, but could still serve a purpose. In order to not be out in the open as an alien species, they needed something to blend in and help keep an eye on the Earth.

So, they created Bigfoot. Sasquatch. Yeti. The abdominal snowman. All of which are of the same creation. They are all just different races in the same way Asians, Europeans, Africans, and Native Americans are all humans, just different races. This theory calls for a biological species with intelligence to be able to survive, blend in, and communicate.
So, very simply, they watch humanity and report back to the aliens with what they see and experience. This is a great way for the extraterrestrials to know what is going on without exposing themselves to us.

The problem people always have with this theory at first, is asking how they communicate. Well, if I knew that answer, I would be famous for the discovery of Bigfoot. And I would be able to tell this story on a much larger scale. Instead, I am going on reports and personal experience. Personal as in the stories I have been told from people I know personally.

Que the Predator Effect. My good friend, Bill, is the one I mostly investigate with here in Kentucky. And this guy has a ton of knowledge and experience. And when I first met him, we went to investigate a cemetery. Within 5 minutes, we began hearing really strange things from the woods. The investigation then turned to a Bigfoot investigation.
Bill then began telling me some of his experience with Bigfoot and what he calls the “Predator Effect”. Remember the movie, Predator? When he was hunting, he would turn invisible. But you could still see him by the heat-effect he had. This was most likely an effect just to help the movie-goer know where he was. For all we know, the real predator would have the technology to be completely invisible. Maybe not. But that effect is Bill’s description for what he has seen and what many have reported.

So many times (myself included), people have reported seeing this anomaly in the wilderness or even in cemeteries. That is where I saw one. I actually had it on film. Thank you to the ex for having that lost. Anyway, I always thought it was some sort of portal because I caught it in a cemetery. But, the more I investigate Bigfoot, the more I am hearing this being associated with sightings.

It is believed that Bigfoot is able to cloak itself in order to not be seen. And for this reason, it is believed they might have other abilities. Magic, supernatural, whatever your thoughts might be for the source, the thought is that they are a natural being that survives as a wild animal. But they have the ability to conduct their “business” in a way we can’t yet understand. So, what else can they do?

The theory is that if they are able to do this, then why? Not just to hide, why do they have this ability? As long as humans have been around, we are just now starting to open the door to things like telekinesis, psychic abilities, out of body experiences, all kinds of things. But, we are infants in this realm of possibilities.

If we are not the first species to be created, what are we catching up to? And more than that, what would the possibilities be of what is more advanced than us? Since we don’t know, let’s look at what we have seen. If the Predator Effect is what we think it is, it is the same as the movie. He disappears and we are left with that sight as an indication of where he is.

I believe it is safe to say that they know of this ability and how to control it. And therefore, I believe they know where that ability came from. If they do, they have to be intelligent enough to know they should be able to communicate with the creators. They obviously don’t have religion like humans do or we would see their religious monuments and churches. But we don’t. So, for that reason, I have to believe they are intelligently more advance than we are. And able to communicate with aliens, who created them. Maybe they are even able to travel to see them.

That theory often involves the theory they can travel to and from the aliens and their ships or planets. Whether this is through portals or being lifted into ships, they might be able to travel. And this could also be why we don’t see them in the wild. Maybe there are only so many at a time on Earth. It would make sense for sure.

I think in time, we will all be able to find the answers. As humans, we are all on a crash course to the official discovery of aliens. With the many insane things of 2020, the pentagon actually released files and video of UFOs. So, with full disclosure, all items and being associated with them will also be exposed. And I think it is a great possibility that Bigfoot could be a part of those files.

What do you think?

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