Spring Poem for Sasquatch, by Aaron Scott

Spring Poem for Sasquatch, by Aaron Scott:

At last, the elusive Sasquatch is found!?

The tall, hairy being of the Natives’ lore left the wood?

The abominable mudman, subdued to the slander

of the media, just… walked out?

You can’t miss him, his ginger locks gingerly sit

upon his disheveled head and body.

His eyes, deep-set and topaz aglow

with hands bony and feet wide, yearning for simple contact.

Years spent simply waiting and watching the humans

for some time now; he figured he’d fit in

at this point. They all looked like

manila manimals.

Fear struck twelve as he stood before a dozen of them.

His daunting size and daft incisors

proved fruitless in earning favor.

Though, he did not attack, so neither did they.

He lived among them, while

keeping to himself and letting his

eye wander. I wonder how he managed

for so long. Being a being so different, hence so… wrong…

Onset acute skepticism

forced him to accept a schism

that was rather septic.

“You’re too human, you feel too much!”

He did… He cried in pain,

and blamed himself, he lashed

in vain: his bane, his self.

He thought he knew he was no good.

Ought he return? Back to the wood?

Or should he stay and rough it?

His skin was not tough, it

only broke under pressure,

the furry façade, being no usher.

To this day he doesn’t know.

A beast, battered by the blows

Of wind, of word, of white, of woman

Of wit, of woe, of want… wanting to be free… take heed… you’ll see.

Source: Sasquatch Says

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