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Childhood encounter by Danielle, from Quebec

Childhood encounter by Danielle, from Quebec:

Good day, Little Brother of our Brothers and Sisters. I have been hiding a secret all my life. I was brought back to the tent in her arms when I was four years old. And since, my heart has been crying: ”Mummy, come pick me up!” with every heartbeat. My hope in my heart is that they come to help us out.

In Louvicourt, Quebec, further north than Val D’Or, in 1965. She clearly communicated with me. She was intelligent. I have the impression that they are much more than we are.

I woke up in the forest. She told me to stand up on my feet and not to look at her. I looked down at the ground, but I saw their feet. I thought they were wearing fur boots.

There was two of them. The Madam picked me up in her arms and I was careful not to look at her. (I believe they can take control of us and of our thoughts). She was talking with the other. I could not understand their language. I believe they were arguing because of me. I came close to start crying. They stopped talking and walking, and then I saw her breast and I covered my eyes out of shyness. She put me back on her shoulder and they continued to walk.

When we came close to the tent in which my family was sleeping, she let me down by a small bush and she told me not to move nor to make any noise, ad she left.

The male stayed close to me, a few feet further. I could not see him and I was afraid of him. Plus I was cold. I was only four, so I found myself again trying to do my best to control myself and stay calm, but the cold and the fear bring me back on the edge of bursting in tears.

The Mister acted without moving. Suddenly I was wrapped, as if he was sending me a cloud of warm air. I was surprised and told myself: ”He is not bad the Mister”. And I was all happy and shy towards the Mister in the darkness, who did not show himself.

My heart was saying ”Thank you Mister”, when the Madam returned to pick me up. I tried to see him, but he did not show himself. She took me back to the tent. She put me inside. She wanted me to lay back in my place, by I was frozen in the darkness.

I was sure I would stumble before getting to my place. The Madam picked me up and put me me back in my place. When she sis that, I had the chance to look into her eyes. Some beautiful eyes filled with love. I am sure she took control of me and put me to sleep. My eyes stayed fixed on her eyes. She did not let me look at the rest of her face.

But in the following days, I was trying to tell my mother. I was looking for the Madam and pointed at the Aunt Jemima pancake mix box. 😅 The Madam had amber eyes.

My reaction to her?… The same as if it had been my real mother. Another thing that I realize today but didn’t at four, is that she certainly went across the tent fabric as it there was nothing.

My heart still talks to them every day and I think they help our evolution and healing. I believe… Have a beautiful day. It was my pleasure to share. I have hope in the future, to understand more.


(Note: Translated from French)

4 thoughts on “Childhood encounter by Danielle, from Quebec”

  1. Comment by Ken Becker on FB:

    That’s beautiful. It is SO similar to what happened to me stage 7. The comfortable feeling. Wanting to go with the female. To be with her forever. Looking into those beautiful brown eyes and seeing love. I also saw sadness. I was allowed to look into her face. Her hair was streaked with grey. There was a male, too, who kept out of sight.

    I believe she was with me every time I was alone in the woods. She spoke to me. Maybe it was mind speak. Maybe pheromones. Maybe it was just empathy. Images. Feelings.
    But she did something I’ve never forgotten… She told me her name!!! In words. Verbally!
    When she left me she made two sounds: an exhalation of breath that sounded like “woosh”, and then a gutteral sound from her throat that sounded like “uck”. That’s what I called her, “Wooshuk”. I also called her “mom”, but that was just a feeling.


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