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Did I connect telepathically with Bigfoot? by Josette 22

Did I connect telepathically with Bigfoot? by Josette 22:

About 20 years ago I had heard about a lady who had found rocks on her deck in the form of a circle where there were no other rocks. I even saw the photos. She lived in a forest so she thought that maybe Bigfoot had placed them there.

Ok so 5 years ago I’m living near the river in a nice 4-plex. We never ever had any problems with anyone bothering us in the many years I had lived there. It was a very peaceful neighborhood. Nobody bothered our cars or left trash on the property. Nobody bothered the flowers and pots we had placed outside.

I had heard that Bigfoot can render themselves invisible at will, and I had also heard that there are invisible creatures that may be in our midst at any time, and we could never tell they are there. I did a meditation exercise one night. I sent a mental image to Bigfoot. In my mind I said “Bigfoot, I send love and light to you. If you do roam around us invisibly, can you please leave me a sign?”

That night I kept my window open because it was very warm. It was high enough that I could always hear if someone tried to get in. My neighbor across the way would always keep her light on outside and it would shine on my blinds so I could see if anyone had walked by my window. I was awake at 3 a.m., and I saw a huge shadow walk by my blinds. I was too scared to look out and I couldn’t hear anything coming from outside.

In the morning, my neighbor across the way says “Someone came in my back area and took my little glass plates that were back there. Did you see or hear anyone last night?”

I said I didn’t, but I walked past my unit, where the large plastic garbage bins were, and sitting on a little plastic table we had out there were five little glass plates arranged in a circle just like the rocks that the lady in my story said she saw. I was totally shocked!!

Never before had I seen anything like this happen in all the years I lived there, or in all the years I lived there after that. And this lady was a very sweet lady. I got the little plates and returned them to my neighbor, and told her I had no idea who would put the plates there like that in a circle… I wasn’t about to tell her I thought Bigfoot had put them there. In the future I sure have to be careful to whom I direct my thoughts.

What do you think? This is a one in a million chance someone would do this out of the blue on the night I had meditated this.

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