Interspecies Communication Crow-nicles, follow up, by SunBôw

Interspecies Communication Crow-nicles, follow up, by SunBôw:

Greetings SCENIC readers, as a follow up to my last post about communications with Crows, here is the latest teaching these winged relatives brought me. Some may wonder what this has to do with Sasquatch, but interspecies communication is exactly what they teach us: to acknowledge and honor non-human intelligent sentient beings as relatives and messengers of life, carrying their own medicines. On the Sasquatch side, we had contact on the last lunar eclipse when we climbed a mountain with and friend and his son to do ceremony. We heard a wood knock on the way up near the summit, and a friendly whoop as we started heading back down, the same female voice, a local matriarch who greeted me and this same friend in his yard on New Year’s Eve.

They are happy to see us taking part in interspecies communications with various life forms of the environments they watch over. They are aware of our efforts and sometimes involved in the process, whether simply as observers or in subtle ways, and it makes them happy to see the love we feel for all living beings, opening the doors for deeper connections with them, the caretakers of Nature. So these Crow lessons are all part of the same wisdom. Learning to develop interspecies communications with any form of non-human intelligence is definitely additional training in communicating with Sasquatch. Sometimes, the magic is not all paranormal, it can manifest in the natural daily miracles that take place around us when we pay attention.

May 29: As the crows fly… It was a happy day in the neighborhood, after two weeks of moody weather and cold rains, the great flight lesson finally came and the sky filled with cheering crows circling around, with two third of them being smaller novices fresh from the nest trying their wings for their first fun party. Obviously flight lessons are a collective affair and a shared responsibility to keep the murder connected as a team. It seems easier to all take off together and learn to ride the airwaves as a community with the more experienced flying above and encouraging the beginners to give it their best. Quite an uplifting scene to start the morning. To thank them I threw them a handful of pretzels which they gladly picked. A stack of five in one beak explains why they disappeared quickly. I’m sure the apprentice pilots had their share and reward… 🥰😍😁

As a little bonus, a couple more feathered friends encountered by the lakeshore.

More Sasquatch stories to come. Enjoy the beauty of Nature. Best blessings to all…

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