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Experiencer account, by Mary Brown

Experiencer account, by Mary Brown:

Hello Sunbow,

Wasn’t sure what category I should send this…anyway, I wanted to say thank you for all the recent postings of experiencer and eye witness accounts.

I have had many strange experiences while doing my field research on the western slope, mid range Sierra Nevada mountains in California. When I say “ research”, it’s not for seeking fame and fortune, it’s a personal quest to see for myself what is going on with the phenomena known as Sasquatch.

I’ve had many many “ paranormal” experiences ( for lack of a better word) . I’ve come to realize over the years that I was in very close proximity to entities, beings and phenomena, some of which were , I believe of a very sinister nature. I was driven out of places , which, as it turned out ( I discovered later via official reports) people had mysteriously vanished from. Why I wasn’t a statistic, I don’t know. I’ve had many close calls now and I’m still here.

I found another place to go to and felt welcome there and spent many happy hours there. This has made me ponder a lot on why there is such beauty and splendor I’ve felt in my soul with unseen beings and others I’ve felt intense terror and dread. I want to know, yet sometimes I think I don’t want to.

I believe the wilderness areas, or any rural or any isolated place is home to many kinds of beings and entities, or so it seems. I believe we see, hear or sense these in remote areas simply because there are no distractions and noise like there are in towns and highways, ie, people, traffic. They, whoever they are , are all around ; we can’t pick up on them due to distractions in places like towns.

And not everyone can pick up their presence, regardless of location. Have you ever been in a place and felt your entire being feeling like an electrical charge was pulsing through you, all of you is tense and tingling with “ high alert” and anticipation, but the person next to you is entirely oblivious ? Have you ever looked at a picture of a remote location and instantly felt it was good, or bad? Have you ever spent hours laboriously driving remote mountain roads and felt almost high with joy because you know they are there, or just the opposite, like you needed to get out asap?
It’s happened to me . I “ listen” to that.

I also suspect some people are natural receptors to the “ paranormal”, or like tuning forks, or have some kind of attractant about them that brings forth the interest and interactions with the “ unknown “ beings and entities.

I’m writing everything that I’ve experienced. When I started this, I struggled to remember as much as I could. Memories go back to early childhood. I’m in my late 60’s now.

When you posted about your lifelong experiences, your journey, that resonated with me. Again, thank you for all your postings, especially about your personal life long experiences.

Feel free to re- post this in whatever category you see fit,

In mutual quest,

Mary Brown

Art: Su Walker

2 thoughts on “Experiencer account, by Mary Brown”

  1. Thank you, Mary.

    I, too, am in my 60s. And I, too, am looking back over my life. Everything feels different these days — since I just started letting go. Finally, I’ve begun the process of “de-programming” from a rather uncomfortable life. It’s like I’m seeing with a different “eye” now. And I’m finally beginning to experience feelings of bliss.

    We are All amazing beings.

    I especially like the part where you write:

    “…any rural or any isolated place is home to many kinds of beings and entities….”

    Let this thought ring out to anyone who would choose to “check-in” with Everything around them!

    Brian Hillyer

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