Galactic and Spiritual Informers Connection

Galactic and Spiritual Informers Connection, by SunBôw:

Dear SCENIC readers, it has been a month since my last post, due to involvements on other fronts. Here are a few updates. Today, I had an interview with Dr. Michael Salla, world renown expert in exopolitics. The interview will be released in four days on his Exopolitics Today podcast. As soon as the link is available, I will post it.

Like him, I am part of the invited speakers at the Galactic and Spiritual Informers Connection, a conference to be held in October, in Orlando, Florida. As part of the agreement with the organizers, namely Dani Henderson with whom I had an interview last winter, I am sharing here the information, as part of the promotional efforts.

The recordings of the conferences will be made available for purchase after the event.

The Galactic and Spiritual Informers Conference in Orlando, Florida on October 21st – 23rd, 2022. EARLY BIRD PRICING IS NOT HERE FOR LONG, buy your tickets now to take advantage of the $555 early bird event price. Buy your tickets HERE.

2 thoughts on “Galactic and Spiritual Informers Connection”

  1. Greetings Sunbow Truebrother:
    Previous posts on the enforcer journey connects with Florida. Sasquatch recently gave a gift of Unconditional Love, an animal/ psychic pet barely alive 3 years ago.
    Sasquatch has their own unique ways to communicate with each contactee.
    I was informed to pass on the following links.
    Several years ago on a Neil Gaur Portal to Ascencion webinar with John Desouza, Michael Salla, Laura Eisenhower. One of my questions to Michael Salla , If he knew Dr. Michael Wolf Kruvantz? And what he knew about crashed ( shot down ) extraterrestrial vehicles being reversed engineered) ?
    In the 1980’s Trip to Maine, Canada ( Quebec through to Montrel via ,New York State in personal vehicle),
    Boston, Connecticut and Florida.
    My trip to Walton Beach Florida was to visit my Ex-Brother inlaw, a military army doctor ( surname Rodriguez ). I visited Walton Air Force Base. On display by the entrance was a SR-71 Blackbird , comments on sign that they where often mistaken for Triangle UFO,’s. I touched it and the sky turned black and windy. Began to rain, hail, thunder and lightning. Then stopped, clear and sunny again. Overload of information and realized that this SR-71 was from a crashed vessel, and my ex-brother doctor was part of Alphacom UFO Crash Recovery of vessels and extraterrestrial bodies. C.D.C can house bio -engineered weapons level 5. To use against the masses. C.D.C. = CABAL Death Camps

    Below link, Alphacom Black Op Funding?

    Sasquatch are the perfect pilots for these Triangular living extraterrestrial vehicles.

    Below the ones with minions who orchestrated mass murders of both extraterrestrial Hybrids / Sasquatch. Tried to silence John E Mack and Dr. Michael Wolf Kruvantz. Stole the skull of Geronimo. Stood in front of the TOMB to let them know I knew , G.F.L as well.
    As a former NJ State Trooper below link to CABAL connections.

    Will remain in care of Walton New York Sasquatch Hybrids from attempted mass murder of this community by Khazarian Mafia minions.

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