Last interview with SunBôw by Tina Clarke on My Weirdest Experience Podcast

Last interview with SunBôw by Tina Clarke on My Weirdest Experience Podcast:

Aired August 2, 2022. To listen to the interview, click on this LINK.

9 thoughts on “Last interview with SunBôw by Tina Clarke on My Weirdest Experience Podcast”

  1. I enjoyed listening to the last interview ,of the Rainbow gathering and experiences in Australia .I heard about the Original Prophecy and the ceremony that was held at Uluru ,on the 21st Dec 2020 ,to switch on the Star Peoples device ,hidden there for use at this time of planetary Ascension .Using positive Human thought and emotion to switch on the device for the planet .From my home in Exeter U.K ,my kids and I focused our loving thoughts towards Uluru ,on the 21st .We try and include the Spiritual in our daily lives ,working with Druidic teachings of the Norse and the Celts .Feeling for what is relevant and close to the Heart ,to know from direct experience ,what works to keep us aligned to our Guiding Spirits and Ancestors .Listening to the interview has given me much to focus on .I hope to make my own connection to our Woods Man .

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      1. while I was writing my last reply ,we had thunder and lightening with heavy rain ,over Exeter .Which beautifully mirrored your Rain Making in Australia .We’ve had several weeks of dry weather here ,with high temperatures for the last week .We were due for the temperatures to break ,but it was the timing of it after listening to your experiences .I do follow Geoengineering watch recently .I do feel that the weather is being manipulated ,with chem trails and HAARP technology .I also feel that we must use our Human Energy Double with our Hearts open and our Minds free of Fear programming to help the Planet’s Ascension to be the best possible journey for all life forms

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  2. Greetings Members of Scenic Sasquatch. Sunbow Truebrother, told to pass the following links to you. The Enforcer journey connects to my personal orchestrated termination / financial hardship to guide me to take a 1 year contract with Dyncorp contractors to teach local residents on how to Police? Dyncorp / United Nations secret shadow government offer to work overseas, Ukraine, Serbia,Herzegovina, Somalia and neighboring war torn countries. Refused offer, already saw within that darkness of human & drug trafficking, murder and pedophilia of star seed children.
    Mention of Star Council, this involves Star people and Star Nations.
    Sunbow, you mentioned 1962? This is the year of my arrival. Sasquatch has prevented another Multi-Galactic War.

    Previous posts with you in regards to Dr. Michael Wolf Kruvantz, is from Altimar 4 as mentioned in previous link

    Share with Tina Clarke if you wish.

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    1. Thankyou Frank for the links to Michael Wolf Kruvantz ,and Dr Richard Boylan .I think I’ve come across accounts of some of their involvement with the Star Nations through other sources (documentary series on Ancient Aliens and U.F.O cover ups etc ).But I must be paying more attention now, for the relevance of the info to make a connection to my own experiences .I use to be very afraid of the dark as a child .I didn’t like waking up in bed in the middle of the night ,when every one else was asleep .I felt very scared and vulnerable .I’d hide under the covers not wanting to look at anything incase there was a ghost or something .I had a fear of having the curtains open at night incase something was outside .I had lucid dreams that seemed to be another life happening alongside my childhood reality .I often started a dream lying in a little rowing boat at the edge of a little lake .And i often woke up un able to move my body and had to really concentrate to get my body to wake up .A number of times I got a loud vibration in my head that signaled an altered state and a dream journey somewhere .The vibration was strong enough to make it seem my teeth rattled and buzzed .For a while in my early teens I saw at bedtime , faint blue orbs that flickered from within .The size of a basket ball .The last time I saw them ,one was massive and scared me shitless as it approached .Thinking it was a giant spider ,I instantly sprang out of bed .
      As I got older I missed my lucid dreams .I got into Druidism , Faeries ,and Earth Mysteries .I painted an Alien when I was 19 which I felt was my Guide to Earth Mysteries .His name Is JAFPHAR ,his colour is Amber and nickname is The Amber One .I feel he’s been teaching me my Spiritual Path alongside some other Guides .The orange Aliens seem connected to him .

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      1. You are very welcome Silverwoodspite.
        In my enforcer journey after the destruction of the World Trade Center’s, contact with various beings. For example, 3 days ago a serpent presented itself to my wife and myself. For me, the serpent represents the CREATION of this planet. Below link to information on a book given in those contacts.
        View at
        After the destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis, many star races were trapped here. Had to live Inner / Hollowearth

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  3. Thanks Frank for the Lacerta link .I’ve read the transcript part and started to listen to the dialogue between Lacerta and Ole .My main Guide, who started me off on my journey towards Self realization, presents themself as a humanoid dragon/reptile .Though their color is tan ,but i think this is symbolic for my benefit .I’ve come to refer to them as The Amber One (TAO also has an obvious Eastern link with The Way of Energy and Chi).I use to have problems with bad circulation in my hands in cold weather ,which has improved with practicing Chi Kung over the past 30 years .With the Reptilian Races being portrayed in a negative light ,I don’t talk about my Other worldly friends to many people .It’s easier to say that you work with faeries and Angels ,especially if you’re part of a Spiritualist group for a while .
    There has always been a strong link with Earth Energies and old Pagan power sites ,standing stones, dolmen and Earth Chambers.
    I went through several years of difficult energy in my relationship .I do feel this was a period of teaching from my Alien friend , to deal with negative mind energy that others can project upon you .A Psychic attack .Which actually comes from your own hidden beliefs that your not worthy of trust or respect .It’s quite empowering to be responsible for your own life experiences ,and no longer pass the blame of Karma onto someone outside yourself .

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