Visualization, by Sylvia Davies

Visualization, by Sylvia Davies:

Hi there ,

After reading some of the sightings reports and watching some of the interviews, I meditated at bed time, to connect with Sasquatch.

I held an image in my mind of a large Humanoid presence to act as a focus. I put out thoughts of love and gratitude. I’ve been practicing Ho ’oponopono since 2014, so often use this process to keep my self aligned to the Highest Good for all my Relations. I had some images that reminded me of cave painting art. I have deliberately avoided much of the I.T. world until very recently. But have been using a laptop for Job searching etc. I felt in my meditation that my use of tech and the radiation was being used as a carrier for Higher Purposes. Though one needs to keep ones own energies in alignment, otherwise these radiations will cause damage. I felt a lot was being presented to me last night. Like a catch up of information in a packet, which was shown as symbols and patterns, which will make sense for me, at my everyday self level, at a later date. I’m an artist, and find it aids my processing of information, so I will get back into doing some paintings.

During 2000 I did a 3 week fast to connect with another part of my self, and open up my mind to a more magical way of being. I’ve repeated the process about 4 times now .It’s easy to get caught up in the mundane patterns of everyday life. So to be able to break out of those patterns helps to free up some energy which can be useful for bringing in a change of direction. This is all part of my Shamanic side that I’ve been working on for many years, with the help of one or two close friends along the way. I haven’t been part of many groups. Often personalities get in the way or the group breaks up. Generally I feel  I’ve been given enough time and space to sort my Self out, to maintain my Spiritual focus alongside home educating my 3 kids.

I feel ready for the changes taking place for Humanity and The Earth. The information about the Space Arks, especially the one in Ukraine, is interesting, as I had visualised some Lightships over the war zone before I had access to Exopolitics’ info. I’d read a book by an Orion contactee, and focused on the drawings of his Star People. I got a good feel for the Orion’s energy and visualised them over the war zone, for everyone to see and wonder, to help break through the Fear. This was early in the conflict when our News was dominated by it all. Then finding out about the Arks this last week was a bit spooky.

Thanks for letting us know about the Sasquatch People. There’s so much bogus stuff written about them and documentaries which come up with nothing new. It’s finally time for full disclosure .

Blessed Be


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