A Case Against an Elusive Fugitive

A Case Against an Elusive Fugitive:

The RCMP just released a thermal image of the suspect in the case of sabotage of the Sky to Sea Gondola in Squamish, BC, by severing cables in August 2019 and again in September 2020. The damages amounted to $10 millions. The mysterious culprit is still on the loose and a reward of $500,000 is offered for any info leading to his capture.

”The individual is believed to be “extremely fit,” know the area around the gondola well and have extensive knowledge of the tools needed to cause damage to the cable while allowing them to get away safely… Operators of the gondola stepped up security after the cable was cut the first time and the attraction now has an in-house security team with tech for around-the-clock surveillance.”

Source: CBC – RCMP release thermal image, profile of suspect who cut cable of Sea to Sky Gondola

Photo: CBC via RCMP

Now, this is both suspicious and hilarious when we know that area around Squamish, reputed as one of the most famous Sasquatch hotbeds. Just a few years ago, some footage of one taken in those wild mountains became famous:

I’m not saying it was a Sasquatch who put down the Gondola, but it would fit the description of the profile. The adjacent Garibaldi Park is famous for Sasquatch sightings, while the nearby Olympic ski resort in Whistler is a popular tourist attraction. We could wonder why would Sasquatch want to put down cable cars? Are they perceived as encroaching on the wilderness habitat? Invasive technology scarring the landscape? Then we could wonder, who else would want to see those cable cars gone?

I thought jokingly that maybe that was for calling their zipline Sasquatch in Whistler, the longest zipline in Canada, with two km in length. Anyhow, the mystery persists…

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